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How to Ghost Vape

Performing tricks is one of the reasons why people get drawn into vaping. Sure, you can perform smoke tricks when you’re smoking cigarettes. However, the variety of tricks that you can perform while smoking is more limited. With vaping, there are numerous tricks that you can perform. There is also an abundance of YouTube videos you can watch if you want to learn a few vaping tricks that you can use to impress your friends. One of the easiest among these tricks is ghosting. This is not the ghosting type where you just disappear from someone without any explanation?. It’s a trick where the vapor comes out of your mouth in a more solid form that resembles a ghost, hence the name. The trick doesn’t end there though, you have to inhale back the vapor you released.

Why should I try Ghosting?

If you are new to doing vape tricks, then ghosting is a great way to start. It is easy to perform. This is one of the first tricks I learned when I started doing tricks. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your friends so it is best to start with an easy to master yet impressive trick.

This trick also doesn’t require you to use props or other materials for it to work. This means you can perform this trick anywhere. You can perform this trick using any flavor you want. Some tricks require a more elaborate set-up and some materials that are necessary for a trick to work. Take the Vapor Bubble, for instance. If you want to perform this trick, aside from your vape pen, you need soap and water, and a toilet paper roll for it to work. You don’t walk around carrying soapy water and a toilet paper roll all the time. So, start with something simple and doesn’t require extra materials like ghosting.

No, not that kind of ghosting.

How do I ghost vape?


The first thing you need to practice before you can perform the ghost vape trick is your inhaling technique. This is the most important part of the trick and how successful you are in performing this trick all depends on how good you are in inhaling the vapor. This is also the part that most first timers have trouble with, especially those who never tried smoking and went straight to vaping. With vaping, you take a lung hit. This means that you pull the vapor and send it straight to your lungs. When you perform the ghost vape trick, you take a mouth hit instead. This is something common to those who used to smoke because most smokers use the mouth hit when it’s their first time trying smoking.

If you don’t like nicotine and never tried smoking, there is an easy way to learn the mouth hit. You do it the same way as drinking from a straw. When you drink from a straw and immediately gulp down then that is similar to the lung hit. For a mouth hit, it’s like drinking from a plastic bottle with the use of straw but instead of gulping or swallowing the liquid, you keep the liquid in your mouth. Try not to breathe through your nose while doing this part because it can affect the vapor quality of the ghost.


Releasing is the second part of the trick. For this part, you need to release the vapor as a ball of vapor. This is different from just exhaling a stream of vapor the way that you do when you’re just regular vaping. With regular vaping, you blow or breathe out a cloud of vapor. For this trick, you want to release a could that is more substantial or with more form.

The way that you shape your mouth plays a big role in this part. Before you release the vapor, you’ll want to form a tight O shape with your mouth or lips. The tightness of the O shape will help you make a better vapor cloud. Once you have that perfect O shape, you need to release the vapor by pushing it out of your mouth with the help of your tongue. Unlike blowing or exhaling where the vapor cloud may come out distorted, a push of the tongue can help the vapor cloud retain its shape. Another thing you need to remember is that the force of the push of the tongue will determine the distance your vape cloud will travel. A hard push of the tongue will send the vape cloud further from your face while a softer push of the tongue will release the vapor cloud closer to your face. I prefer a softer push of the tongue since the further away the vapor cloud is, the harder it will be to perform the third part of the trick. You can experiment on the distance of the vapor cloud as you get better with this trick. But, if you’re just starting out, it will be easier to stick to a softer push of the tongue.

The force of the flick of your tongue will also affect the density of the vapor cloud that you release. A soft flick of the tongue will result in a more dense and solid-looking vapor cloud. A harder flick of the tongue will give you a thinner yet bigger vapor cloud. Which one is better though? A denser or more solid-looking cloud is easier to capture. It also looks better since the cloud will look more refined. A thinner cloud is harder to capture and most of the time, you will end up with a wisp of vapor floating away.


The last part of this trick is the Inhaling part. After you released the ghost or your vape cloud, you need to inhale it or capture it with your mouth. Just like with the releasing part, the way that you shape your mouth or lips is important. You’ll want to shape your mouth with your lips facing outward or away from your mouth. This will let you capture the ghost more efficiently. The way that you shape your mouth will also determine the speed by which you inhale the ghost. The larger the shape you make with your mouth, the faster you can inhale the ghost back. If you open your mouth all the way, you will inhale the ghost really fast. A smaller opening of the mouth will result in a slower inhale of the ghost.

Whenever I do the ghost vape trick, I try to use a medium opening of the mouth so the vapor cloud inhalation is not too fast but also not too slow. Think of it as just having the mouth halfway open. This is a personal preference though since I feel that this way gives me a better vapor quality to work on. Most of those who perform this trick inhale back the ghost slower. A slower inhale looks more appealing and will definitely impress your audience more.

It is also important to keep your movement to the minimum when inhaling. Moving too fast might destroy the ghost before you even get the chance to inhale it. This is a common mistake for beginners and it is understandable. Most beginners try to capture the ghost immediately because they fear that the ghost might disintegrate or lose its shape before they even get the chance to capture it. But it is also important to note that a fast forward movement of the head or face will result in airflow getting pushed towards the ghost and can result in it getting destroyed. Use a slow but steady forward movement of the head which will allow the ghost to linger longer in the air before your capture it.

So, there you go, that is how easy the ghost vape trick is. This is a trick that doesn’t require any special device to perform. You don’t need any customized box mod, atomizer, battery pack, or vaporizer. A portable vape and a lot of patience are all you need. The learning curve is also shorter and you’ll be able to impress your friends with your vape trick in no time at all.

Vape ghosts aren’t quite as spooky as the real thing! ?

Ghost vaping is one of the simplest vape tricks you can perform. This step-by-step guide will show you how to perform this trick, even you're a beginner.

5 Vape Tricks You Can Do With Your Weed Vape Pen

Since the dawn of weed culture, smoke tricks have been synonymous with cannabis consumption. And, really, this symbiotic relationship makes a lot of sense. What’s cooler than watching exhaled smoke slowly take unique forms as your mind settles into a stoned state?

With the rising popularity of e-cigarette juice engineered to procure gigantic vape clouds, old-time smoke trick sessions have turned into an Olympic sport of sorts, broadcast across Instagram and Snapchat for the world to see. But weed pen users might feel left out of the fun, wondering whether this smoke trick sorcery can be replicated with the lesser amount of vapors produced by a weed vape pen .

It’s admittedly much harder to produce vape clouds with weed pens than more powerful vape mods or e-cigarettes. An e-juice mixture with high levels of vegetable glycerin (VG), one of the cutting agents commonly used in vape juice, allows vapers to generate massive amounts of vapor, according to The Dollar E-Juice Club . Some more advanced vape mods also allow users to adjust the airflow, which also has an impact on the size of clouds you can produce.

But don’t fret, fellow stoners, there are still a number of fun smoke tricks you can perform with your trusty weed vape pen. All you need is some patience, practice, and a powerful pull from your vape pen.

Ghost Inhale

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The ghost inhale is one of the easiest smoke tricks to learn, a perfect starting point for beginners looking to flaunt their newly acquired vapor skills. Imagine a vaporized version of Casper the Friendly Ghost peeking out to say hello before quickly being inhaled back into your lungs.

  1. Take a long draw from your vape pen or vaporizer.
  2. Let the vapor settle in your mouth.
  3. Push out all of the vapor in a ball shape.
  4. Quickly inhale the ball of vapor back into your mouth.

French Inhale

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The French Inhale might sound like the escargot of slick smoke tricks, but in actuality, it’s one of the easiest tricks in the book. You’ll have to take a hefty draw from your vape pen to match the effect created by vape mods or smoke, but should still be able to obtain a worthwhile result with your weed vape pen.

  1. Take a long draw from your vape pen and let the vapors settle in your mouth for a couple of seconds.
  2. Open your mouth and extend your lower jaw out, letting the vapor slowly pour out.
  3. As the vapor rises, inhale through your nostrils.

Smoke Bubble

Difficulty Level: Beginner (accessories required)

Remember how mesmerizing a floating bubble used to be when you were younger? Want to re-create that wondrous feeling in the dazed days of adult age? The smoke bubble trick might look like wizardry, but is actually extremely easy to do if you have a vape pen and a couple of common household supplies. Grab some dish soap, water, a bowl, and a drinking straw, it’s time to blow some bubbles.

  1. Mix water and dish soap in a bowl – the more soap, the bigger the bubble.
  2. Dip the end of the straw into the soap mixture.
  3. Take a deep draw from your vape pen.
  4. Put the non-soapy end of the straw to your lips, and exhale slowly to create a vapor-filled bubble.

Smoke Ring

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The smoke ring, or blowing O’s, is The Beatles of smoke tricks, a classic that will continue to influence stoners for years to come. With a little rehearsal between you and your weed vape pen, you can replicate this iconic trick, too.

The concept behind blowing smoke rings isn’t difficult to comprehend, but it usually requires practice to truly master the art of flawless O’s. So long as you take a long enough drag and have some patience, you can still achieve this effect with a vape pen. Once you master this process, you should hopefully have O-shaped smoke rings marching one-by-one out of your mouth.

  1. Take a long drag from your vape pen.
  2. Make an “O” shape with your mouth.
  3. Instead of exhaling from your lungs, you need to string out a few percussive coughs from your throat, forcing vapors out in independent bursts instead of all at once.

The Bull

Difficulty Level: Expert

If you’ve mastered the other tricks on this list, you can take your vape skills to the next level with The Bull. This trick combines the smoke ring and French inhale to create the illusion of a bull ring hanging from your nose. Once you manage to get this one down, no one will dare step into the bullring to spar with the newly crowned vape-trick champion.

  1. Take a long draw from your vape pen and let the vapors settle in your mouth.
  2. Blow a medium-sized smoke ring.
  3. Place your nostrils above the floating smoke ring and slowly inhale the top of the ring through your nose.

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

5 Vape Tricks You Can Do With Your Weed Vape Pen Since the dawn of weed culture, smoke tricks have been synonymous with cannabis consumption. And, really, this symbiotic relationship makes a lot