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Just keep in mind that it is a natural reaction to a powerful substance. This should help reassure you that you are not insane, and you will feel more confident that normality will return imminently. Whether or not this attitude will speed the return of normality is unclear, but it can certainly make a huge difference to one’s state of panic and fear while experiencing unusual feelings.

If this altered state continues to persist beyond a few days, it may be advantageous to seek psychiatric help to help identify any possible existence of an underlying condition. Again, if this is the case, it does not necessarily imply that cannabis has caused any such illness. It is also possible that the temporary altered mind-state simply “paves the way” for its onset. It may be possible to reduce the risk of psychotic symptoms appearing by choosing varieties of cannabis that are high in CBD, which is well-known to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. But it is also worth keeping in mind the importance of a relaxed environment, a full stomach, a hydrated body and a clear head, when first using cannabis. 27 thoughts on “Can You Smoke Weed and Feel High the Next Day?” Administering THC is not an acurate method of research, cannabis contains CBD and CBN in different quantities to deliver different effects. THC alone causes expansion of mind and a deep feeling of lethargy and demotivation aswel as depression like mood changes.

These negative effects are countered by the CBD and so both would need to be administered for accurate testing. The evidence and research supplied on this site is extremely outdated. If you have some up to date, valid research into the effects of CBN and CBD on the subjective feeling of being “stuck” in a high, please link us to it. Sensi Seeds Blog doesn’t produce original research, so if you feel that the extent of research out there is outdated, that’s hardly the fault of the blog. I got deperonalization in 1979 from smoking pot with my older brother. Didn’t want to but he harassed me to try it 3 different times. Each time I had strange hallucinations of things flashing like a strobelight and then everything moving in slow motion, and the feeling that my soul was leaving my bosy, and when i walked i felt like traces like my spirit was catching up with my body. It It was a frightenignexperience for me each time, and my brother would just keep harassing me to mkeep doing it. Also I felt like time was going forever and that I was never going to come out of this state. The first 2 times i tried it I eventually went to sleep and woke up, and I was fine but the last time I tried it, I felt somehting snap, and I felt high in a dream state ever since. Also had flashback on the experience later on thinking about it. Years later everyone many people started getting this. It’s called Depersonalization derealization disorder. Marijuana can trigger it in some people though most don’t get it. The few like me who do it’s a nightmare.This is why I can’t conome marijuana’s legalization. Young people are very insecure, and smoking marijuana may cause their insecurities to turn into anxiety attacks like me in smoking pot and cause depersonalization disoder. It’s 2016 now 27 years later and i have never totally been back to reality since then. I smoked for the thrird time the day before last thanksgiving and the next day started to feel weird and didn’t really pay attention until the anxiety kicked in I still get freaked out and have effects. The same thing happened to me this year in may of this year it was my 3rd time smoking and I haven’t been the same since it’s been 5 months and I’m starting to worry. Jezzzz… i had virtually the same exper… 30yrs ago, the feelings are still with me.. nothing is 100 % real… i am always somehow removed from real life.. i did an edible about 7 months ago and still feel exactly as you said. I can still have a normal life, and forget about it when doing things most of the time- But when i think about it i start to over think and panic . Marijuana has sent me into a Twilight Zone void before as well. Feelings of extreme despair and hopelessness predominated for an hour or so, an inescapable waking nightmare outside the bounds of space and time.

What happened was the large dose of THC greatly amplified my existing feelings of depression and insecurity after months of social isolation. It is possible that such an experience could put an individual at high risk for mental illness over the “tipping point”. However, even the worst marijuana trip is far less damaging than the current War on Drugs, which arrests and ruins the lives of over six hundred thousand people every year for possession of a plant. If you do not want people to use marijuana, convince them not to do so of their own free will. Do not use the law as a weapon to persecute and punish marijuana smokers “for their own good”. I think it would be noteworthy to understand how cannabis can possibly affect the occipital lobe?

I was a cronic user of cannabis for many years and also many other psychedelic substances with lesser frequency. I may have had some moments of anxiety before but never DE-realization. About 3 years ago I had a poly-drug experience gone wrong and I believe I likely impacted my neurological balance for the worse. This was a combo of cannabis, caffeine, mdma, and lsd. I had a blackout experience and could not remember about 6-7 hours of my life.


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