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And how often are you having to tend to your plants—sorry *girls*? The more daily work you do while they are growing the less work you ultimately have to do and the more usable product you get in the end without having to put out fires constantly—if you get lazy it shows! They have done studies showing that plants respond to contact, thoughts and communication. VICE: Hey Luce, so what are some of your top tips for growing the good stuff?

By growing inside you can properly control your environment—water, light, pests, etc. Buy a light and work out a good lighting schedule, and make sure to lightproof your room. Make sure your temperature stays constant and that your room has good circulation so your plants can breathe! Don’t be cheap with your soil mix; you want a nice well-draining soil; half good quality fertiliser and half unfertilised potting soil. Well, it’s hard to explain that electricity bill without being honest. If you’re growing in your room it’s fairly easy to keep things under wraps. The larger the number you're growing the more you’ll have to be careful about how you’re disposing your trim, but if it’s just a few plants you won’t have too much of a problem.

VICE: Hey Jake, so what’s the best way to grow for us mere amateurs? Jake : Take your time with a strain and get to know it. Due to the illegality of the plant and it’s underground breeding, every strain, even phenotypes of that strain, can be very different in its nutritional, water and lighting needs. You can cheap out on lots of things, but never cheap out on quality air exchange or the quality of your lighting. Try to make the grow space similar to how the plant would grow in nature on a perfect day. My favourite cannabis strain to smoke growing up was OG Kush. It has a pungent taste that sticks to your tongue and lingers in your nose. This stuff, when I got a good batch, would knock me out every time. Now there are so many available that are great and range in so many different flavour profiles; you can have a different strain for different times of the day. I loved smoking something citrusy like Thow toangie in the morning. Midday I’d generally prefer something fruity like Blueberry Headband. Doesn’t have to be OG, there are many greats out there. VICE: Hey Travis, what are three top tips for growing? Travis: For one, pay attention—successful cultivation is all about observation and adjustment. Watch plants closely, write stuff down, and remember that these are living things you are taking care of. Build your space properly, without cutting corners. Small-scale success is largely about observation and adjustment. Ironically, the plants really do grow themselves in many ways, despite my early failures. From PNW classics like Congolese and Romulan, to racy Hazes, to the rare Lime and Cookie clones that I have, I have accumulated a bunch of stuff I like. Water requires attention, and one should always have proper drainage. There was also a time when I was walking home from the grocery store and saw cops surrounding my house. I had a tiny grow space, just a few plants, but this was before I had even thought of licensing. I was sure they were raiding my little basement grow, so I walked right past and went to sit down in the park. I walked back 20 minutes later to see them pulling cut down plants out of my neighbours’ house. In the end, I think half of that Vancouver neighbourhood had grows downstairs.

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