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About Fritted Discs

A fritted disc is sintered glass particles forming a solid but porous body of glass in a disc shape. A glass fritted disc allows gas or liquid to pass through while filtering or trapping solid particles. A fritted glass disc or fritted filter is typically incorporated into glassware items such as fritted glass funnels, fritted glass crucibles, and other laboratory glass items. When a fritted disc is submerged in liquid, the fritted glass filter maximizes surface area contact of the gas to the liquid by breaking the gas into millions of tiny bubbles. In this way, the gas is scrubbed. Any solid particles or unwanted gaseous components are absorbed into the liquid for a purer, cleaner gas.

While fritted discs are used for a variety of scientific applications, only one company, Rooster Apparatus by David Goldstein, has a patent pending on fritted disc percolators for personal smoking and vaping apparatuses. Learn about Dave Goldstein fritted disc percolators below.

Rooster Apparatus 13” Fritted Disc Tube

The 13″ Fritted Disc Tube by Rooster Apparatus, the brainchild of David Goldstein, is all American ingenuity crafted in Oregon. This is one of Rooster Apparatus’ classic tubes. Standing at thirteen inches on a hex footed base, it’s a very user. read more

Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Vapor Bubbler

The Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Vapor Bubbler by David Goldstein is designed with the patent pending fritted disc percolator that we all love. A bent mouthpiece and a hex footed base make this bubbler easy to use in addition to its height at eight and a half. read more

The Fritted Disc Percolator

The fritted disc percolator is a type of percolation system for medical smoking apparatuses and tobacco pipes. Fine to coarse glass particles are bonded together into a disc shape (although other formations are possible) which is affixed inside the bottom of a water pipe or water rig. When smoke or vapor is drawn through the fritted disc percolator, the gas is broken up such that the surface area of the smoke or vapor is maximized. The increased surface area of the smoke or vapor allows the water in the apparatus or pipe to better absorb any impurities or unwanted components in the smoke or vapor. The fritted disc percolator is a patent pending invention of David Goldstein, the founder of Rooster Apparatus. Since bringing the fritted disc percolator to market under Rooster Apparatus, many other glassware companies have infringed upon this patent pending technology and made fritted disc percolating systems of their own.

As David Goldstein’s Rooster Apparatus progresses through the patent process, new data on the Rooster Apparatus fritted disc percolator continues to become available. The 50mm and 65mm Rooster fritted disc remove over 100% more particulates from the smoke and have been shown to actually remove carcinogens from the smoke!!

Colored Fritted Disc Percolator

This David Goldstein tube has more than just a fritted disc perc, it has a PALM TREE fritted disc per! I’m a beach bum myself, so the vibe of this water pipe is where I’m at. The hard working Rooster Apparatus team in Oregon sure knows their stuff and.

Orange Star with Turquoise Tube

A beautiful fritted disc percolator in orange and turquoise. A perfectly crafted tube thirteen inches tall. This is a beautiful Rooster Apparatus vapor rig and it comes with everything. This David Goldstein fritted disc tube includes an 18mm bowl, a male slide joint.

The Fritted Disc Filter

The fritted disc filter is a glass filter comprised of tiny glass particles bonded together into a porous disc. Fritted disc filters allow smoke to easily pass through the filters and into the chamber of the smoking device while trapping and preventing solids, such as ash and plant matter, from reaching the chamber of the smoking device. Fritted disc filters are used in a variety of laboratory applications but were brought into mainstream use for medical and smoking apparatuses by David Goldstein under the Rooster Apparatus brand.

Where to Buy

I’ve found that out of all the websites selling fritted disc percolators and fritted disc filters, HellaWicked Inc. is the best online option available. They have the best prices across the board on a regular basis by ALOT and one of the best selections. They also have pretty darn good customer service. If you are looking for a fritted disc percolator tube or beaker in a particular color, HellaWicked can also assist you in getting one. HellaWicked Inc. only sells Rooster Apparatus / David Goldstein scientific fritted tubes so if you are searching for another brand, Aqualabs or High Priority may be a possibility. I personally believe that Rooster Apparatus is the only way to go.

Fritted Discs make amazing percolators. Learn about the best fritted disc percolators available. Get a fritted disc glass perc now!

Fritted Inset Barrel Perc Bong

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  • Clear, thick scientific glass
  • Fritted inset tiny barrel perc for great filtration
  • Ice catcher
  • Dewar’s joint securely attaches joint to chamber
  • 90 degree 18mm female joint
  • 15” tall body
  • Three percs for great filtration
  • 6 arm tree percolator
  • Barrel percolator
  • Inset Percolator
  • Flared mouthpiece for airtight

The Fritted Inset Barrel Perc Bong brings excellent functionality and an awesome design to the table, with three percolators, an ice catcher, a comfortable 15” size, and durable, scientific glass.

This awesome bong spares no expense when it comes to smooth, cool hits and awesome filtration, with three percolators that work together to diffuse your smoke. From the downstem, the smoke will travel to the fritted inset perc. This percolator contains plenty of holes, providing valuable filtration. Then, the smoke flows into the barrel perc, which is contained inside the inset perc. The barrel perc has many slits, all of which combine for an awesome filtration effect. As the smoke moves along, it will flow through the 6 arm tree perc, which has additional slits for a final filtration effect. With this many percs in place, you can enjoy huge bong rips during each smoking session.

Positioned directly above the tree perc, the ice catcher will go a long way in shaping your enjoyable smoking experience. You can easily insert ice, which will cool the smoke, without worrying about the ice falling into the percolators or water.

The Fritted Inset Barrel Perc Bong is crafted with durability in mind. Built with scientific glass, this piece will not break from a light fall. The Dewar’s joint ensures that the bowl will remain connected to the body of the bong. And, the flared mouthpiece enables you to hold the bong comfortably, while also preventing smoke from escaping.

With the addition of a quartz nail, you can easily convert this water pipe into a dab rig. Simply remove the bowl, insert the quartz nail, and this piece will be fully concentrate-ready.

The Fritted Inset Barrel Perc Bong brings excellent functionality and an awesome design to the table, with three percolators, an ice catcher, a comfortable 15” size, and durable, scientific glass. ]]>