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What is the ‘Dab’ dance and why are sport stars dabbing when they celebrate?

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J esse Lingard properly brought the ‘dab’ dance craze to the British public consciousness when he scored in Manchester United’s 3-3 draw with Newcastle last January.

He’s certainly not the first sports star to celebrate with the dance move, as his now-teammate Paul Pogba had already popularised the dab in Serie A with Juventus.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the dab is an import from the United States, where it first emerged in their professional sports in the autumn having originated on the hip hop music scene.

Now children everywhere are dabbing – including Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, as he congratulated his dad on winning a fourth career Ballon d’Or award.

El dab del hijo de Cristiano al felicitar a su papá por el nuevo Balón de Oro🏆.

E urope has been a bit late catching on as it seems everyone in America has had a stab at the dab at this stage. Thank heavens for the presence of cultural luminaries such as Pogba and Lingard in our midst.

I ndeed, Pogba decided that performing the dance every time he scored for Juve would not spread the word quickly enough – so he took to the Internet.

Jesse Lingard properly brought the 'dab' dance craze to the British public consciousness when he scored in Manchester United's 3-3 draw with Newcastle last January.

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