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Take one look at the Upline Pipe from Grav and you might go weak in the knees before even taking your first hit. The Upline Pipe is designed around a series of cylindrical chambers that string together to form a gorgeous glass spine. As you inhale, smoke is drawn through each successive chamber, percolating and re-percolating with every step as it makes it way up the spine and into your brain. All of this makes for incredibly smooth hits, along with a hypnotic “roar” sound as smoke is drawn up to the angled, splash-resistant mouthpiece. The Upline Pipe also features the Grav Octobowl, a beautiful glass bowl with a unique six-sided base that acts as a screen, maximizing airflow and preventing ash from being drawn into the pipe. From the moment you unbox the Upline, you’ll fall in love with the thoughtful design, amazing features and sexy curves. At 12 inches tall, the Upline makes an incredible personal smoking device, or an utterly ooh-and-ah worthy small-sesh-centerpiece. For those of us who are in the business of truly tasting their herbs, the Grav Labs Upline Taster Pipe is a product that should be considered. This one hitter is made from 16×2.5mm glass meaning that it’s sturdy enough to survive some occasional accidents.

Also, it comes in at only 3 inches in length, which makes it only slightly longer than an average length lighter, and helps you to remain discreet when enjoying. What we really like about the Upline Taster Pipe are the concentric rings that lead up to the mouthpiece (which we’ll talk more about later) of the pipe. The rings work by slightly breaking up the flow of smoke while you’re inhaling, which gives the smoke a little more time to cool down. This means that you get to enjoy the pure taste of your herbs while avoiding the harshness of warm smoke that can come from other pipes. Another thing we like about the rings is that they actually contribute to the the structural integrity of the pipe! This pipe was designed by glass artist & innovator Micah Evans (Instagram: @micahglass), and includes his version of the ‘pinched’ mouthpiece. We’ve found that this mouthpiece led to most of our testers having ash free smoking experiences, but one tester decided to add a screen just to be safe as the pinched mouthpiece can’t stop all bits of ash. Overall we definitely enjoyed our time with the Grav Lab’s taster pipe and would happily recommend it to others who want a discreet, smooth hitting pipe, that has the potential to last for years to come. And on top of all that, at $14.99 we think that this one hitter is a great value for the price. The Grav Lab Upline Taster Pipe gets a solid ‘A’ from us. Alcohol Evaporation From a Glass of Wine Over Time: Potential Implications for Wine Competition Judging and Outcomes. It is a simple matter of physics that when you have a liquid exposed to air, there is going to be some evaporation of sorts. A glass of water will eventually evaporate over a long period of time if it’s left someplace out in the open. With wine, which is a mixture of water, alcohol, and a bunch of other stuff, the same phenomena applies, though the alcohol and water will likely evaporate at different rates due to the physical properties of each compound. Just how much alcohol evaporates from a glass of wine sitting on the table? And is it even enough to notice any difference as you drink it? While this concept is just a matter of basic physics, there really hasn’t been very much research on the subject in the peer-review arena. Studies have shown that the thin film of wine that can be seen along the sides of a wine glass (“wine tears”) is the result of the evaporation of alcohol (also known as the “Marangoni effect”), though these studies never specifically measured the level of alcohol remaining in the glass to see if any noticeable changes occurred. Additionally, it is known that the alcohol content of a wine can significantly affect the aromatics of a wine (as well as other sensory characteristics), with specific alcohol levels known to some winemakers as the “sweet spot” result in the best balance, and any deviation outside of that sweet spot results in decreased sensory quality. A study published in September 2016 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , aimed to examine this phenomenon further, by measuring the changes in alcohol content in a wine glass over time, and to determine if these changes had any effect on the sensory characteristics of that wine or not.

This study employed three separate trials: A 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was placed in ISO Standard XL5 wine glasses at a volume of 50mL/glass. Three separate treatments were applied: The glass was covered with plastic lids. The glass remained uncovered and was placed on a lab bench with minimal airflow ( How long does it take for alcohol to evaporate. I friend of a friend (who makes a good living) likes to occasionally drink shots of Johnnie Walker Blue Label at our local tavern/restaurant (at $23 a shot ! Recently the bar installed plastic pourer spouts on all the liquor bottles. Upshot of this is that the bottles are now no longer capped shut, but open to the air 24/7.

My friend's friend claims that since they did this the Blue Label doesn't taste right because a large amount of the alcohol & flavor has evaporated out the open top. Given how expensive it is I'm not prone to think he's making it up, but I don't drink scotch. Plausible that it tastes different, because of oxidation and contamination with whatever is in the bar's air. But a slight increase in the percentage of water doesn't strike me as a likely culprit. Lava lamp nails is the latest trend taking over your Instagram feed.


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