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Be aware there is a soil version because Fox Farms offers a hydroponic version of the same nutrient line. Though in my experience the hydroponic version also works just as well in soil 🙂 Nutrient Picks for Growing in Soil. HydroOrganics Earth Juice Nutrients (Grow, Bloom) with the following supplements: Earth Juice Catalyst, Meta-K, MicroBlast & Hygrozyme (use as needed for roots) ​ This nutrient schedule was used to grow the following buds under a 250W LED. Don’t Use Miracle-Gro or Other “Slow Release” Soils!

Many of us have seen Miracle-Gro used around our homes, so we know that it works for ‘regular houseplants’. Cannabis is just a tough weed, so Miracle-Gro nutrients should work great for it, too… right? Standard Miracle-Gro nutrients (their all-purpose plant food) will work “just okay” for the vegetative stage of your plant’s growth, but anything with Miracle-Gro in it is a terrible choice for the flowering stage due to its high levels of Nitrogen. Using standard Miracle-Gro nutrients in the flowering stage will cause your buds to grow smaller than they could have, and they may possibly have a chemical taste from nutrient buildup in the plant tissue. However, the real problem is Miracle-Gro’s “time-released” soil (or any type of extended-release spikes or soils that aren’t organic) which slowly release Miracle-Gro nutrients over the course of several months. These types of soil continue providing Nitrogen slowly throughout your plant’s life. That means your plant won’t be able to use up all the Nitrogen in the vegetative stage as it would with regular soil, again giving you the problem of too much Nitrogen in the flowering stage. Basically, avoid giving your plants a lot of Nitrogen in the flowering stage! Anything that does that is not a good idea 🙂 Sherlock glass vapor genie.

Vapor Genie Glass Sherlock pipe utilises an external flame to provide you with smooth, flavourful, and satisfying hits. The innovative and durable dry herb vaporizer is made of thick Schott borosilicate glass handblown to a classic Sherlock pipe shape. We recommend using a lit hemp wick as your heat source. Features & Vapour Quality Sherlock Glass vapour pipe sits upright on any flat surface for easy loading. Remove the top containing the high-purity silicon carbide ceramic filter to access the large herb bowl. The bowl is about 50% deeper than in other Vapor Genie models. Fill the bowl with partially ground herb, place the top in the bowl, hold your lighter so that the flame does not touch the ceramic filter, and inhale. The mix of heat and ambient air gently vaporises your ground material. Your draw method, slow or fast, regulates the temperature. With practice, you’ll soon be enjoying smooth, clean hits. Lifetime Warranty Submit warranty claims to Vapor Genie (link). All VaporGenie products come with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty covering product defects and unreasonable failures. If your VG comes apart, cracks or otherwise fails with normal use, Vapor Genie will replace it. The warranty does not cover soot-clogged filters, a result of improper use. The Sherlock Glass VaporGenie pipe is not covered against breakage. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse. Vapor Genie Sherlock Glass Kit Contents 1x Vaporising Pipe 1x Padded Pouch 1x User Guide. Warning & Disclaimer Read the instructions thoroughly before use to avoid user errors. Vaporizers are aromatherapy devices suitable for vaporising legal herbs and/or oils, waxes and other concentrates. Sherlock Glass is not intended for use with illegal substances. De Sjamaan is not responsible or liable for misuse of the Sherlock Glass.

Could use a little advice on the Vapor Genie (Sherlock Glass Vaporizer) ? Before you do your hit, do a few dry pulls with your lighter.

You know it's working when the chamber fills with dense white smoke that, as you inhale, just keeps coming and coming. The best hits I've done are not back-to-back hits at all, but rather inhale a huge lungful of that white smoke and then hold it in for a solid 30+ seconds.


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