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chased all different methods and nutrients and now I'm back to the simplest form at its finest. I say jacks but I'm actually doing a test run of veg plus bloom at the moment. its working well but its STUPID EXPENSIVE comparatively.

should get these four plants all the way to harvest. it works amazingly well once dialed for giant plants on limited plant count but there's lots of moving parts. my plan is to test the boundaries of the blumats in small pots of tupur coco mix with giant plants. the pics of the small blumat setup are just a genetic tester tent that will just be set and forget it. the picture of the empty room will be all blumats on the LED COB row. the first picture of plants are the ones going in tomorrow.

the left two are males, one of which will be saved to make a few seeds. I loves me some chem and gg4 so I had to have these. its the bees knees for big plants on limited plant count. the bucket setup is so that the top white bucket will be auto topped off and kept at a constant fill/pressure level pumped up from a lower reservoir at regular intervals. the elbow at the top is for the return/overflow that get sent back to the lower res and will mix things up as it returns. put some inline mesh filters to keep the sensitive 3mm lines free of clogs. I think more people would like growing if they switched to blumats and took the time to dial them in. In fact I'm jealous of your setup and all the room you have. Please continue posting anything you want about your grow. I agree that more people would enjoy growing if they just kept it simple instead of fussing so much and wasting money on twenty bottles of bottled water with fancy labels and millions in marketing. It just amazes me how so many people get basically brainwashed into thinking they need to use so much stuff to grow a weed. Then they make a post because their plants are not doing well and end up getting different answers that usually are telling them to add this or that when what they should actually be doing is adding less and leaving the plants alone. Some of the worst looking plants I see on this site also come with pictures of a dozen or more additives. Then they end up flushing their medium because they have turned it into a toxic cesspool of junk that is killing their plants. Now they have sick plants sitting in over saturated growing medium. Jacks is a proven nutrient solution that will produce just as well and in many cases better than using any overpriced nutrient and the dozen additives they tell people to use on their feeding charts. Once the Blumats are dialed in all you have to do is keep the reservoir filled. If I didn't have American Agriculture the shop that packages VitaGrow just down the street I would be using a product like Jacks. I was going to change the title of the thread to "Keeping it simple or complicated - Coco + Blumats" but it won't let me. Also, is that mold on the outside of the pots in the picture of the six plants in the tent? Mix 1 part white vinegar, one part isopropyl, and five parts water. They are made from recycled plastic bottles and they are charcoal in color with lot of variation.

Always good when people are looking out for each other. I've posted a bunch of photos with plants with problems and someone's it's like people are too tomorrow to say anything. I'd rather then mention it so I can do the research and see. I mixed up my concentrate bottle and regular bottle and watered one of my plants with some super high ec shit and killed her good lol. Now I'm down to three plants to test and looking for a unicorn.

I'm thinking of buying some seeds of that from these guys as I could use a good sedative type pot to cross with my CBD project.


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