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This is especially important if your company is one that regularly runs its employees through unannounced drug tests. How to Use It: Product use is the same as with most other at-home drug test kits [1]. You just open the package and take out the test cup. The next thing you need to do is fill the cup with your urine sample ranging from 30ml to 110ml.

Close the lid of the container then give it 5 minutes before reading the results. It's also important to note not to interpret the results after ten minutes. As for storing the product, room temperature is the most ideal for keeping the strips as fresh and effective as they can be. It's still a relatively new product, and it's not being sold yet in most local drugstores. However, you can buy it online, which is arguably a more convenient way of buying products these days anyway. So, if you are interested in getting this product, the safest place to do it is through the manufacturer itself or from an approved reseller. Lucky for you, this link will take you to an authorized distributor of PreScreen Plus Mini home drug tests, where you can buy the products at a great price.

I think we've hinted enough about how much we love this home drug test kit. It's, by far, the most accurate one that we've tested and it covers way more substances than most at-home drug test kits out there right now, which makes it a great value. I think the biggest thing that we've learned after testing PreScreen Plus Mini is to never assume something before actually testing it yourself. That’s because this relatively new brand has been a pleasant surprise. After spending some time trialing this brand up against the other top-rated home drug test strips, we've found that it really deserves to take the #1 spot on our list of home drug test kits, purely off of accuracy and ease of use. [email protected] is a company that develops reliable and trustworthy options in home drug tests for users. Offering a screening for users of marijuana and another type that screens for 12 commonly checked substances, users can find a choice that covers many different types of drugs. With easy and accurate results, the [email protected] home drug test kits are very convenient, as they come with multiple usage with each order. Typically sold in a 5-pack set, this allows users to complete the process numerous times with the home drug test as needed. How to Use It: Using a home drug test kit from [email protected] could not be simpler. Offering results in only a few minutes, all the user needs to do is dip the strip into a urine sample produced by the person being checked. From there, two lines reveal the user to be clean, while one line indicates that there are substances present in their system. When it comes to buying something like an at-home drug test kit, it is important to purchase from a source that is reliable and trustworthy. If you end up purchasing a knock-off brand or a product that is not genuine, you will more than likely get skewed results. Should you choose to purchase the [email protected] drug test kit, you can probably buy it from Amazon. [email protected]’s drug test kits have been FDA-approved and CLIA-waived for OTC use. They also meet SAMHSA standards for substance abuse screening. While the company does not offer individual home drug tests and for each substance you may want to check for, the quality is fairly reliable, and the company provides a solid option for those looking to check for traces of substances present in urine. If you want to check for 12 substances at once and aren’t too concerned about differentiating between those substances—or if you are primarily concerned about marijuana—then the [email protected] home drug test kit should be great to get the job done for you. Care Check is a company that offers customers an easy-to-use solution to take care of all their home drug test needs using a simple strip. With the intention of providing a home drug test package that can be used several times, the company offers a kit that has 16 checks for marijuana alone and another kit that screens for 14 different types of substances. Like [email protected], Care Check offers only a marijuana option and another option that screens for multiple commonly used substances.

They do not have an option to check for individual types of drugs, which could allow the user to narrow down which substance is in their system. However, these products are of good quality and offer reliable results. How to Use It: Using this product could not be any easier. The kit contains detailed instructions for use to yield lab-accurate results in less than 5 minutes. One simply needs to immerse the strip in urine, lay it flat, and read the results. The individually wrapped strips stay sterile, fresh, and ready for use until the user chooses to open them and immerse them in urine for checking.

This drug test kit meets all FDA standards and has been FDA-approved. It is important to be careful where you buy drug test home kits. This is because if you choose to buy something from an untrusted, third-party seller, it is possible that what you are getting is not real and won’t be from Care Check. Do your research and make sure that you are purchasing from a trusted seller before relying on the results you get from the products.


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