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The Otto automatically adjusts to the herb, sensing exactly what grind is required for the best results. Then, it funnels what it grinds directly into a paper cone for easy rolling (you can skip this step). Of course, then you're stuck with machine error—charging, storage, maintenance, all that. Best Weed Grinders of 2020 (for Marijuana and Herbs) We reviewed the best weed and herb grinders on the market as of May 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the grinder for your needs. Weed grinders or cannabis grinders can grind your cannabis into fine particles that you can easily consume.

They also, save time, and you get to enjoy it due time. Golden Gate Grinders Editor's choice $18-$22 Check Price 2.5" $9-$11 Check Price 2.1" Golden Bell Black - Nickel Black $6-$7 Check Price 2" Chromium Crusher Grinder $8-$10 Check Price 1.6" Rainbow Pineapple Grinder $38-$42 Check Price 2.5" Moore Colourful $7-$9 Check Price 1.5" Blue Mandala Grinder $14-$16 Check Price 2.5" DCOU Premium Grinder $12-$13 Check Price 2.2" Things to consider before buying: Benefits of weed grinders. It’s good to grind your dry herbs because it makes your herb to have a larger surface area, making it easily exposed to heat. The large surface will eventually lead to smooth heating of your herbs. Therefore, you can enjoy powerful vapor and a bigger draw from your vaping instrument. Grinders allow you to maximize the use of dry herbs even in minimal quantities. Smoothly grinding your herbs always results in optimal effects with little effort. The use of a grinder also saves your budget because you get to spend less money on herbs.

You also get to save money used on batteries and less time spent on vaping session. Kief is the most potent component of the cannabis plant which is known to make the user very high. A grinder can help you extract kief which can further be used to make hash. The kief that remains in the grinder can be used for different purposes. Weed grinders can have two, three, four parts based on your preferable style. Consumers can choose between 2-piece Grinder, 3-piece Grinder, and 4-piece Grinder. A 2-piece Grinder has just a single compartment for herbs. Since it’s relatively cheaper than ordinary grinders, users have complained about it producing inconsistent sizes of herbs. People on a budget should preferably get this grinder because it offers convenience at a lower price. The link between the two compartments is made possible by holes at the bottom part of the upper layer, which leads to the second compartment. The holes can accommodate only specific sizes of herbs, and this makes the first compartment to have a larger surface area. Therefore consumers can enjoy evenly ground herbs from the three piece grinder in contrast to the 2-piece version. Users can also easily retrieve their herbs from the second compartment. A 4-piece Grinder has three compartments for herbs. The third and second layer are connected through a single mesh screen. The third compartment also known as the pollen catcher is meant for storing kief. The Pollen catcher can store all the fine particles that fall off from the 2-piece and 3-piece compartments. Four piece grinders can grind all types of herbs including cannabis. Reviews of the Best Weed Grinders on the Market in 2020. The Golden Gate weed and herb grinder includes a pollen scraper and is the editor's choice for the best grinder of 2019. This product is made from high-quality aluminum that controls freshness and has smooth grinding tailor made for all your needs. It's a four piece grinder with micron stainless steel, 2.5" inch in size and very sharp and well designed. This specific grinder also has more teeth than a standard grinder which allows for balanced and reliable grinding for weed, tobacco, pot, and all other herbs. # of Amazon Reviews: 14,642+ Runner Up: Kozo Grinders.

Kozo Grinders is one of the most reliable and most durable at the best price. Perhaps the greatest quality for this grinder is the larger catcher with the mesh screen that allows for optimal grinding for weed and herbs. This grinder is also 2.5" wide with deep chambers and an awesome magnetic lid which allows for functional use. This grinder is also their new and improved design with heavy duty aluminum alloy. # of Amazon Reviews: 3,840 + Golden Bell Grinder Ancient Silver - Best Grinder. This is a 4 piece 3 chamber design that Golden Gate Bell has perfected. This includes a mesh screen for fine pollen filtering. Keep in mind, this grinder is 2.5" wide and is made from heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction. Golden Gate Bell grinders are typically tough and sturdy and provide strong control compared to other grinders.

The sharp teeth from this grinder ensure a smooth grind that is made to last. Golden Bell, like the other grinder brands, has a lifetime guarantee.


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