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If it the frost over flows a little, its OK, cut it off Making it flush with the cap, close it and store. If its only half the bottle, crush it down and cap it. There are a couple of ways you can do it, but allowing it to slowly melt before you heat it is the best method. Remove from Freezer and thaw in fridge for 24hrs Remove from fridge, shake and place on counter for 1hr (room temp) Shake, microwave for 5 to 10 seconds tops, shake again before using.

If you do this slow defrost method, the pee will look as fresh as it did the day it was bottled. You will probably notice that once frozen urine is thawed, it doesn’t look the same. Its in layers, from darkest at the bottom to light at the top. After heating, you’ll notice a white sediment on the bottom of the bottle. That sediment once re-frozen cakes up and will be very hard to dissolve a second time. The minerals will start to break down after the first time. Urea decomposes in heat, reheating will break it down and you risk failing. In the right conditions, you can keep urine in the freezer for a year or more.

To play it safe, only keep what your going to use within 6 months. If your constantly being tested, storing multiple bottles is a good idea. LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics are determined to stop cheaters. They come up will all types of additional tests that make it harder to pass. SG or Specific Gravity is a part of the tests for creatine levels and diluted urine. For some reason, people fail for SG when they use pee that was frozen. Nobody really knows why this happens, but here are 3 possible reasons. The urines diluted to start with You added water to it The pee was stored in plastic for a long time reheated and/or refrozen pee. By following the guideline in this article you should not have any issues. But if you need to be certain, you can grab urine adulterant test strips online. Learning how to pass a drug test with frozen urine can take some time to master. But, once you get used to doing the right way, your almost guaranteed to pass every time. Have you ever done it this way, or do you have a few tips to share. Most of the “facts” in this article are total nonsense. If you want to help people, write an honest, straight-forward article. I just recently had to get clean, took me 6 weeks as I’m a frequent user. Now that I can pass a test, I’m saving my urine until I indulge again. I’m using breast milk storage bags as they double seal and can sit upright in the freezer. Thanks for the feedback, If you have some tips to share, please do. I am so praying this method works, already have a bottle in the freezer just waiting for the time to use it. Just make sure to get your sample to the right temps! Trying this method today, although I do not have a full 24 hours to unthaw the urine…suggestions? I have pain conditions and get tested by my doc every couple month to make sure I m taking the meds at the right lvls, which is nonsense cause it’s measured in nanograms when you take mg pills, so of course it gonna come back as greater then 5000ng but thats besides the point. to keep clean for green, I have used refrigerated pee that is like 2-3weeks old, typically any longer I’ll freeze it and never had an kssue incase I indulge in something else, and they do put it through a mass spec/LC, not the cheap dip tests, and never had an issue .

I Just had to take a labcorp test for a job, they suck btw…and was legit clean cause I didn’t want to risk it, I did one with quest a few yrs ago, also legit clean, but they only do a cheap 5 panel test, how many 1000s of ppl recruiters hire that dont pass, they arnt spending the money on specific gravity and all that, I would guess, I do say guess, that they just do a cheap strip test unless it’s for a high level position, that orders anything other then a 5 panel basic test cause even with insurance the mass spec tests are about $200-300 a pop, while the others are about 25$. With so many ppl failing for jobs, what do u think they r spending, btw, I am prescribed to a lot of pain meds, and my labcorp test came back totally clean, so if u do take opiates u only need to worry about heroin, morphine and codein, Derivatives of hdroin, if prescribed morphine, the u will have to prove it, but oxy, dilaudid, ect..are all separate tests. Hey, sorry for the late response…can you tell us how it went? What the longest you’ve stored clean pee frozen and passed? Tried quick fix plus version 6.2 and failed a 5 panel test at the lab. I was told my sample was invalad due to lack of uric acid.

The quick fix website claimed version 6.2 contains uric acid but is absent from the list of ingredients on the actual package. I’m done trusting these shady products from companies who could care less about the countless individuals like myself who have suffered a significant loss due to their lies. I have been smoking sence I was in middle school I’m now twenty eight. Clean for along time now I’m on probation and I stopped smoking weed but I still fail d a test after two months of not smoking.


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