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Thermablock™ Electric Vaporizers

Thermablock™ is the culmination of a complete re-engineering of our electric vaporizer portfolio.

Engineered to deliver even more efficient vaporization, unrivaled reliability and total lowest cost of ownership for a wide variety of liquid gases and cryogens. Key features include modular construction, reduced overall footprint, replaceable heater cartridges and an external temperature controller.

Thermablock units are compact, come complete factory wired and require just a single power line for simple installation. Stainless steel heat transfer tubes and weather resistant, replaceable cartridge heaters are clamped between aluminum blocks. The cryogen flows through the heat transfer tubes and is vaporized and superheated to a controlled set point. Full power distribution and temperature control is provided as part of the standard package.

  • Replaceable stainless steel cartridge heaters
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Cabinet
  • Adjustable outlet temperature from 40°F to 120°F
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Compact design
  • Redundant high temperature switches for safety and dual circuit break locations
  • Thermablock unit comes fully factory wired, tested and ready to install
  • Quick delivery of standard units
  • Built in conformance with ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code
  • Wetted components constructed from 304/316 series stainless steel
  • Design pressure of 1,000 PSIG
  • The components and electrical cabinet are all UL/cUL marked, and the heating elements are all UL recognized and CSA certified

Thermablock Process Vaporizers and Trim Heaters – standard units are available from 9 Kw to 60 Kw, with separate high and low voltage enclosures.

Thermablock Pressure Builder Vaporizers – generally used for maintaining tank pressure. With the advent of vacuum jacketed tanks, tank pressure cannot be maintained without an outside source of heat as provided by the Thermablock vaporizer. As cryogen is allowed to flow through the Thermablock by either a pressure building regulator or pressure switch, the liquid is vaporized by heat transfer from the aluminum blocks to the stainless steel process tubes. Standard units are available from 9 Kw to 30 Kw.

Combo Vaporizers– process vaporizers with a smaller, dedicated circuit for maintaining pressure in a cryogenic tank. Standard units are available in 15, 30 and 60 kW outputs with separate high and low voltage enclosures.

For full details and model specifications please see our data sheet.

Please note that at this stage these products are only available in the US.

Electrically heated vaporizers generally require only a single power connection and process pipe connections prior to operation

ZIMMER™ Electric LPG Vaporizer

If low cost of ownership of a vaporizer is important to you or your customers, Algas-SDI, the pioneer in dry-electric vaporizers, has the solution for you. Dry-electric means more reliable operation and less maintenance when compared to other vaporizer types. The ZIMMER requires almost zero maintenance. In the event that the vaporizer becomes clogged for any reason, it can be easily cleaned on-site without removal.

The technology behind the dry-electric ZIMMER is advanced, yet simple to operate. Algas-SDI innovated every element of the ZIMMER design ensuring years of safe, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use LPG vaporization.

  • Hands Down the Most Reliable and Trouble-free Vaporizer Available
  • Energy-Efficient, Self-Modulating Heaters – Only Uses the Required Energy
  • Easy Access to All Maintainable Components
  • Dry-Electric Design – No Water, No Glycol to Maintain
  • Aluminum Construction – Corrosion Free
  • Easy to Install – Multiple Mounting Options
  • 25 to 150 kg/hr* – Easily add in parallel for even Greater Capacities
  • Start-up in less than 60 seconds – LPG vapor when you need it

*Not All Sizes Available in All Markets – Consult Factory

The Algas-SDI Advantage

Algas-SDI is the world’s leading provider of equipment for the standby and transportable fuels business for the last 80 years. We take pride in creating high-quality engineering design and packaged systems, with distribution to more than 87 countries worldwide. Equipped with an experienced in-house engineering and design team, Algas-SDI ensures quality control with ISO 9001 certification and offers the requisite code compliance.

Algas-SDI. We make transportable fuels easy to use.

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The Algas-SDI ZIMMER™ Electric LPG Vaporizer's patented design incorporates breakthrough technology never before seen in the LP-Gas industry. ]]>