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Never, ever, ever take the stem out of a pipe while it is still hot. Allow the pipe to cool for at least an hour before attempting to remove the stem. [I'm of the opinion that you should let the pipe dry completely before removing the stem, as well.] Repeatedly removing the stem from a hot pipe will result in a loose stem at best, and you may even end up with a broken tenon or a cracked shank. With that said, there are pipes that are designed to have their stem removed while still hot. This sort of stem is called a "military bit" or an "army mount," since pipes such as these were originally designed for military men (I'm not being non-PC; there simply weren't any military women in those days), who might have needed to stow their pipes on short notice.

The stem's tenon on such a pipe is tapered to provide a friction fit, and the shank is almost always reinforced with a metal "cup" or band. "Tongue bite" "Tongue bite," an intense burning sensation of the tongue, is an unpleasant side effect often experienced by the new pipe smoker (it is also experienced by non-newbies who take up the pipe again after a period of abstinence). While irritating, it will usually go away after a week or so of smoking. If you experience this problem for an extended period, then you may be smoking a tobacco that's too moist, you may have failed to pack the bowl properly, or you're smoking too fast. Some tongue bite sufferers have also experienced relief by using an oral rinse sold under the name "Biotene." It works for some; you might want to try it. Others have suggested that red wine may also ease the sufferer's symptoms and many have reported their success with this method. "Gurgling" This is caused by moisture collecting in the bottom of the bowl and/or in the shank or stem. Possible causes of "gurgle" are: The pipe has design problems Some pipe designs or implementations tend to cause gurgling, or a wetter than average smoke.

In most cases this is caused by an abrupt interruption of the airflow, which will cause condensation to form as the heated smoke is restricted and then expands. Interruptions in this airflow can be caused by several different issues. Some smokers feel it is critical that the stem's tenon should meet the bottom of the mortise in the shank. Another cause might be the air hole in the stem and shank are not perfectly aligned, often found on bent pipes. If this is the case, a pipe cleaner might also catch abruptly at the junction of shank and stem. An interruption can also be caused if the air way is not carefully "funneled" between the rounder, larger-diameter hole at the tenon side of the stem and the flatter, wider slot and the bit. A more open draw facilitated by a larger air hole in the shank and stem is also considered an advantage by many smokers, and not by others. Regardless of the particulars, it seems clear that pipe mechanics play a part in the tendency for a particular smoker to experience problems with a particular pipe and tobacco combination. Smoking too fast Water vapor is a by-product of combustion, and rapid smoking will produce large amounts of it, which will then condense in the shank and stem. Smoking a pipe that is not yet broken-in I'm not certain if this occurs because the briar has not dried completely, because there is no cake, or "just because." Still, a new pipe will often smoke wet. Smoking a tobacco that is too moist This is self explanatory. In addition, some tobaccos--particularly aromatics--tend to leave more liquid residue than others. Smoking a tobacco with too much humectant Some tobaccos contain large amounts of Propylene Glycol or other additives that may create grease and cause gurgling. Saliva in the pipe Salivation is a normal response to smoking, and this saliva can collect in the stem. Keep your tongue away from the mouthpiece opening, and try to keep your mouth as dry as possible. If your pipe begins to gurgle while smoking, run a pipe cleaner down the stem to absorb the moisture. This can be a bit tricky with some bent pipes, but it's usually possible if you put a small bend in the end of the cleaner and rotate it "just right." Grasscity.com Reviews. The site did not mention split shipments and delays, etc. Also hard to get to support or navigate post purchase system. Hey frig man, you know, I want my stuph plz hows my money doin over there. Your US order is delivered already: Your missing parcel is still in transit, we are experiencing delays with shipping due to the worldwide situation with COVID-19, our apologies for that. Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 shipping delays and your 5-star review. This is a really nice pipe and I love… This is a really nice pipe and I love the flat bottom it keeps the pipe from turning over. And It has a little Weight to it must be thick glass. Package came a few days early but they… Package came a few days early but they packed it with the banger piece underneath the rig so it showed up broken. Would’ve given 5 stars but they didn’t pack it good at all.

Sorry to hear that, please reach out to customer care, we will ship you a new banger for free. We are at least glad it arrived finally, it's COVID-19, we don't have another excuse. Product arrived promptly and in good… Product arrived promptly and in good condition. Thank you for letting us know and for your 5-star review. I had no problems ordering & received daily updates on the order/delivery. I received the products 3 days sooner than expected & am very pleased with the purchase. I have already referred you to friends & look forward to doing business with you again, in the future. Thank you so much for your great review, we really appreciated. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve had a tracking number and it still says nothing is in the system.

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