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This is it for now I have a nice timeline from seedling growth to where it is now in Veg of my oldest plant. Well maybe I’ll throw in one now for the hell of it this is day 25 from seedling let me know what you guys think. As far as soil I started with some organic miracle grow/ perlite mix and gradually mixed in fox farm’s ocean forrest and that is when the growth and health of this robust bush just started to really take off. I’m also using fox farm nutes I feed FF Grow every other watering and Bloom the same way. Inner Growth is out of control which is why im considering LST to get those branches growing up and out.

The pic down here is a few days prior to the one above. I have 5 very healthy seedlings going right now within the next 10days I anticipate some nice new growth all around and will have LST the plant above. This is my first grow or test grow I should say I also have a few not so healthy seedlings in the box as well that I am working on bringing back to life by diagnosing the leaf defects and taking the necessary action to test my judgement PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if there is anything I should be doing that I’m not or any ideas for the box please post! I've noticed that when the room temp outside my box gets higher than 78f the temps can hit up to 86+ inside the box. and only hits this temp or higher if the A/C is off during the peak of the afternoon. Switch the cycle of the lights to go off from 11am-5pm. Keep the a/c thermostat at 76 during these peak heat times during the day which has worked very well for me at the moment.

Ultimately I would like to opt for option 1, but was wondering if this would stress the plants? or are the plants photoperiods only a major concern during flowering? Perhaps someone can "shed some light" on this for me. a few seeds and try to make something happen indoors and outdoors, but always got impatient and just gave up lol. With all the plants genetics out there and the availability of good seeds with the genetics you personally seek in a high is what has me even more interested in growing start to finish this time. There is a local grower here (who I have not personally met yet but obtain his product through a family member when it is available) that continuously harvests Bubblegum, NYCD, Some Hawaiian strain?, and every once in awhile something he calls GrapeTrain? Anyways..after smoking the bubblegum I realized this was everthing I wanted in a high. Almost similar to taking a percocet lol So Bubblegum from Serious is one I plan to grow. once I am done with the practice on the this plant along with the 5 strong seedlings that are coming along solid so far. I want to be sure I can successfully veg multiple healthy plants in my setup along with learn and apply various techniques such as cloning, lst, topping, and most importantly FLOWERING. I haven't decided where I will be flowering and what lights I will be using. Stealth is not some much of a concern, well other than smell. I have nothing else to really hide from anyone as this bedroom stays locked at all times. So as it I have no major light leaks and simply closing the room door and locking it at all times would keep any guests from accidently walking into a room with a glowing/radioactive looking dresser lol as that would def. if the entire hotel is "non-smoking." Is there a kitchen with a vent for the hood? If so that works perfectly if you stand right by it, gotta make sure all the smoke gets in there. Otherwise bathroom close the door with a towel at the crack of the door and a fan on. Use the do not disturb thing on the door, obviously. Great suggestion but no gooded for obnoxious "/thread" Smoking weed won't set off a smoke detector. if you have an open window you can discretely blow smoke out, use this. do not smoke a joint, use a pipe or fashion some sort of smoking device (apples work well). as long as you blow smoke out and dont overlite the weed (so you can take in the entire hit), you're fine. close bathroom door and run the shower on the hottest it can go ( 10 min or so) until the room is very steamy. every shower i've seen will have some kind of vent or fan. sit in bathroom with door closed, light up, blow smoke into vent.

finish up, keep shower running for another 10 min or so. generally good to shower yourself off at this point as well just to be safe. The Best Way to Smoke Weed in Your Hotel Room, According to Science.

Steaming up the hotel bathroom before smoking might actually work. Five of us crammed into a single-queen-bed hotel room after 22 straight hours on the road en route to the Sasquatch! You can probably connect the dots: College boys road-tripping across the country to a music fest were very much about to smoke a lot of weed, too.


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