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Good Feels Feel Good… String Theory postulates the basic building blocks of all matter and energy in the universe are made up of differently vibrating quantum strings who’s various frequencies determine what that string’s form and/or function will be. Imagine a choir singing various harmonies and melody lines which can both be heard individually, the […] Betty’s Eddie’s Canna-Candies. Betty’s Eddie’s Bedtime Stories… The following tongue twister is based on actual events, but not actual ingredients.

It is to be read aloud after you’ve had a couple of Betty’s Eddie’s delicious vegan cannabis candy fruit chews. Especially adventurous after the enticing edibles have fully kicked in… Betty’s Eddie’s bought some bud butter But she […] Full Spec Vapes. Taste Space… Most vapes these days strip out all the green goodness, fill it with and mix of purified THC & CBD, and then try & add taste back in later one terpene at a time, which seems both counterproductive and redundant at the same time. Why not take the whole plant with all of […] The Mimi Waterpipe. Oh MyMy… You might be thinking the new sleek elegant glass Mimi Waterpipe from Elevate Jane reminds you of Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane if it was a rad rocket ready to blast you off to the moon to fight invading space aliens attacking the earth… using smarts, sexiness, and style to kick ass & take […] A TNS Cannaseur’s Guide to Quarantining. These snippets revel some of the best ways to get through any home based quarantine…. Cannaseur’s Log: Day 3 of The Covid-19 Quarantine Five o’clock shadow is in effect.

Classy Glassy… Marley Natural coming through with the classy travel companion made of glass and wood. Perfect for enjoying while out on your glass bottom yacht, or for winding down in your cherrywood lined lobster humidor. The sort of understated piece one might wave into the air as they are making a point about the […] 22Red Flower. 22Red Dead Redemption… Wandering through the cold Sierra Nevada mountains on horseback, the ragged lone rider lights his pipe full of fine cannabis flower to ease his aching bones and get him to California’s Gold Country. It’s been a hard 2 months since he set out wide eyed and idealistic from New York City. You’re it… A hammer style pipe decorated with the iconic images of street artist Keith Haring. Throw on your bomber jacket and turtle shell Adidas and meet us on the Lower East Side. Haring Spoon Pipe and help us relive the caustic 80’s. Spark a bowl between subway cars and subvert […] Cut & Dry Flower. Case Open, Case Closed… The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the intoxicated. We were working the day-watch out of Bud Burglary Detail. The boss is Thad Green…Chief of […] The Sigurberry post is fantastic and clever and really fun. We just had a team meeting and were all deciphering it as a group and laughing all the way. This website brings you the ultimate in the hemp and cannabinoid world, from accessories to personal products. Thanks for the ode to pain MGMT your reviews always make use tingle. Thank you so much we are truly honored to be featured. Your platform is really cool and classy, just our style! The creative writing style is awesome and refreshing. I don't normally post stuff like this directly in my feed but when it's poetry that perfectly captures your brand philosophy, then well I have to. I am flattered and super impressed with @thenewsmoker review of our sticks. What happens if someone accidentally hits a traffic cone? In my town there are tons of curbs being redone and in a round about there were cones to keep people from driving in the curbs that were cut out but no workers. I had a tailgater behind me and after I passed the cones I hear a tiny clunk noise so I look in my mirror and the tail gater had turned but I noticed a cone was on its side. The cone could have been on its side before I got there, and I would have heard something more, I'm just worried that my mirror hit it and pushed it over? My windows were down and I'm assuming the person behind me ran over a rock or something but I really am worried. What happens if a police officer saw your mirror hit a cone or your bumper hit a cone?

I don't think I hit it but I worry about little stuff. I'm Pretty sure it's technically leaving the scene of an accident? I would say probably 20% of the cones were knocked over when driving down the road so they may be too close. Unhaggle | Road Obstacles 101: How to Survive a Collision With an Unknown Object. Worst-case scenario: you are driving your new Escalade when suddenly you feel a bump and then an unsettling scrape against some unseen part of the car. Or should you pull over and assess the damages to the unfortunate obstruction and your car? In a world full of construction sites and jaywalking animals, things that could have been avoided sometimes just aren’t. Regardless of what you might crash into, dealing with the result will test your character and aptitude as a driver. We don’t plan for accidents, but we can definitely be prepared for them.

You see it coming up ahead, but there just isn’t enough time to react, so you drive directly into the crater. Your car jolts, while the tires, suspension, rims and everything else all suddenly feel compromised. You drive on, but you know that there is some damage. While road maintenance is the city’s duty, getting compensation will require you to make an insurance claim, which we have covered in this piece. If you have hit a damaging pothole, be sure to report it so that the road can be repaired as quickly as possible.


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