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The Best Blunt Wraps for Every Stoner

After a long day, there’s nothing like rolling up a blunt and blowing down. Rolling papers, glass, and vapes are cool, but blunt wraps will forever be the OG vehicle for weed. They burn slow, come in tons of flavors and are ideal for passing around a smoke circle.

Looking for the perfect wrap for your next smoke sesh? From the classics to the obscure, here are 10 of the best blunt wraps on the market.

Dutch Masters

As the great Missy Elliott once said, “pass that dutch.” Made with natural tobacco-leaf wrappers, Dutch Masters cigars are famously filled with bud for a mellow smoking experience. It’s Palma Dutches, often called vanilla dutches despite being unflavored, are always a solid option when choosing a blunt wrap that everyone will like. Dutch Masters also makes great cigarillos in tasty flavors like Honey Fusion, Berry Fusion, and Rum Fusion.


Game cigarillos are another popular favorite for flavored cigarillos. They’re a little harsher than a Swisher because they have an added exterior leaf, but less harsh than a Backwood. Additionally, they fall somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty to roll. Basically, Games are the goldilocks of blunt wraps, and I highly recommend the green flavor (I know green is generally a color, but trust me on this one).

High Hemp

High Hemp’s organic wraps are made with domestically sourced hemp and contain naturally occurring CBD . They’re also pesticide-free, GMO-free, and vegan. The wrap itself is a bit thicker than a typical blunt and comes with a filter tip to make rolling (and smoking) easier. I’ve tried several flavors including the original, Maui Mango, Grape Ape, and Honeypot Swirl. These are now my favorite non-tobacco wraps ever.


For the blunt-lover who is looking for a tobacco-free alternative, Minty’s are a great option. These herbal wraps are made from 100% organically grown, additive-free mint leaves. While some people enjoy the harshness of tobacco, Minty’s offers a smooth, fresh hit that won’t leave you coughing.


Nothing screams “I’m a blunt aficionado” like rolling a Backwood . They’re made from raw tobacco leaves so it takes a little bit of finesse to unroll the entire leaf then carefully roll it around your flower . The end product, however, is worth the effort. They come in mild flavors like Sweet Aromatic and Honey Bourbon which allow the flavor of your bud to shine ⁠— plus they burn so slow that you’ll be passing the blunt all night long.


Similar to dutches, Phillies are an old-school favorite for several reasons. They’re easy to slice open and roll, and they’re less harsh than wraps containing actual tobacco leaf. The original flavor is neutral and pleasant, but they’re also available in fun flavors like strawberry and chocolate (in some states). Phillies are the no-BS wrap for stoners who want a straightforward smoking experience.

Swisher Sweets

I learned how to roll blunts using Swisher Sweets because, above all else, they are really easy to roll. I fondly remember cracking open a Tropical Fusion cigarillo, filling it with a laughably small amount of bud, and sealing it up with a feeling of accomplishment. They have an insane amount of flavor options, or you can always stick to the unflavored red Swishers if you’re not interested in lighting up a Boozy Mango or Banana Smash blunt.

Juicy Jay’s

Widely known for their delicious rolling papers, Juicy Jay’s also makes wraps designed for the full blunt experience without the tobacco. They roll and burn similarly to your average cigarillo, but they taste exactly like the flavor on the label. Their flavors include Black N’ Blueberry, Mango Papaya, and Strawberry Fields, all of which will add a nice fruity kick to your favorite bud.

King Palm

Lazy blunt-lovers, rejoice! King Palm makes pre-rolled wraps made from slow-burning palm leaves. They’re chemical-free, glue-free, and come with a corn husk filter which helps prevent plant matter from getting in your mouth. They taste mild and natural thanks to the lack of artificial flavoring, plus they don’t harm the environment. According to their website, the leaves cut from the tree for King Palms grow back quickly and the corn husk filter is completely biodegradable.


If you love that nicotine head rush after smoking a blunt, Entourage has got you covered. Each pack contains two wraps that are made of a homogenized binder like a standard cigarillo, plus an attached natural leaf that adds a second layer to your blunt. This wrap is very wide and fits a ton of bud, making it a fantastic choice for a big smoke sesh. They also burn slowly and come in smooth, creamy flavors like Pink Vanilla.

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

The Best Blunt Wraps for Every Stoner After a long day, there’s nothing like rolling up a blunt and blowing down. Rolling papers, glass, and vapes are cool, but blunt wraps will forever be the OG

Top 5 Blunt Wraps: Pros and Cons

No matter how many stoners own a bowl, a pipe or some other kind of homemade device that’ll turn grass into gas, cigars are still very much in high demand on the blocks where I’m from (Brooklyn stand up!). Growing up, the cigar became our best friend and middleman whenever we wanted to hook up with Mary Jane. Yes, nowadays most of us have our own personal “peace pipes” and “sugar bowls” at home, but whenever we’re out and about, we constantly hit up bodegas to cop something to twist up that herbal essence in. The sale of cigars alone have kept struggling corner bodegas going strong around these parts. Well, that and Goya products. They may sell expired candy bars, week-old bread, and porno movies on VHS tapes that come in those unnecessarily big boxes, but they always carry the latest and freshest in cigars and blunt wraps… and Goya products. Even though there are tens of options to choose from right behind the counter, only a chosen few receive the honor of death by burning at the stake. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the five most-used rolling tools we live by ‘round the way.

1. Dutch Masters Cigars

• Earthy flavor
• Burns slow
• Ideal for group ciphers

Overall: The rolling process can be tedious at times, and a veiny leaf can hamper a perfectly rolled L, but the end result is definitely worth it: A slow-burning branch of weed that can make it’s way around a cipher more than once (depending on how many heads hit the leaf of course). But please allow experienced rollers to twist these up because the last thing you want is to steam on is a broken deer leg and for the price these’ll run you nowadays, you better make that roll count!

2. Phillies Blunt

• Rolling
• Price
• Flavor

Overall: Though they tend to burn a little faster than a Dutch, rolling a Phillies Blunt is convenient when you’re in a hurry, as all you have to do is break it down the middle, empty it out, and roll up the mind-altering essence. If you have any trouble following those instructions just watch the cult classic Kids and not only will you get the visual lesson, but you’ll also have something cool to watch while you’re burning it down. By the time it’s over you’ll end up asking yourself questions like, “How the hell did Telly’s no-game-having ass get all that coochie!?” Seriously, can anyone answer that?

3. White Owl Dutch

• Burns slow
• Price

Overall: White Owls can be rolled as simply as a Phillies or as lengthy as a Dutch. It really depends on your preference. Though they’re the same size and price as a Phillie and burn as slow as a Dutch, there are two big drawbacks to this particular cigar: 1. If you decide to roll it like a Dutch, more times than not the leaf will stick to the body and tear off horribly. And 2. The taste is pretty raw and I don’t mean Old Dirty Bastard “Oh, baby I like it raw” raw, I mean Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer sex tape with some chick that look like a dude raw. No es bueno!

4. Entourage

• Price
• Rolling
• Flavor
• Size

Overall: Like the HBO series in the mid 2000s, Entourage is quickly becoming a fan favorite. No tobacco hassle to speak of and basically two wraps for the price of $1, cats are really starting to gravitate more and more to this product during these hard economic times. This isn’t that glorious Clinton era when we used to splurge on Garcia Vega cigars to roll skimpy dimes of Hydro in like Big Willies without a care in the world. It’s 2015, man. If I’m splurging a Garcia Vega cigar then best believe it’s because I’m about to get that Monica Lewinsky treatment from shorty.

5. Bambu Paper

• Price
• Quantity
• Rolling
• Ideal for a single toker

Overall: Even though Bambu paper can be crazy harsh on the nose and throat, it’s perfect for whenever you just wanna take a little something-something to the head and zone out. It can be tricky at times if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Too tight and it won’t pull right if it pulls at all. Too loose and the bud will fall out. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rolling all kinds of joint creations. Practice makes perfect, and for $1 you get 33 chances to learn; if you can’t figure out how to roll a single joint by the time you get to that 33rd piece of Bible paper, then you need Jesus in your life.

No matter how many stoners own a bowl, a pipe or some other kind of homemade device that’ll turn grass into gas, cigars are still very much in high demand on ]]>