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Not all of our products are eligible for VAT relief, so we are obliged to charge VAT for those products even after you complete this form. Visit HM Revenue & Customs VAT for disabled people section. These carbon filter tips are very suitable for bongs & weedpipes. When the smoke passes through the active charcoal, a large part of the harmful tar is absorbed by the carbon. The Carbon Tips from Tune are very suitable for bongs and weed pipes. When the smoke passes through the active charcoal, a large part of the harmful tar is absorbed by the carbon.

This makes the smoke more pleasant without affecting the quality of your 'High' Improve the taste of the smoke Reducing the amount of tar that reaches your lungs Keep your pipe clean for a longer time Can be used in combination with a carbon adapter for bongs Your bong or weed pipe will get less dirty. Unlike traditional activated carbon filters, Tune activated carbon filters have a special cap on the end that will not clog and prevents you from getting sticky tar in your mouth. Made from natural raw materials, almost completely free of plastic of any kind, thus not only contributing to the health of the smoker, but also for the protection of the environment. Containes no hazardous or non-degradable compounds and can easily be disposed of with household waste. Ceramic caps on both sides of the filter tip Contains high-quality purified carbon Length: 35mm Diameter: 8mm. For fans of bongs and water pipes, these carbon filter tips can also be used in combination with a carbon adapter. The filters absorb part of the harmful smoke and make your bong hits softer for the throat. The adapter can be used in combination with all glass water pipes with a 18.8 mm connection. When enable this "joint size" filter in the category menu on the bongs page you see all suitable items. This Black Leaf Carbon Filter fits 18mm standard joints, it fits in between your downstem and glass cone/bowl. It holds activated carbon that catches ash and also other nasties. It comes with a small bag of activated carbon to get you started. Product Details: Black Leaf “Carball” SG18-SG18 Joint 1: 18.8mm male Joint Joint 2: 18.8mm female Joint 1 x Carbon filter included 1 x mesh screen 1 x small bag of activated carbon. Won't ever use my billy without this carbon filter. This thing is a life saver, It collects and stops most if not all floaties, It helps keep the glassware clean and filters the smoke making it nicer to pull smoke through, If you have a bong with percolators i'd highly recommend you grab one of these as it will save you time during the cleaning process. First time using a carbon filter and couldn't be happier. Great way to keep your piece clean as well as making it a smoother smoke. Extraction tube for marijuana resin or BHO by means of refined butane gas free of impurities, meant to recharge lighters. This extraction tube model stands out for its size, really small, ideal for extraction tests of different strains without using much grass in the process. Perfect for genetics' selection when we need to choose between what buds are to smoked and what we wish to have as an extract, since not all genetics offer equal results or similar flavours. In addition, it has been proven that, due to the size of the bottles of impurity-free refined gas and to the pressure they are able to contain, the resulting amount of oil is greater with small tubes and small amounts of grass, since it helps maximize the quality of the resin because of higher pressure in the tube.

With this minimum size, we will prove this key principle. Also, the fact that it is made of borosilicate glass makes it a bit more fragile than plastic or metal ones, but it gives us two great advantages : to be able to see how the grass is distributed in the tube, avoiding air pockets or excessive pressure; and it is completely neutral, so it does not react to butane, which ensures no unexpected aftertaste or harmful elements in the end result. In short, this BHO extractor is ideal for those who want quality and purity, as well as enjoying watching the process, and it will be perfect for fast micro extractions requiring little purging, or for sporadic BHO users. These small glass extraction tubes come with everything to get you started in making concentrates.

(Images for illustration purposes only) Product Details: Length : 180mm* Diameter (OD) : 25mm* Wall thickness : 3mm* Capacity : 10g** 1 x Glass tube 1 x stainless steel clamp 2 x screens (one fitted, one spare) **Capacity amount is an approximation.


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