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Anyone ever use Dr. Earth?

  • Feb 6, 2015
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  • Dead Cthulhu
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    I’m preparing to start my first grow! Woo But the only soil and nutes my local nursery has are Dr Earths and the cost of shipping makes the prospect of buying nutes online unattractive, and i’ve actually seen a lot of positive comments on Dr Earth. They sell the black POTting soil bag at my nursery and it’s pretty big. They also sell a full line of nutes. I’m also planning on growing Autoflowers i know that makes a big difference nute wise, especially the first week or two.

    So my questions with the POTting soil,

    I’ve found a grow schedule thats suppose to be from the owner of Dr Earth, it says to mix some nutes into the soil before planting, would that be too much for a baby autoflower?

    Would i need to let the POTting soil sit for a while before growing to let the bacteria start eating away at the nutes put in the soil so they can feed the plant?

    Should anything be mixed into the soil before planting, I.e perlite, vermiculite, guano, sand? I know autos like light soil.

    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated

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    • Feb 19, 2015
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  • conradino23
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    • Apr 5, 2015
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  • fringe50
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    I’m interested also DC

    I read a little about the Dr. Earth products , will do more, but I saw one type of the organic soil is designed for cannabis, or so it says.
    I need to go back and read more . l8tr.

    • Apr 30, 2015
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  • bobrown14
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    I use Dr Earth products that my local nursery stocks, not the soil tho. I use the Kelp meal and the Alfalfa meal, you can purchase the soft rock phosphate if thats all you can find. I don’t use bone meal or any sort of animal byproducts. I use the Alfalfa, kelp, neem cake, rock dust, azomite powder, crab shell meal, worm castings, my own vermi-compost, Calcium Carbonate (limestone dust) – mix all these ingredients together in some quality top soil (no fertilizer added), some sort of Micorhazae (great white is good), add water and let that sit for a few weeks while the seedlings are getting going. Put this soil mix into your final container and plant your seedlings in that final container and you’re good to go all the way to harvest. I also water with ACT (aerated compost tea), and SST (sprouted seed tea) all during veg and flower. Thats it – no need for any special fertilizers. You soil will become a living soil or LOS (living organic soil) and your buds will taste exceptional and your plants will be 100% healthy all the way thru to harvest. If you need specific amounts of what I listed above just ask – there’s many many recipes that folks use, I like Clackamas Coot’s recipe and use that as my guideline.. You don’t have to be super precise as you can adjust amendments and top dress with dead leaves and also plant companion crops in the same pots as your cana plants. It’s a living soil so you want to encourage all sorts of living organisms, the best way is thru diversity. Diversity is a beautiful thing, and so are plants grown in LOS soil!

    Hello Everyone! I'm preparing to start my first grow! Woo:cheer2: But the only soil and nutes my local nursery has are Dr Earths and the cost of shipping…