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Percolators: What They Do & What Are The Benefits

If you’ve been smoking for a while, then chances are that you’ve heard the word “percolator” or “perc” before. Even if you are a veteran smoker with plenty of experience, the word percolator might still be shrouded in mystery. However, percolators are critical to smoker culture. Though they are not required in a bong, they have become somewhat standard. Here, we’ll discuss the purpose and function of percolators, and the various types that can be included with water pipes.

This post has been updated from its original version in 2017.

What is a Bong Percolator?

The goal of smoking out of a bong is to make the smoking process feel much smoother. In contrast, the goal of dabbing is to isolate and enjoy flavor. A percolator aims to further that goal by cooling down the smoke, and provide premium filtration. There are several different types of percolators, and each has a slightly different effect.

Why Use a Bong With a Percolator?

For some who are not familiar with bongs, the prospect of smoking out of one may be slightly intimidating. The cultural stigma around bongs causes them to appear somewhat more potent than other smoking instruments. And, in a certain sense, they are.

While the smoke will lose some of the effect going through two chambers of water, the intake will be far easier. This will enable most people to ingest more smoke than they normally would. For most, this trade-off will be well worth it.

10 Styles of Percolators

All percolators will provide an additional layer of filtration for the smoke, making for a much more enjoyable and smooth smoking experience. However, different percolators will accomplish this in a different manner. They will also contribute a different aesthetic touch to each piece. These are some of the most common styles of percolators.

1. Honeycomb Percolators

The shape of honeycomb percs give them the functionality they need to filter smoke with such efficiency. The round discs fit perfectly in the tube of the bong, and the small holes excel in diffusing the smoke. Most of all, they accomplish this without slowing down the smoking process.

This piece has 3 honeycomb percolators, providing ample filtration and guaranteed cool hits.

2. Tree Percolators

Tree percolators are fairly simple. Within the tube of the bong, there is a collection of rods that resemble tree limbs. With a few slits per “limb”, there will be plenty of diffusion.

At Toker Supply, our premium online headshop has several bongs with tree percolators. While many tree percolators are easily broken, this one constructed from borosilicate glass is much more durable.

3. Inline Percolators

Inline percolators are simply horizontal tubes with several slits in them– the more slits there are, the more percolation takes place. They often complement other percolators above them.

This piece sacrifices a downstem in favor of an inline percolator, with an additional showerhead percolator placed above the inline perc.

4. Matrix Percolator

Matrix percolators are located in the center, with plenty of space around them, making for quite the aesthetic. Because the top holes do not have much resistance, the lower holes are not likely to bring enough smoke in. A matrix percolator operates in a similar way to showerhead percss.

This piece is perfectly comfortable to hold at only 12 inches, and efficient at cooling smoke with both an inline and matrix perc.

5. Turbine Percolators

Turbine percolators excel in function while also delivering a unique aesthetic. The shape of the percolator causes water to travel up the sides of the pipe, providing effective filtration in addition to incredible visuals.

Our premium online headshop sells only the finest turbine perc bongs. This water pipe uses a crystal ball perc to start the diffusion process, and subsequently a turbine perc to finish the process. At 14 inches tall, this pipe will provide consistently excellent hits.

6. Fritted Disc Percolators

The most powerful of all percolators, fritted disc percs are a similar, yet slightly more intense version of honeycomb percs. With even more holes, they will fill your piece with bubbles, producing plenty of smoke for you to inhale. Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of holes makes cleaning a nightmare (though it’s well worth it for the adventurous smoker).

7. Showerhead Percs

Showerhead percs use a tube that connects to the main chamber to bring smoke back through a larger tube, directing the smoke down and into another percolator with varying quantities of slits. From there, most pieces direct the smoke to a second percolator.

This piece uses the showerhead perc in addition to a recycler, which brings the smoke through the chamber several times before inhalation.

8. Spiral Perc

Also referred to as a coil percolator, this style simply brings the smoke through the coil and increases the cooling potential. It is also a welcome visual feature. Compared to other percolators, spiral percs provide smoother and longer drags.

This piece allows the awesome visual of smoke rushing through the coil to shine with an otherwise bare-bones approach, aside from the ice catcher. The ice catcher prevents spillage within the bong.

9. Faberge Egg Percs

While a faberge egg percolator will not efficiently filter smoke independently, it will work well when paired with another percolator. Instead, placing a faberge egg perc within close proximity to another percolator will allow the smoke to filter and spread out, giving the bubbles more surface area. Additionally, they bring an appealing aesthetic to the table.

10. Downstems

Downstems are far more basic than percolators, in both appearance and function. In fact, they are what initially separated water pipes from dry pipes. A downstem is simply a tube that sits in the main water chamber, allowing air to enter the chamber. This creates an improved airflow.

Downstems are a common feature for water pipes. They can be easily removed and cleaned, and replaced by different downstems when needed. However, make sure that the downstem is the appropriate size.

This basic piece has a diffused, removable downstem, and is perfect for smoking alone or with friends.

Regardless of the percolator style that you prefer, a bong with a percolator will surely improve your smoking experience. There is no substitute for the feeling that continuous smooth hits give you. Toker Supply is an online headshop that provides all styles of smoking pieces and accessories. Our products are made to ensure the highest degree of quality and durability.

Not all bong percolators are created equal. Although they are not required in a bong, they do provide many benefits. Here we list the different kind of percs, how they work, and what benefits they bring to smoking from a bong.

How Much Water to Put in Your Bong

With so many different bongs out there, knowing how to fill and how much water to put in your bong can be a challenge. We have put together some images to help you fill your bong with water and figure out exactly how high to fill in each spot. Whether you have a percolator bong or a honeycomb bong we have chosen many popular options and the best way to fill them. You can always fill more or less to your liking but our images below show the ideal bong water level for most scenarios whether you have a percolator or just a plain beaker.

How to Fill a Bong with Water

So you just got your bong and have no clue how to fill it, perfect. Whether you have a crazy percolator bong or a simple beaker bong there’s mainly one thing you have to remember:

“Make sure the slits are covered so the smoke filters through the water.”

Since they were created, bongs have been a staple of smoking, creating a filtered way of smoking flower or essential herbs without the harsh smoke that might discourage you to smoke a blunt, joint, or piece. Bongs are made in all different size, shapes, and material but overall, they have the same functions, to filter the harsh smoke, control the temperature of the smoke, and to create a convenient way to smoke without having to roll and make a mess. A huge component of the filtration/cooling in a bong is the very thing that humans need for survival, some H2O.

Whether you’re new to smoking or a veteran, chances are you’ve never really paid attention to how much water you put in a bong, therefore you risk the chance of the bong not working to its full potential. Luckily, here we answer the question how much water to put in your bong, depending on the type, size, and build of the bong, so your smoking experience can reach its full potential.

How to Fill a Double Perc Bong

A double percolator bong is a beauty to look at and an even prettier way of working. The two percolators function to diffuse the hit and give you the most flavorful hits with every toke. Unfortunately, it is the very percs that prevent you from filling your bong up properly and therefore might not work to its full potential if you don’t know the steps to properly filling the bong. First, unlike the traditional way of filling it with water, by pouring it down the down stem. You pour it in from the mouthpiece through the percolators. Once the water has filled the second perc, you blow down, causing the water to trickle down. Once both percs are about half way filled with water and the bottom chamber is about halfway filled, you can stop blowing and start enjoying your flower.

How to Fill a Double Chamber Bong

So how much water do you put in a double chamber bong. I like to start with the bottom percolator, the main thing you want to remember is all the slits should be in the water, this will make sure that it diffuses correctly and bubbles how it should.

The top perc, you can just fill from the mouth. Again, just cover the slits and you should be good to go.

Voila! That is how you fill a double chamber bong. You are now ready to use this badboy and enjoy the smooth filtration.

How to Fill a Honeycomb Bong

Unlike the percolator bong, the honeycomb percolator is much different. Shaped like a disc with hundreds of holes poked for filtration, the honeycomb bong uses the numerous holes that don’t create much drag, so you can consistently get a perfect hit without being slowed down. Depending on the size of the holes of the perc, water may sit on top, or always fall through just to pull water up through the perc when you hit the piece. As long as water flows through it, it doesn’t matter if water is sitting on top of it or not. When it comes to filling the honeycomb bong, you fill it in from the stem till it is about a third of the way to the honeycomb. With just the right amount of separation from the water and perc, you get the designed results.

How to Fill a Percolator Bong

The image below shows you how to fill a percolator bong. Starting with the lower chamber, whether you have a perc or a downstem you basically want all the slits, holes, or openings to be submerged in the water.

The percolator can be filled from the top, usually about halfway is good as long as all the slits are in the water.

The single perc bong is among the most common types of bongs due to how easy it is to make. The answer is just enough to where your downstem in slightly submerged in the water, which is about halfway.If your downstem is a diffused downstem, make sure your water level is high enough to fully submerge all of the slits.

How to Fill a Triple Honeycomb Bong

Below we have a triple honeycomb bong. The best way to fill the triple honeycomb is usually up to the second honeycomb. The water will climb up once you hit it and go into the third honeycomb.

The process of filling up a triple perc bong is very similar to filling a double perc bong. When filling a bong with three percs with water, you’re going to want to pour the water into the tube from the mouthpiece, once it is slightly full, you blow down until all three of the percs and the down stem are halfway submerged in the water. If you have a good, quality bong, the water should make its way down with no problem.Once the water has settled, check to see if all of your percs and downstem are properly submerged. If they aren’t, then simply tilt the bong sideways to allow the more water to continue to fall to the desired chamber. Do this process until your downstem and percs are properly submerged.

Perfect Bong Water Level Every time

In no time you will be an expert at bong water level. The main things you want to remember:

  • All the openings and slits should be bubbling.
  • Just experiment and it will make sense.
  • You can always add more water as long as it does not splash up.
  • GOOD LUCK achieving the perfect bong water level.

Stay tuned as we upload more types of bongs so you can reference this page if you ever want to know how much water do you put in a bong.

How much water do you to put in a bong, a single perc bong, a double perc bong, or in a honeycomb bong. Find out exactly the best place to fill your bong up to with our complete guide that goes over all the popular styles of bongs.