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Domeless Nail Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Jack Daniel (Edited by Jay Dreadhead) on 29th Nov 2016

These days, pretty much everyone and their grandma (literally) has made the switch to a domeless nail for their dabbing delights. But as connoisseur’s tastes continue to evolve, the vast array of choices that you as a customer have when it comes to domeless nails can be a bit overwhelming when trying to find ideal dab nails for sale.

This handy Domeless Nail Buyer’s Guide from your buds here at The Dab Lab will clear the air when it comes to getting a domeless nail for sale cheap, so that you can make the best decision the next time you are in the market.

When considering domeless nails, users typically look at three distinct variables:

1. What is the nail made of? Is it titanium, ceramic, or quartz? All three have distinct advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss.

2. What style or shape is the nail? The head of the nail might be round, bucket-style, or may be trough-shaped. Do you have a carb cap that will work with one or the other? Will you need to include a new one in your budget?

3. Price. Let’s face it… you’ll need a few bucks leftover for dabs too!

Domeless Titanium Nail

Advantages: Titanium domeless nails have been around for years. High quality Grade 2 Titanium does not outgas or deteriorate into harmful vapors like cheap import knockoffs can. Since it is made from incredibly high strength material, your titanium nail will never break from heat/cold shock, impacts, or dropping. Prices vary, but even the best titanium is typically a bit more affordable than American made ceramic or quartz alternatives.

Disadvantages: Less flavor preservation than ceramic or quartz alternatives.

Domeless Ceramic Nail

Advantages: Better heat retention and flavor preservation than titanium, but not nearly as good as quality quartz.

Disadvantages: Very fragile, often breaks just from overheating. Difficult to keep from looking gross. Did we mention fragile?

Domeless Quartz Nail

Price: $ – $$$

Advantages: This is where it’s at! Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles; ranging from quartz bucket, quartz banger, quartz trough, and more. Superior flavor preservation. Limitless variety of heady carb cap options. Easy to clean using Q-Tip Tech. Looks great on heady glass rigs.

Disadvantages: Fragile/breakable. If you dab too hot, it will taste gross. American made quartz can be expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives.

What style do I need?

Most styles work about the same. There are only a few factors to consider when choosing a style. Is the joint on your rig close to the mouthpiece? If so, you will probably want to go with a Banger or Trough style domeless nail. Is your joint angled? If you like to tilt your piece back a “Castle” style nail will do, but if you don’t, you will need a 45* Angle Banger or Trough style nail. If you don’t want to fuss with a carb cap, check out the Diamond Knot style quartz nail by J-Red. Do you like to take big dabs and have issues with oil seeping into the joint? If so, you will want to invest a Thermal P Banger by Pukinbeagle Quartz.

With so many dab nails for sale, it's not always easy to know exactly what is best for you and your setup, but this handy Dab Nails Buyer's Guide from your buds at The Dab Lab should help steer you to the terp-filled experience you are seeking. Of course, we are always here to help as well!