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The long term availability is important cause your plants can draw from it their whole life, making teas optional if you're lazy. ( They need to be aged in your soil before planting though. You'll also need a long term N source *fishmeal/cottonseed meal/feather meal* if you're looking to water only.) In addition, SRP is good source of P for rooting and flowering. (My favorite place to shop online because they're a huge source of ferts for organic commercial farmers and not scrutinized by LEO like a hydro type of store is. has azomite and greensand by the pound (5 lb minimum) for less than $1/lb.

They're also a good source for organics and ship internationally. You don't really need any of the stuff I mentioned to grow great ganja; but if you re-use your soil and want to make it better every grow, they're invaluable. If I could only get one, I'd choose glacial rock dust or azomite, and get my P from bonemeal/bat guano and my K from kelp powder/sul-po-mag. (Trace minerals and microbial boosters are available lotsa places. alfalfa meal, compost, fish products, crab/shrimp meal, leonardite (humic acid), kelp products, EWC, etc.) IME, there's as many ways to grow organic as there are organic growers. Sorry 'bout the long rant, but I thought the info might be of interest.

Just get some Ocean Forest and perlite; add some Peace Of Mind 5-8-4 to your bloom soil. Azomite is a simple to use, natural mined mineral product. it is odorless and won't restrict aeration or water penetration. Unlike some products, Azomite is not a manufactured, chemically prepared fertilizer. Azomite trace mineral fertilizer is a complex of naturally occurring minerals which contains essential elements (micro-nutrients) for plant growth. Fertilization with Azomite adds some of the required mineral balance for the growth of common soil flora and fauna vital to overall productivity. Continuous plant propagation and the leaching effects of water may deplete essential minerals and micro-nutrients from soils. Azomite can improve soils that have been depleted of these important minerals and micro nutrients. It can also supplement soil that are inherently deficient of these vital mineral concentrations. Azomite is a natural source of trace elements for both animals and the soil. It is a hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate derived from a natural volcanic mineral deposit. Azomite is added to compost or other fertilizer material and spread at the rate of 300 to 600 pounds per acre and either lightly turned into the soil surface of applied in the row when planting. For gardens, spread ¼ to 2 pounds per 10 ft and spade or rake into the soil. Use 1 teaspoon in 1 gallon watering can quarterly for house plants. In feed rations, 1-2 percent (do not exceed 2 percent) of the feed mixture and mix thoroughly with feed. Our granular form of Azomite is small pellets that eliminate dust and is easily used in spreaders. The Powdered Azomite is a range of size from micronized to small sand particles. Micronized Azomite is a fine powder that is easy to dissolve in water and applied wet or spread dry in the garden. It has been mined, crushed and packaged without any chemical alterations or additions. Our personal experience using azomite has proven to us that the growth rate has been higher, the plant color has been darker green, fruit drop has been fewer and over all health of the plants were better. We recently planted lettuce and greens in the greenhouse and used Azomite on half of the the greens. The greens that we used Azomite on are bigger and the romaine lettuce leaves are sturdier. The tomatoes that used the Azomite on had more tomatoes on the vines. We experimented with some neighboring pear trees that were heavily stricken with blight. We did repeat two applications the second year and now the tree is productive and beautiful. Azomite will definitely be put in our gardens and orchards for years to come.

Comments (4 Comments) In our opinion, you should follow the recommended rate. Overuse of anything is not necessarily a good thing. We use micronized azomite as a foliar spray every 10 days with out any harm. In the orchard, we apply granular azomite once to twice a year and in the vegetable garden every few years. hulelkultur (buried wood under plants to retain moisture) 5. good water (let faucet water sit 24 hrs in open container 6. no npk or chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticide allowed 7. no compacting or walking on, nor tilling, may mix good one time 8. goal, nothing but rain, maybe…and high brix food to eat… 9. good bug spray, one cup rock dust in hose in 5 gal of water, stir real good and let sit 24hrs or longer…also coffee or coffee grinds will get rid of snails and slugs…roy WHAT DO YOU THINK…?

thanks for info…when i order very soon, i will want the micronized for using in sprayer….no sub… Two-Stroke Factory Works Pipes for KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg by Scalvini. Scalvini Two-Stroke Pipes for KTM, Husqvarna & Husaberg. Scalvini pipes for two-stroke factory works are hand-assembled cone-by-cone to make an exhaust that looks as good as it performs. Each Scalvini exhaust cone is hand cut, pounded, and welded to our stringent manufacturing guidelines. Scalvini pipes are your opportunity to have a real works pipe and performance without the expense associated with parts of this caliber.


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