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Now is the time to start drawing from the mouthpiece. After lots of experimentation, we concluded that long and slow draws help you get the best out of your weed. Once you hold down the buttons for 30 seconds, the unit goes into standby mode. The Firefly 2 is one of the easiest vaporizers to clean.

If you fail to clean it for several sessions in a row, you will see a build-up on the window but it doesn’t affect performance. As a bonus, there is no screen in the bowl to worry about so you can clean the device with a power towel soaked in a bit of ISO propyl alcohol. Make sure you wipe down the vapor both on the lid and body; and that’s it! The Firefly 2 warranty is of the limited kind and covers your device against defects in material/workmanship for up to two years after purchase. If your Firefly 2 doesn’t work, get in touch with the company’s team via email at [email protected] The Firefly 2 comes with three concentrate pads which enable you to vape wax or e-liquids. Simply take one of the pads, place it in the chamber, and add your e-liquid or wax.

We found that a few drops of oil or 0.1 grams of wax were enough for a satisfying session. Preheating the device for concentrates use requires you to hold down the heat button for 30 seconds before letting go and drawing in the usual way. If you hold the button down for a few seconds before taking a hit, you’ll benefit from a denser cloud of vapor. The app is available for iOS and Android and pairing the vaporizer to your phone is as easy as opening the app and ensuring the device is awake by touching one of the sensors; the app does the rest. Once you have downloaded it, you can control the six heat settings and select your preferred activation option. There is also a battery charge indicator which ensures you know precisely how much power is left. The Firefly 2 power tuning option enables you to adjust your base temperature up to 111%. In other words, if you set the device to the 420-degree setting, the temperature output will be around 466-467 degrees. It is the best way to get the densest clouds of vapor but there is a risk of combustion. We found that keeping the device at a maximum of 105% ensured better vapor with little risk of combustion. The Firefly 2 is for sale at the cost of $330, and you would expect it to deliver extraordinary vapor clouds. When you use the power tuning option, you can produce even better clouds than before and the flavor is practically desktop vaporizer standard. Slow draws lead to especially satisfying vapor and if you can use the 111% setting without causing combustion, you will receive clouds the likes of which you can’t get from any other vaporizer on the market. Obviously, flavor dissipates slightly on the highest temperature settings but when you use the lower settings, the flavor hits you like a sledgehammer. As you need to stir the bowl every 3-4 draws, the lack of a stirring tool is a puzzling oversight. The 500-degree concentrate settings allow for potent draws and incredible flavor. The Firefly 2 is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Essentially, the brand managed to remove all of the less favorable aspects of the first incarnation while keeping the things that made it great. The Firefly 2 is lighter, slimmer and more portable and the battery life is markedly longer. It still charges incredibly quickly and the temperature settings and control are as good as it gets in the portable vaporizer industry at present. Not only do you have five settings for your herbs, but there is also a special concentrate setting. The app and the power tuning update have only heightened the sense of control. The main downsides are the small chamber, the fact you can’t charge a battery outside the unit, and the extremely high price tag. However, if you love your herb and can afford it, we believe the Firefly 2 is worth the cost.

Exceptional vapor quality regardless of whether you use herbs or concentrates.

The mobile app enables you to choose between the six heat settings and also monitors battery life. The power tuning option adds an extra 11% to the unit’s temperature so you can have a tailored smoke. There is a bit of a learning curve when trying to use it at first.


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