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Homemade Vape(just like the ones in stores!)

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Ok i was looking at buying a good vaporizer the other day. I was looking at them down at the headshop and noticed something about them. All they are are soldering irons with bowls screwed to the top of them! So i said fuck this im heading home. Got home about three hours ago and fashioned up this mother fucker.

Heres what you need to make it,

mason jar
solder iron
wire nuts
1/2″ copper tubing cap
1/4″ 10/32 screw
10/32 tap and drill
Enclosure (Not plastic or anything that can melt at or below 600degrees F)
1′ tubing 3/8″ outside diameter
a few drill bits and some other everyday tools.
superglue (i used locktight)

Ok here is what i pretty much did take the soldering iron and cut the tip off flush so there is just a piece of metal with a flat tip, for a tip. Next take your 10/32 drill and drill about 3/8″ deep, not too deep though. No more than a 1/2″ i would think. Then tap the hole with the 10/32 tap (this part is not necessary because some screws are self-tapping and just simply screwing the fucker in will tap it for you). Take the 1/2″ copper tubing end and drill a 1/8″ hole right in the center. You can use a bigger sized cap if you want but try to stick with copper, it is a great conductor of heat! I cut the height of my cap down too, but that again is up to you. Next screw the cap on the tip of the soldering iron.

Now this part is important. You need to pick some type of enclosure to house the soldering iron and for the tubing to run through. I used a 5″ x 5″ x 5″ steel box. Now depending on the iron type you have or purchased the heat range is anywhere from 300 to 500 degrees. Measure the diameter of your iron and cut a hole that size right through the lid in the center. Next cut a 3/8″ hole about 3/4″ away from the other hole. You can lay the lid of the mason jar on the lid of your enclosure to make sure the holes will line up and not interfere with anything. Next cut another 3/8″ hole where ever you want the tube to come out of the box at. All you need to do now is cut a small hole for the power cord.

Cut the power cord about 3 inches down from the iron(make sure you mark your wires!) then feed the other end through the hole you made for the power cord. Use the wire nuts to secure the connection between the correct wires inside the enclosure. Take the metal ring from the lid of the mason jar and superglue it upside down to the lid of you box. Make sure you can screw the jar on or you glued it the wrong way. Anyways you iron and tube should be inside of the ring. I ran a bead of black silicone around the outside just to ensure it was air tight around the lid.

I think thats about it. I am so fucking baked right now. It works, holy fuck does it work. I should have taken pictures as i was building it. I hope this make sense. heres another pic with the jar off the top.

Now i was thinking, you could get a good hakko soldering iron with a digital thermometer on it right, then you can set it only to heat to 175 degrees F i think they dont go any lower then 150 degrees F. Anyways good luck

Here are a few more pics, i took a piece of brass to use for the bowl instead. thanks dunco for the heads up.

Ok i was looking at buying a good vaporizer the other day. I was looking at them down at the headshop and noticed something about them. All they are are…