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Most things that are cool become popular and, in turn, see their coolness fade. This is why Turn on the Bright Lights , the debut album from Interpol, is so special. Not only did it become a hit both stateside and overseas, but it still feels like a record by that band only you and a few people know about.

Part of the reason is the music, which doesn’t feel radio-ready and certainly doesn’t allow for epic sing-a-longs. Despite that, it was named the best record of the year in 2002 by Pitchfork , one of the 100 best albums of the decade by Rolling Stone , and is adored by millions who feel the record is their personal secret. The album drifts between genres, as it dabbles in hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, spoken word, and more. But where it really shines is the lyrics, which give the album a weight that unexpecting listeners probably wouldn’t be ready for. It feels like you’re stepping into a confessional with each of his characters, as they let all their fears and heartaches spill forth. Through surrealist imagery and different voices, Ocean crafted one of the most complex albums about love and loss that would make any singer-songwriter jealous. Forget the fact that the album art hangs in every frat house across the country.

Forget the fact that stoners could talk your ear off about the lyrics. The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most beautifully composed albums of all time, whether or not you’re watching The Wizard of Oz while you listen to it. The eighth studio album from Pink Floyd pares down the band’s sound and ramps up the message. Each song speaks to some inherent longing or longstanding belief deep inside you. It’s appeared on every “Greatest Albums of All Time” list for good reason. And when it comes to cohesion, The Dark Side of the Moon feels like one complete work, not a series of tracks, as each song reflects a different stage of human life, and when listened to in order presents the band’s attempt at describing the human experience. Often viewed as one of the most groundbreaking albums of all time, Pet Sounds from The Beach Boys brings together elements from genres as different as jazz and classical. The common theme, however, is how catchy and haunting the deeply personal songs can be. With layers of harmonies and a slew of unique effects, Brian Wilson and company produced an album of poppy, psychedelic, completely original gems that stick with you long after you’ve stopped listening. Here are some bowling party games for parties held either at a bowling alley or at home. For bowling themed ideas for invitations, food & drink, and party decorations, check out my separate page of Bowling Party Ideas. This list of bowling party games can be used for parties at home or at a bowling alley. After a few frames of regular bowling, introduce different handicaps such as: Bowl blindfolded Bowl with the opposite hand Bowl by hopping up to the lane Bowl while walking like a chicken Bowl backwards Bowl between someone else’s legs Bowl after spinning around three times Bowl in slow motion. You could prepare the handicaps for these bowling party games in advance by writing them on bits of paper and having each kid draw one out of a hat. Kid’s can get a bit restless waiting for their turn to bowl. So while someone else is bowling, use the time it takes for the bowl to travel down the lane to complete different challenges . As soon as each person has let go of the ball, the other kid’s must perform a challenge but stop when the ball hits the pins. Some examples are: Name as many Superheroes as they can (you can repeat this for all kinds of random things inc pizza toppings, countries / states, colors etc). Spell their full name backwards See who can count the highest as fast as possible Perform a silly dance Recite a particular times table (ie two times table, three times table) You could also provide small prizes or party favors for the winning person in each round. If you’ve added a theme to your bowling party, such as Harry Potter Bowling or Star Wars Bowling (see the Theme section of the Bowling Party Ideas page for more info), you can extend this idea to your bowling party games. Make up a master score card menu in advance with each score corresponding to a different baddie. For example, you might need three strikes to kill Lord Voldermort ( Harry Potter ) or Darth Vadar ( Star Wars ). Or just one strike to kill a Dementor ( Harry Potter ) or a Clone Trooper ( Star Wars ).

You can play this like Bingo so that each person has to ‘kill off’ at least one of each different type of baddie by achieving that score. The first person to kill the highest scoring baddie can win a prize. Simply assign odd numbers as ‘Truth’ and even numbers as ‘Dare’ then let each person’s score determine which they have to do. For adult bowling party games, you can mix it up with some bingo bowlin g. Prepare some pieces of paper arranged into grids ahead of the party and write or print different results into each box of the grid. For example strike, spare, gutter ball, two consecutive strikes, or individual scores such as 2 or 8. Split everyone into teams and have them cross off each result on the bingo card as they score it. The winner is not the team who bowls the highest score, but the one who completes their bingo card first. Arrange some certificates / trophy’s to give out at the end so that everyone is rewarded for something—no matter whether it’s a good or bad thing.

For example: The highest score The lowest score The most strikes Never scoring a strike The most spares The most gutter balls. You can pick up some cheap plastic trophies, award ribbons / medals and temporary tattoos from suppliers 1 and 5 for this.


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