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The band was rocking, the crowd was dancing, booze was flowing, and honest Bluto (John Belushi) roamed with vigilance, looking to stamp out sickening folk ballads or other mood-killing swill. Though the cops didn’t bust anything up, and there was certainly more room for destruction at the Delta’s house party, theirs did last longer than Droz’s fundraiser at the Pit, and the immortal status of the toga party in film history, along with the trend-setting standard it set for the rest of time, got it a slot in the Top 3, one right behind … 2. These are the kinds of buddies that abandon their domestic lives to help a lifelong friend get through a crisis. True friends are the ones that temporarily forget about careers, relationships, or even self-respect so that another person in their trusted circle can receive the total support needed to get them through a tough trial. In Old School , Luke Wilson ’s Mitch was a man lucky enough to have such men of men around him, for when he learned that his whore girlfriend had been engaging in random sex-orgies during his business absences, he needed support.

Mitch left the woman and the home they shared, and ended up in a large house that was only blocks away from the main campus of fictional Harrison University. Vince Vaughn ’s Beanie was a friend of Mitch’s from childhood, and immediately saw the opportunities available to a recently single man knee deep in college poon. So as to get the ball rolling, Beanie threw Mitch a house party, one that would be remembered at Harrison University for the rest of time. Even before the party’s main entertainment went on for the evening, it appeared like a wild success. Styled as “Mitchapalooza,” the event Beanie coordinated was stocked with prime college ass, multiple kegs, a hard-A bar, and enough youthful enthusiasm to launch a candidate into the Senate. When Mitch asked Beanie about the party’s main event, and the stage that had been set up, Beanie’s response essentially said it all. I’m worth three and a half million dollars that the I.R.S. I got more electronics up there than a damn KISS concert. You think I’m gonna roll out this type of red carpet for a fucking marching band?” The statement was hardly bravado.

When the house party’s concert started, all in attendance discovered that the king of all pimps, Snoop Dogg himself, was the evening’s M.C. might have had George Clinton and Parliament giving a performance no less outstanding, yet The Pit couldn’t compete with the spacious, well-organized party machine Beanie had assembled. And while Animal House gave the world an immortal party better than any other offered up to that point, Snoop Dogg’s appearance set a new standard, one that could only be outdone with the inclusion of a biker gang and a thermonuclear warhead into the festivities … Yeah, this was the best house party in movie history, hands down. To start, it was completely stocked with food and beverages due to the magical benevolence of the co-hostess, Lisa ( Kelly LeBrock ). If that wasn’t enough, if having one’s party catered by a fucking genie wasn’t enough, “Gary” ( Anthony Michael Hall ) and Wyatt ( Ilan Mitchell-Smith ) also enjoyed the benefit of every schoolmate of notable social standing at their shin dig, which included two of the most beautiful girls in town (a pair Gary and Wyatt had been eyeing for some time). To add another log on the fire, this party was being held inside a multi-storied mansion with enough elbow-room to house a small Prince concert, and provided the setting for one of the most rousing finales a house party has ever known (in film or otherwise). Not only did a roving band of mutant bikers straight out of a Mad Max film show up halfway through the evening, Gary and Wyatt actually stepped up, in front of their guests, and ran the rowdy bastards out. Understand, this was after the biker gang had crashed through the windows and doors of the estate mid-party, and had flashed shotguns and leash-bound chicks at the crowd for intimidating effect. Not only did Gary and Wyatt scare these assholes off, they went ahead and kept the party going, and shacked up with their respective ladies for the evening. The party was so damn awesome, it also had a magic chimney, a blue kitchen, animated paintings, and the sudden appearance of a Pershing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. While it didn’t sport a musical act as radiantly awesome as Parliament or Snoop Dogg, one has to submit that sorcery and the arrival of a nuclear payload into a party elevates things to levels men and women were likely not meant to approach. Only time will tell if Project X will provide a house party with clout enough to de-throne Weird Science from the top of this list, but for my part, I hope it does not. Indeed, how could one hope to beat out such excess lest they run the risk of flying a bit close to the sun: one whose heat is enough to melt the wax holding together the loftiest house-party dreams? The Difference Between Dank, Mids, and Reggie Weed. Consider for a moment the difference between a cheap bottle of wine from the local convenience store and a pricey selection from an upscale Italian restaurant’s reserve list. While both can be classified as wine, the grape quality, grow climate, and post-harvest techniques distinguish the finest varietals from wines of lesser quality. The same principles can be applied to cannabis quality, too. As medical and adult-use cannabis legalization continues to take root across North America, the difference between dank bud and ditch weed has never been more clear than it is today. Over the decades, people have used a variety of slang terms to classify weed. What is called reggie by some, may be seen as schawg to others. While one person may be looking for dank, another may be asking for top-shelf. But in the end, they’re usually looking for the same thing — the best on the market.

Weed quality classifications have changed over the years due to sweeping cannabis legalization, as the quality and potency of weed has increased compared with what was grown in the ’60s and ’70s. In other words, the type of weed quality is relative to what’s currently available on the market and the location of that market. What was once considered dank a decade ago would likely be relegated to mids today. Something that is considered to be mids in California could be coveted as top-shelf in a state where cannabis is illegal.

To help you distinguish whether you’re smoking schwag or good weed , here’s a breakdown on how to identify the different types of weed and the factors that contribute to their classification.


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