dick shaped pipe

The Glass Dick Bong Shaped Like a Penis

Have you ever wondered what kind of unforgettable gift you’re going to give someone that will either make them giggle, laugh their heads off, or kill the living daylights out of you? Check out the highly sensual (or hysterical??) dick bong.

What is a dick bong?

Plainly speaking, it’s a bong shaped like penis. It can have the same girth and height as a regular penis, or even larger. It’s really a kinky bong that can either make your session uncomfortable or hilarious or both at the same time.

This novelty pipe bong is both functional and nice to look at. Some Dick bongs are highly realistic and detailed that it’s amazing. We’ll list a few examples of dick bongs that can be a great gag gift for your friends, or a centerpiece for a bachelorette party.

Penis Novelty Glass Bong

This is one highly detailed kinky bong. This dick bong is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and closely resembles the real thing. You’ll see life-like veins around the shaft of the bong as well as wrinkled skin at the base. It’s so realistic it’s almost uncanny. It has a removable downstem situated between the two balls at the base of the shaft as well as a carb hole at the left side of the bong. You’ll see a blue rubber ring surrounding the hole for the downstem. Because of the lack of joint connection and the low position of the hole for the downstem, this ring serves as a seal to prevent water from spilling.

Dick Bong

This bong is not as highly detailed as the one above, but it does have the same anatomical likeness of a penis. It’s 10.5 inches in height and as an 18mm joint. The removable downstem is 14mm so you won’t have any problems with ripping this bong. You’ll have a kick out of this review.

Dick bong review from a highly satisfied customer.

Funny Bongs Penis Glass Bong

For those who are in Canada, here’s a kinky treat for you. This bong is massive, perfect for those who like getting big rips. It’s 31 inches (80cm) long and 11 inches (30cm) in diameter. It commands attention in more ways than one. The dick bong is also heavy, weighing 2.0kg. The downstem is sealed in with a rubber ring, but there’s a carb hole at the side to help you regulate the airflow.

How does a dick bong hit?

Disregarding its shape and appearance, dick bongs hit hard, especially with the large ones. Depending on the size of the base, it can hold in as much water as a beaker bong could.

Your main issue with the dick bong will be adding and holding in water. Most of the dick bongs on sale don’t have an elevated joint stem to keep up with anatomical correctness. Also, the tip where you will draw the smoke from is quite small. This means the only way for you to add water is through the joint between the two balls. There’s a tendency for spillage, so you have to secure the stem with the help of the rubber ring.

Still, a number of dick bong users are enjoying their use of the dick bong. Not only is it fun to use, but the pull and hits are great. It’s going to be uncomfortable to use at first unless you’re game to do something new. It’s a novelty bong that you can use for kicks, or send as a gift to someone who is highly sensual and would love to have something like this for a collection.

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What's a dick bong? It's one of the novelty bongs that will make your girlfriends giggle, and your smoking buddies laugh their heads off.