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Once you can get past the beauty of the exterior design and the superior heating elements, the next highly prized bit of technology is its portability. Most vape pens on the market are portable, but this is a unique one that offers an extended battery life. You can virtually take this anywhere you opt to go, and have confidence knowing it will withstand the demand you place on it.

Standing at 5.75 inches and 13mm in diameter, there’s no second guessing if this vape pen is portable. You can expect this new Snoop Dogg G Pen vape pen to be the one of the best vape pens currently on the market and with a reasonable price point it will easily be a hit with vapers everywhere. Of course, you wouldn’t expect a vaporizer from Snoop Dogg to not have his name on it. In fact his vaporizer pen comes with its own bit of Snoop flair. With special features like an elaborate roadmap of Long Beach located on the stainless steel outer casing of the dry herb vape pen and a customized personal signature from Snoop himself, this G Pen vaporizer by Grenco Science certainly stands out from the crowd. These features are of particular interest for Snoop fans, but they also add an element of individuality to the product. It is very compact and small, about the size of a sharpie which makes it perfect for using it discreetly along with hiding it in your pocket or plain sight. The mouthpiece that is connected to the chamber cover provides a great opportunity to carb your vapor by simply pulling it up a bit while vaping.

It will drag more air in causing you to get a better vape hit. Two great benefits that the this vape has is the chamber is surrounded by glass and the base is ceramic. Glass and ceramic are the two materials that are good to use on vaporizers. The reason for this is that they both have a very high heating point and the herbal vaporizer coil does not get hot enough to effect them. The threading on the battery and the heating chamber are 601 threading which means all future replacement or dry herb chamber upgrades will need to be 601 threading. The battery life on the Snoop Dogg Vape is actually pretty good considering a small 900mAh battery. It fully charges within 3 hours and lasts a continuous 2 hours of full vaping. The quality of the herbal vape pen itself is also great as you can tell they used high quality parts. The outer feels sturdy and so does the power button. This was a major hit as soon as it hit the markets. Not only is it because it has Snoop Doggs branding but very simple dry herb vaporizer that doesn’t require much. Easily turn it on by clicking the power button 5 times quickly. Once the light starts blinking, remove the mouthpiece case which will expose the coil sitting on the ceramic base. Making sure you herbs are grounded, fill up the chamber about a quarter of the way then close the mouthpiece back. Press the button to heat up the coil which will take about 5 seconds. To turn it off, use the same technique you did when turning it on and press the button 5 times rapidly. Charging the g pen Snoop Dogg vaporizer is fairly easy. Unscrew it from the chamber and screw it onto the charger. One side of the charger is a simple 510 thread universal charger among vape pens. The other side is usb that can be plugged into a charging outlet or a laptop/computer. As a dry herb vaporizer, the Snoop Dogg is full of neat features and offerings. The gpen produces incredible vaping for any user who joins thousands of fans in ordering this gadget. It even has a mini map of LBC, where Snoop himself was born and raised!

Here is a basic rundown of what the pen offers in way of specific kit details. The Kit: USB Charger Wall Adapter 2 Glass Sleeves User Manual 1 Battery 1 Herbal Tank. With a light-weight body, powerful long-lasting battery, incredible design, and portability this may quite simply be the best dry herb vaporizer. Whether you need something to take with on you the go or if you need a vape pen for convenience, the G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer is an excellent choice. Science Just Gave You an Awesome Reason to Get High and Masturbate All Day. The benefits ofВ stoned sexВ are well-documented.В Numerous studiesВ have pointed out smoking weed can haveВ aphrodisiac effects, relaxing your inhibitions and heightening your senses.В. But the most empowering way to celebrate 420 might not be to have stoned sex with a partner, but with yourself.В. According to past research, smokingВ marijuanaВ has been found to trigger the release ofВ oxytocin, the hormone responsible for inducing feelings of bonding and intimacy.

Plus,В marijuana's psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, is chemically similar to the body's naturalВ anandamide, which is responsible for alleviating anxiety. "Cannabis oxygenates your body, expanding your lung capacity,"В sexologistВ Nick Karras said in a phone interview.


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