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The heating chamber and vapor pathway are almost the same and it retains the famed portability of its predecessor. The bright OLED screen clearly displays the temperature and battery life, and once again, you benefit from two mouthpieces. Although it weighs just 116 grams, the Air 2 is an extremely strong and well-designed product. It actually looks a little like a microphone and the tips are specifically engineered to enable users to load and clean them quickly and easily. You can comfortably pack 0.15 grams of dry herb into the chamber which is more than enough for a single session.

Indeed, we found that it was enough to vape for up to 11 minutes per session. To load, place the gauze in first and dip the chamber end of your tip into the grinder to pick up the weed. One clever tip involves pre-loading the glass tips so you can store them for use later on. Once you’ve filled it up, place the tip into the Air 2 unit. The new and improved temperature range is an excellent update. Now you benefit from full temperature control from 122 to 405 degrees Fahrenheit which means you can enjoy a brand-new vaping experience. You can adjust the temperature using the + and – buttons and display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. To change settings while the device is on, press the m button and you can cycle through a variety of different options.

The power-on delay safety feature is standard in Arizer models and the Air 2 is no different. The default setting is 6 seconds but you can change it to 2, 4, and 8 seconds if you wish. There is also an automatic shut-off timer; on its default setting, it switches off the unit after 10 minutes when not in use. The heat up time of 60 seconds may be too slow for some. Also, you have to wait a few extra seconds for the beginning of vapor production. Therefore, the Air 2 may not be the best option for those in dire need of a quick hit! Cleaning is easy; use an isopropyl wipe to get the job done. As usual, it is all about the vapor quality and the Air 2 is exceptional in this regard. The device provides you with a smooth and flavor-filled vapor and as usual, Arizer knocks it out of the park in terms of design and durability. Users can benefit from utilizing one of the many Arizer Air tips and tricks. It has taken some testing but we eventually found out how to use Arizer Air in the most efficient manner possible. You should only pack the bowl halfway because if you add too much weed, the bottom half gets too close to the heating element which changes the color and flavor too quickly. Overall, both the Air and Air 2 are fantastic vaporizers. They are well designed, provide you with high-quality vapor, and are small yet durable. At around $230, the Air 2 is a little pricier but is worth it if you want faster charging, 30% longer battery life and complete temperature control. With this device, a great vaping experience is as simple as ready, set, ArGo! Pretty much every Arizer ArGo review has praised the device’s portability and we’re not going to argue! It includes all the usual Arizer features such as the swappable 18650 battery, two glass mouthpieces and handy temperature controls, not to mention high-quality vapor as per Arizer standard. As well as being able to swap batteries, the ArGo enables you to charge it on the move via USB. Its temperature control is peerless as you can heat your herb from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees! The display shows how much battery you have left and clearly illustrates the current temperature. You can even change screen brightness, start-up and shut-off timers and the temperature-based indicator sounds, directly from the product. In other words, the ArGo allows you to be in complete control. For the record, you’ll reach 390 degrees in around a minute and it takes approximately 90 seconds to hit the maximum temperature of 428 degrees. When fully charged, the ArGo enables you to vape for up to 90 minutes. During testing, we discovered that it was possible to go through 10 bowls’ worth of weed before the battery died which is an exceptional runtime for a device this size. Of course, none of the above matters if the ArGo isn’t easy to use but thankfully, it is every bit as convenient as Arizer claims. The glass mouthpiece works just like it does in the Air 2.

All you need to do is dip it into your herb, avoid packing it too tight, and slip it into the vaporizer. We love the fact that you can pop the top of the vaporizer to protect your mouthpiece so it is pressed against the body of the device. After inserting the mouthpiece, press the button at the back to extend the top. The result is a mouthpiece that sits snugly and when you’re ready to use it, push the top down and marvel at the fact that the mouthpiece is revealed. The key to any vaporizer is the quality of the vapor and as per usual, Arizer excels in this department. From the first pull, the ArGo’s vapor is powerful and you soon see the satisfying thick clouds. Even the last couple of draws provide you with nice, strong hits.

This is mainly due to the Arizer hybrid heating which is a feature of its products. The ArGo’s stylish design is aesthetically pleasing and while there are some plastic parts (which are reasonably durable), the bottom piece is coated in silicone. However, the main body is comprised of stainless steel, ceramic and glass and we were impressed by the overall toughness of the device.


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