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DDLG and Stoners?

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    I never have and never intend to, but I’ve always supported legalization.

    It’s just that I’m ADHD, and it’s almost impossible for me to accomplish things in my life as is. And then weed makes it even harder for people to make accomplishments in their lives. And all through my childhood and even up to today, I’ve seen my father, who is likely ADHD as well, completely lose himself in drugs. I don’t want to end up the way he is. So all my life I’ve avoided all recreational drugs.

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    50% of my posts are about hypnosis.

    #3 Guest_LavanderRabbit_*

    I don’t smoke at the moment because I’m looking for work. Daddy on the other hand likes to. My bestie is a little and she smokes all the time.

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    #4 Princess Joe Joe

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  • I support the legalization of marijuana. I use it as a legal user for my back problems, because the pills I took before had insanely negative effects on me. Although, I am not one to flaunt the use of the plant. If you saw me walking down the street, I am sure you wouldn’t even know that I am a smoker that uses the drug for a little more then its medical purposes. If I do use it recreationally, though,I have a couple of rules set in place by my Daddy. He doesn’t want me to fall into the negative, lazy smoker stereotype. I must inform him, and am only allowed to use it recreationally three times a week unless he makes a personal exception. He also does it, but not as avidly as I do. Personally, I think that the abuse of marijuana has a negative backlash on the community as a whole, which is why people that do use marijuana as a sort of cope out answer it upsets me. That is just my two cents on the subject haha. Which was really just a long winded and indirect way to say yes I am a stoner!

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    I smoke most of the time, literally, and so does my Daddy. We really love smoking, but we’d like to tone it down to once or twice a week to begin with. ; ^ ; I’ve been smoking daily for almost two years now, this is simply too much and I’m getting concerned about our health.

    We both self-medicate for different reasons, mostly anxiety and depression. Marijuana also helps me deal with my Borderline Personality Disorder: my emotions are a bit less intense when I’m high, so I feel less overwhelmed and can concentrate on work / hobbies a lot better and for much longer. It helped me get out of my anorexic hell a few years ago** –how can I hate food when munchies –. Of course it makes me paranoid at times, but the daily episodes it saves me from are much more dangerous than a bit of irrational paranoia and dry eyes for now.

    I don’t appreciate the “420sm0keweederyday” kinda culture, though. I strictly smoke alone / with Daddy, and I hate when people brag (or talk in public) about smoking. Those people make it pretty difficult to be a stoner without instantly being associated with a piece of trash– or at least from where I’m from.

    ** I’m not saying you should start smoking weed if you have anorexia –I seeked help and had therapy, smoking just helped when things had already been looking up–. Thought I’d clear that up, just in case. ♥

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    Page 1 of 3 – DDLG and Stoners? – posted in DDlg Discussion: Hai guise! I was just curious, what does everyone think of Marijuana? Do you smoke it? Does your little/caregiver (depending on your role) smoke? Curious for me since both me and daddy smoke and I see some other littles/daddys who do on Instagram.

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