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Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 4 May 2020), Cerner Multum™ (updated 2 June 2020), Wolters Kluwer™ (updated 2 May 2020) and others. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. I first need to state that I have (ab)used DXM for a while, some months ago; this may be an important factor in what happened to me yesterday night.

I also often have strong hypnagogic "hallucinations", but they never prevent me from falling asleep. I am having a bad cold lately, and yesterday the coughing was bad enough that I drank cough syrup (with DXM and guaifenesin) twice over the day. I did not exceed the total recommend dose for a day, and I was feeling none of the effects caused by a recreational dose. I went to sleep early because I was extremely tired (around 8:30, 9:00 maybe?), having not slept much the day before and being sick; maybe the DXM contributed in feeling drowsy, now that I think about it. So I put on some slow tibetan music, turned off the lights and layed down. I did not feel particularly restless at first, but sleep didn't come; then the music gradually got very annoying, and I turned it off. Soon after that I noticed that phosphenes were "up a notch", and that I was hearing lots of stuff; it's like racing thoughts, but passively, quite similar to a fever. I do not know how long it took before I actually fell asleep, but it felt extremely long. I woke up this morning at the time I usually do (5:30-6:00), but unusually tired; I slept some more because I only have classes in the afternoon.

I thought I might share this with you guys, maybe as a warning to ex-DXM (ab)users: DXM, even in low doses, can fuck with your sleep a lot. I always feel cough cold medications when I take them too. I tend to save them for when I'm feeling so craptastic that at least it will let me get some sleep (better than none) I'm not sure which kind you are using but there are a couple brands in that neck of the woods that have like twice the DXM per dose compared to other brands. enough that if you took a daily maximum recommended dose all at once you would be well above the minimum for a first plateau dose. The Stuff Detox Drink Positive Review Negative Review Can I use this Detox Drink for THC detox to pass a drug test (to pass a urine drug test)? Yes Can I use it for weed detox (to pass a saliva test) Yes Does it claim to flush cannabis from the blood quickly? Cleanse piss of marijuana directions shake and liquid after fifteen-minute refill pee a lot sixteen ounces water with electrolytes up test time. Walmart.com The Vitamin Shoppe ebay.com Amazon.com. Instruction How to Use The Stuff Detox Drink for Passing a Urinalysis For Probation or Other tests: Abstain from substance use as soon as you are able to before your test. This includes prescriptions medications which may be tested for such as Tylenol 3 and Xanax. Also, do not consume poppy seeds as this can lead to a positive result for opioid use. On test day, a few hours out, shake, then drink drink’s full contents. After waiting for 15 minutes, refill the bottle, shake and drink again. Continue to drink 16 ounces of water every two hours before your test. Be sure to add electrolytes such as Lite salt to your water to avoid water intoxication (brain dysfunction from drinking too much water and having watered down blood) which can be harmful to your health or fatal in rare cases. Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox and dietary fiber Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure Starts working as fast as one hour Rids your blood, urine and saliva of unwanted drug toxins 100% money back guarantee. Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours. Biotin – improves absorption Calcium – replaces diluted minerals and electrolytes Chromium – (As Chromemate Chromium Polynicotinate) – replaces diluted minerals Folate – is the form of Folic Acid – adds yellow coloring Magnesium – Magnesium Chelate – replaces diluted minerals and electrolytes Manganese – (As Manganese Chelate) – replaces diluted minerals and electrolytes Pantothenic Acid – for energy and yellow urine color Selenium – replaces diluted minerals and electrolytes Sodium – replaces diluted minerals and electrolytes Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin – for energy and yellow color to urine Zinc – Zinc Glycinate – scientifically proven to lower the accuracy of drug tests Fruit Pectin – Helps cleanse the digestive tract Burdock Root – used to increase urine output Milk Thistle – helps cleanse the liver Nettle Leaf – Helps increase urine output Uva Ursi – used as a diuretic Creatine Monohydrate – replaces creatinine so that urine is recognized as authentic even though it is actually dilute Caffeine – increases urinary flow, gives a positive outlook and motivation about your test. It doesn’t take a lab nerd to understand that one bottle of a fancy-colored drink and some water won’t magically remove all your party evidence. But that’s what we see too often in detox drink advertising. Because it seemed to be advertised a lot more, some of our readers were looking for a full The Stuff Detox review. And as always, we were more than happy to help out. And most importantly, you’ll also learn about how it worked out for our own urine drug test. The Stuff Detox drink is an herbal cleansing liquid that claims to be instant acting. As a dietary supplement, it’s aimed at helping people to remove some toxins that might build up over time. Unfortunately, those toxins include some traces of THC.

But it’s important to say from the start that The Stuff is not specifically designed to help pass a urine drug test. However, some of the marketing material would leave you wondering. The other thing to keep in mind is that most folks who plan on drinking some detox liquid would be looking out for their overall health.

I’m not sure 21 grams of sugar would classify as healthy. What the company also claims is that through a natural blend of herbs, it should cause your normal detox processes to go into overdrive. Apparently, “toxins and impurities don’t stand a chance!” We’ll see about that shortly.


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