dabs art

Dabs art


Dab Art is spreading rapidly on social media, where it’s now very easy to find this type of art at the click of a mouse and where anonymous artists display their creations in “dab”, also known as marihuana extraction.

Marihuana extraction has been becoming more and more popular on the cannabis scene over the last few years and there are a number of different methods such as BHO (Honey Butane Oil or Hash Oil) or Budder, tinctures, medicinal cannabis oil, ice hash (Ice o Lator/ Bubble Hash) or dry hash extraction.

The new sensation in the US cannabis industry, where huge laboratories have been set up to specialise in all type of different methods, some extract concentrates can reach THC levels of 80-90%.

Dab Art is one result of this trend, especially in the US where marihuana and all its derivatives is now legal for both medicinal as well as recreational use. The idea of Dab Art is to create beautiful shapes out of BHO and there can be no doubt that some are just like mini works of art.

We’ve chosen a selection of some of the pieces that you can find on internet and which we find totally amazing.

BHO pizza which isn’t a Margarita.

Flowers you’d love to smell.

Or maybe, the house of your dreams.

Some kind of chameleon.

A yummy-looking ice cream.

Or the key to the treasure.

Or bees that won’t sting.

Without doubt, a new way to express the art you carry within through using extracts.

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Dabs Posters and Art

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Dabs Posters and Art

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Savage Threadz Shatter

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That face you make when you think you might be the first person to die from weed.

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If you like dabbing, then you will love dabbing on the haters. Fun dabbing tshirt that everyone will love. Perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday or any day. Ignore the haters and just do you with this fantastic funny Tee Shirt. Wear it to the club, to your next party or just while out hustling. Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift idea. This original Dab On Them Haters Tshirt makes a unique addition to your dabbing clothing apparel collection. Grab one and Dab on all them haters.

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DABBING UNICORN NURSE VS SCHOOL NURSE TShirt Gift Dabs Dab, best friend, men, women, girls, boys, teens, sister, brother, dad, mom! Perfect gift on Christmas, New Year, Halloween, or a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

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