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Apparently you have never grown a very large crop, It takes me days, if not a week to finish my trimming usually (for outdoor grows) and there is no way I could handle all of the hash in one sitting. First off my scissors usually stop working after about 1 hour of continuous usage until I scrape them and collect hourly balls of hash. I just smoke it as it comes, it makes the tedious trimming that much more bearable.

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48 Plants per sqm, Aeroponics and a 1000W HPS over 2 sqm. So basically each sqm would have 500W and 48 plants which means each plant would have to yield 20.8 grams every two months. It doesn't seem that impossible to me, the only 'questionable' thing is 48 plants in 1sqm, but remember they're clones and flowered straight away and you can cut away any pretruiding leaves so you're only growing the top/main kola. Each plant would have 14.5cm x 14.5cm (5.7 inches x 5.7 inches) Let's also, for arguments sake, pretend that we have perfect genetics, perfect growing methods, and taking large clones. SpydrXPlus As far as yield goes, I have not had a crop of just one flavor so I have not added all weights up together, but I would say a minimum of 1 gram per watt. I have heard of numbers as high as 2.3 grams per watt from these fixtures. Then there is the variable of how dry were the flowers? Unless the dry weight is 20%-25% of the wet weight we might as well make up any number because it is still getting lighter when opening the jars. That said I have gotten 24 oz of dense buds from 4 plants under a 600w hps in a 3.5’x3.5’ area with 5 weeks veg from seed and medium producing strains. I get more than 4oz per darlins net per pot, x4 per hood. I dont like to post numbers, i see it as bragging with big numbers. I get more than 4oz per darlins net per pot, x4 per hood. I dont like to post numbers , i see it as bragging with big numbers. But after a bad first grow I let a experienced buddy take the reins n setup everything his way, his clones, nute choice, water schedule, Eve re thang. His basics are 50g res, 13 rubber maid containers, 2.5 or 3 in piping, 4 plants, 2- 1000w de grativa hps, runs c02 at 1600 and uses a 7 strand clone that's a solid hybrid of 9lb hammer mainly ment to give big yields. PEScience Erase Pro (60 Capsules) Buy PEScience Erase Pro (60 Capsules) get 40% off Dolphin Fitness Pill Box. Buy PEScience Erase Pro (60 Capsules) get 25% off Crystal Creatine Monohydrate. 750mg premium Creatine Monohydrate per capsule Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Save an additional 6% overall. Buy PEScience Erase Pro (60 Capsules) get 20% off Shaker. The latest in a line of popular and effective PES products, Erase Pro promises more of the top quality results you have come to expect from PES. Erase Pro is an updated version of the popular Erase, which had a fantastic reputation for it's estrogen blocking, test boosting and anti-cortisol qualities. If you're looking for lean mass and strength gains then Erase Pro is likely to be the ideal choice for you. Erase Pro will also make a perfect addition to a PCT regime in order to help restore your body's natural hormone levels. The proliferation in the use of prohormones in the bodybuilding world has meant that trainees are able to acquire levels of muscularity and strength previously out of the reach of many.

Prohormones have allowed even those with relatively deficient training and nutritional programs to make rapid gains.

However, there has not been a concomitant awareness of the necessity to restore a homeostatic environment in the body, such that while many make rapid progress while using prohormones, many users experience a crash familiar to steroid users who use powerful ergogenics without the ancillary products needed to protect their gains. This article will cover strategies aimed at restoring normal hormonal function via the use of post cycle therapy, or PCT, supplements, with the aim of allowing trainees to maintain a greater proportion of the gains elicited by the use of prohormones. Without going into too much detail, prohormone use will cause the body to recognise that an exogenous substance has been introduced into the body. With that substance being an androgenic hormone, a process called negative feedback takes place whereby the body will reduce its own production of testosterone, the naturally occurring androgen made in the body. This is to counteract the influence of the exogenous hormone that has been introduced.


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