dabbing dmt

Dabbing dmt

Dab it the same way you would cannabis oil, low temp to get the terpenes.

Well some people are still going in on hot nails, that’s not the way to do it with DMT, or cannabis for that matter. High heat will destroy and burn the dmt. Dmt needs to be vaporized, the way I did it worked perfect was used my Quartz banger nail, I also used a titanium at times. Get it red and let it cool until its still hot but not insanely hot, you want to feel the heat so your able to get close with your hand to the nail from about an inch away then your good to go in, but not too low of a temp, you want your dmt to bubble.

Waiting 20 secs after red hot is a standard. Maybe more if you feel like its retaining too much heat.

I had my dmt on a little nitrogren free weighing paper and slanted it onto my nail low temp, use anything that wont melt to “carb cap” it, and your dmt will vaporize into less harsh and fully potent smoke.

dixienormous said:
My friends told me to wait 20 seconds after heating it red hot. You could also get one of those laser temp readers for $15 and just get it slightly above the BP of dimethyltryptamine.

YES. Invest in a Infrared Temperature Gun. Dial it in!

Ive read domeless nails are best, and use a quartz or titanium type for best results, use a blow torch (not a micro torch) to heat it up.

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I was wondering your thoughts on this. Having wasted half my DMT by overheating it in my oil concentrate pipe, I decided to look for other methods. I’ve heard of the glass vapor genie and the machine