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Cheap Dab Rigs Under $100

Check out our collection cheap dab rigsfor sale, including our mini, silicone, recycler and glass dab rigs for sale!

Best Dab Rigs for less than a Benjamin

What can you buy with that $100? A couple of video games you’ll get bored of pretty soon, 20 greasy burgers that will go straight to your arteries, a nice pair of jeans you’ll spill red wine on after a couple months… or you could get yourself a high quality dab rig that will last you a long time and bring you endless hours of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment, and still have some extra left in your pocket at the end of the day. Our collection of unique dab rigs under 100 has awesome options for every dabbing preference, every personality and style, and yes, every budget . We handpick all of our products to make sure that you’re only getting the best quality!

Types of Cheap Dab Rigs for Sale

You can find almost any style of dab rig in this section. Why? Because we believe you deserve the best dab rigs no matter what budget you’re working with, and we want to bring you the highest quality rigs at the lowest prices. Whether you are looking for a glass dab rig, silicone dab rig, portable dab rig, enail dab rig or recycler dab rig here is a curated list that will help you narrow down what you are looking for:

  • Percolator Dab Rigs – Want to experience awesomely chuggy and bubbly hits that filter, diffuse, and cool your vapors to the perfect temperature? Dab rigs with percolators (like the Double Barrel Dab Rig ) accomplish this by creating lots of holes where smoke and vapors bubble through, creating perfectly cool and smooth rips.
  • Recycler Dab Rigs : Some of the craziest looking dab oil rigs are actually recyclers. They look so complex because they have two (or more) chambers, connected with tubes that form a circuit. As water and vapors make the rounds, your hits are filtered and cooled. Plus, recycler dab rigs are a lot of fun to watch in action.
  • Perc-Recycler Dab Rigs : If you want your dab rig hits to reach extreme levels of smoothness, freshness, and coolness, perc-recycler dab rigs combine all the perks of percs with the benefits of a recycler .
  • Glass Dab Rigs – Made from high quality borosilicate glass which is used in laboratories and high-end restaurants our glass dab rigs are extremely durable and can take the heat required for dabs.
  • Silicone Dab Rigs – Silicone dab rigs are one of the most affordable options available if you’re looking to start dabbing on a budget. They are also great for travel, you can stuff your rig in your bag without worrying that it might shatter on the way to your friend’s place for the sesh.
  • Enail Dab Rig – If you’re afraid of butane torches you’re not alone, they can be pretty intimidating but these e-rigs allow you to set the temperature making it much easier to heat up your concentrates. Enail dab kits are generally more expensive but you may be able to cop a steal in our online store if you’re lucky to snag one of these before they run out!

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12 Best Dab Rigs Under $100: Rigs on a Budget in 2020

New dab rigs with different innovative designs, shapes, and budget hit the market almost every day. While this looks great, finding the best cheap dab rig under $100 at the right price can be overwhelming. Since the type of water pipe you choose to use affects your overall experience, we have curated this list of the best dab rigs on a budget for 2020.

Cheap Dab Rigs

You will find cheap, yet durable dab water pipe that have passed quality control tests in our shop. We have grouped the best ones from each price category according to their price tags.

What Are Dab Rigs

Before we move on to the list, it’s best to understand what dab rigs are. Dab rigs or oil rigs are special smoking pipes designed for smoking oils and wax with ease. These dabbing pipes are becoming really popular among lovers of concentrates, mainly because they are a healthier and cleaner way of smoking cannabis.

A typical dab rig has three components: the chamber, the nail (which is the heating element), and the down stem. Dab nails can be made of different materials such as quartz, ceramic and titanium. Dab nails can also be domed or domeless. Domed nails are much easier to use because they help you to regulate the airflow as.

The process of smoking or vaping wax is called “dabbing,” and it becomes easier for the rookies after a few sessions. Dabbing is one of the quickest absorption methods you can use, especially when it comes to smoking or vaping.

When dabbing, you have to heat the nail first with the torch before applying your wax or oil. Once you have placed your concentrate on the nail, put your mouth on the mouthpiece, and inhale the vapor. It’s best to always apply a small amount of wax on the nail at a time.

Best Dab Rigs Under $100

1 16″ Swiss Barrel Inline Showerhead Oil Rig Water Pipe $52 Glass Buy Now!
2 14″ Rocket Perc Microscope Oil Rig Water Pipe $55 Glass Buy Now!
3 13″ Twisted Perc Oil Rig Water Pipe $60 Glass Buy Now!
4 14″ Double Skull Water Pipe $65 Glass Buy Now!
5 12″ Showerhead Recycler Oil Rig Water Pipe $40 Glass Buy Now!
6 9″ Silicone Jar Showerhead Perc Recycler Oil Rig $35 Glass Buy Now!
7 8″ Hanger Banger GG Oil Rig $25 Glass Buy Now!
8 9″ Waxmaid Glabea Glass Perc Oil Rig $25 Silicone Buy Now!
9 6″ Atman Nereus W10 2-in-1 Silicone Oil Rig $18 Silicone Buy Now!
10 9″ Silicone Oil Rig $18 Silicone Buy Now!
11 9″ Waxmaid Horn Glass Oil Rig $18 Silicone/Glass Buy Now!
12 8″ Oil Barrel Splash Silicone Oil Rig $12 Silicone Buy Now!

Dab Rigs Under $20

Every dabber starts as a starter. There are a lot of dab rigs under $20 so you can get the hang of it. These are not cheap dab rigs by quality, just affordable at a great price.

#12 – 8″ Oil Barrel Splash Silicone Oil Rig

This oil barrel dab rig has a slightly bent neck and a unique design. This piece is a non-stick 8” tall wax bong made out of 100% medical grade silicone material. This makes it a comfortable traveling rig that won’t break while on transit. However, you have to watch out for its glass bowl and down stem. You can store it inside the chamber of the oil rig for safety while traveling. The piece is heat resistant and freezer safe. The oil barrel splash has different color combinations which include blue and green, yellow and black, rasta, pink and blue, white and pink, green and white, white and red, camo, and orange and yellow.

#11 – 9″ Waxmaid Horn Glass Oil Rig

The Waxmaid Horn is a cheap dab rig made out of clear borosilicate glass and platinum silicone materials. The body is made of glass and dressed up with 100% cured silicone. This is meant to improve resistance to damage in case it dropped from your hand. You know how fragile and expensive 100% glass water pipe can be, one drop and it shatters. The most interesting thing about this piece is seeing your smoke floating in the chamber through the clear borosilicate glass. The Waxmaid Horn features a silicone downstem that you can diffuse at the bottom for filtration.

#10 – 9″ Silicone Oil Rig

This is a compact little rig that you can take with you while on the go. You can place the removable mouthpiece, stem, and bowl inside the chamber for safety while on the move. Its 2-piece design makes it easy to clean. This oil rig is 9” tall and entirely made out of 100% platinum cured silicone. That allows you to take your bong anywhere without any fear of breaking it. This unit features an 18mm female joint. It also comes in different color options.

#9 – 6″ Atman Nereus W10 2-in-1 Silicone Oil Rig

If you need a portable pipe that is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, then the 6″ Atman Nereus W10 2-in-1 is a perfect choice for you. This “unbreakable” Silicone water pipe features a Quartz Adapter for dry herb and a domeless quartz nail for wax. The 6” W10 2-in-1 bong has a 2-part pipe for easy cleaning and storage, and it features a 14mm female joint for nails and bangers. This piece comes with a dabber tool, metal diffuser downstem, 2 silicone plugs, silicone cap, and a non-stick silicone jar for storing your oils and wax. The best thing about this bong is that you can carry it when traveling or going to a party without fears of shattering it like a glass pipe.

Cheap Dab Rigs Under $30

If you want to choose a wax bong that is a bit pricier than a starter kit, the next level up is an affordable concentrate bong under $30. It is perfect for someone either starting out or looking to upgrade from their starter rig.

#8 – 9″ Waxmaid Glabea Glass Perc Oil Rig

Waxmaid is known for producing quality smoking tools. The Glabea Glass Perc oil water pipe seems to have what it takes to give you an excellent dabbing experience. The piece is 9” tall with a slightly bent neck, and it comes in different beautiful colors. The Glass Perc features a unique design and construction. The body of the piece is mostly built with silicone and a bit of glass material. It features a glass bowl with a 14mm female glass joint. Cleaning the dab rig is easy, thanks to its detachable parts.

#7 – 8″ Hanger Banger GG Oil Rig

Hanger Bangers are one of the hottest styles for concentrate water pipes in the community today, all thanks to wonderful design they have. This 8” tall banger hanger features a 14mm female joint set at 90 degrees, making it a suitable place for your domeless quartz nails. The piece has a balanced base which gives you a feeling that your bong is safe on any surface without a possible fall. This hanger banger is glass on glass with a diffused stem and a glass bowl.

Dab Rigs Under $50

Whenever you want to get an oil rig, you want it to be high quality. Dab rigs under $50 are perfect for anyone not looking to break the bank but still have something of quality.

#6 – 9″ Silicone Jar Showerhead Perc Recycler Oil Rig

This Showerhead Perc Recycler would be a great addition to your dabbing arsenal. Featuring a glass on glass design and a Showerhead Perc, you’re sure to have a great time enjoying your concentrates. This well crafted Perc Recycler Oil Rig features a 14mm male joint, a glass bowl, and a hidden silicone jar. It is made out of quality glass material, providing a sturdy and durable feel. It has a percolator which bubbles up when you inhale through the mouthpiece.

#5 – 12″ Showerhead Recycler Oil Rig Water Pipe

If you want cooler and smoother hits, then adding this Showerhead Perc Recycler Oil Rig to your water pipe accessories will help you achieve your goal. This glass on glass recycler “recycles” the smoke of your cannabis product in additional chambers. This helps to give you a clean and smooth hit. It is made out of thick glass materials for durability if you handle it will care, it will last really long. This piece is 12” tall, and it features a glass bowl and a 14mm male joint.

Dab Rigs under $100

Water pipes can be expensive but not all are of high quality. If you are looking for dab rigs under $100 with the best quality, we have it here. Smoke Tokes has vetted all their water pipes and made sure to pick nothing but the best for over $50 but under $100 rigs.

#4 – 14″ Double Skull Water Pipe

This is a perfect fancy piece for Halloween lovers or those who love to spice up their smoking sessions with some scary artifacts. This double skull water pipe features a glass on glass design with a matrix head showerhead and a skull percolator. It has an extra thick glass at the bottom to give the base a solid feel when placed on a table. This water pipe is 14” tall and features an 18mm female joint size. It also comes in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to see a color that pleases you.

#3 – 13″ Twisted Perc Oil Rig Water Pipe

This wax bong got its name from its twisted percolation design. This piece has all it takes to enjoy a nice smoking session. It features a showerhead percolator, a bent neck, a glass bowl, and six twisted tubes for filtration. This 13” Twisted Perc Oil Rig is constructed from a high-grade borosilicate glass material that can resist heat. It features a beautiful coloration on the external tubes, the showerhead percolator, the roll stopper, and the tip of the mouthpiece.

#2 – 14″ Rocket Perc Microscope Oil Rig Water Pipe

Both science and non-science fans will definitely love this unit because of its incredible design and performance. This piece is shaped like a microscope and features a slitted rocket Showerhead Percolator. That helps to create a wonderful filtration during smoking sessions. This water pipe sits on a sturdy base that is up to one and a half inch thick. Adding this 14” rocket oil rig to your smoking lab would give you cleaner hits for both your dry herbs and concentrates. For design and uniqueness, this is the best one.

#1 – 16″ Swiss Barrel Inline Showerhead Oil Rig Water Pipe

This oil rig water pipe is amazing. It features a Swiss Barrer Inline showerhead percolator for smooth and cooler hits. This elegant and powerful piece comes with a bent neck and a Glass Dome and Nail. The bent neck offers a comfortable grip on the dab rig during sessions. It also helps to prevent water from entering into the mouthpiece to eliminate unpleasant water splash when dabbing. This water pipe is 16” tall and you’re sure to get great value for under $100.

If you want to buy the best cheap dab rigs under $100 with the highest quality, we have a list of the most budget friendly affordable dab water pipes. ]]>