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What a love-hate relationship I have with those things. I personally am not a huge fan of knife hits for one reason – they make me feel like a weed junky. Putting that aside, they do work really well and can be done using common household items.

All you need is 2 butter knives, a heat source (usually a stove top or small torch), and an empty plastic bottle. The basic idea is to get the knives super hot, drop some concentrates on, then press them together. This is when you need to be ready with your plastic bottle which you’ve cut the bottom out of it. Use the bottle like a funnel and suck up all the smoke. The whole process is much easier with 2 people, trust me. Positives: When done properly it is pretty efficient and probably the closest thing to an actual dab on this list. Hide those knives before your mother comes over – she’ll think you’re smoking meth or something. A little difficult to coordinate until you get the hang of it.

Tips: Hot knives are one of those things you just need to see in action. If you’re interested in trying it then check out this youtube video. If you don’t have a torch just get the eye of your stove red hot and place the knives on there. If you’re having trouble dropping the concentrates on the knife then consider only heating one knife and having the dab on the other knife. I’ve found you can still get plenty of heat off just one knife. I know, this requires you to purchase something, but it’s a lot less expensive that a rig. Vape pens are widely available in both head shops and online. They have a huge selection and can help you pick a vaporizer that will suit your needs. Very efficient and helps conserve your concentrates. Negatives: Not something that you would have lying around the house like the other methods. Some people do not like the taste that a vape pen gives off. Personally, I find it different but not necessarily off-putting. You don’t really get a huge rip like you would off a dab rig. Tips: If this is something that you’re going to be using regularly then you may want to spend some time online looking at reviews. You may end up deciding to spend a bit more on a long-lasting vape. On the other hand, if you just need a quick solution then grab up a cheap one and have at it. This one is not really smoking at all, but it is a way to consume concentrates so I thought it was fair for it to make the list. You can get high from eating concentrates, but you will have a bit of prep work beforehand. First, you need to decarboxylate your concentrates. Basically, you need to heat it up to the point where your THCa turns into THC. Like the knife hits, this is a process that is best explained with video so here’s one for everyone considering eating their concentrates. The most important thing is to go very slow with this method.

Start out with much less than what you would expect. Positives: Uses things found commonly in the kitchen.

Don’t have to smoke or vaporize if your throat is sensitive. Many people don’t like the taste, but I have a tip below that may help with this problem. Tips: You can also put the decarbed oil in pill capsules if you don’t want to worry about the taste or getting the wax all over your mouth and teeth.


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