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Metal Gun Dab Tool

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Stylish Metal Dabber

  • 6.5″ Long
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Gun-Shaped Handle

New tool unlocked! This awesome dab tool has a top shaped like an iconic firearm and its all-metal construction keeps it strong and ready for the biggest dabs. The 6.5″ length of this spoon will ensure your hands are well away from any open flames or hot surfaces during use. The gun-shaped handle is easy and fun to hold, but if you need more precision the knurling on the neck will help your grip stay strong even under the heaviest of loads. The extra wide head will work like a shovel to make sure you get the most out of every dab.

Always pick the best tool for the job. An Arsenal Tools Metal Gun Dab Tool is all metal, 6.5" long, and comes with a cool, gun-shaped handle. Grab one today!