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Dab Face Syringe Review : High-quality Cannabis Oil Extract Applicator

Our in-depth Dab Face syringe review was a pleasant experience. We decided to also answer the question many people may have on their mind and that was, is it possible to refill a vape cartridge with this product? “This product was not made to refill cartridges, it will not work.” That is what the packaging says on the back. I purchased this Dab Face syringe, also known as the Dab Face App, to refill a Brass Knuckles cartridge. I had confidence I could refill the cartridge with the Dab Face syringe and my prediction was accurate to an extent. It was easy to refill and didn’t take longer than a minute which can be seen in the video below.

Great packaging and some clean looking oil.

My first attempt vaping the Dab Face cannabis oil from their syringe resulted in me not getting any vape. I then attempted to vape for a second time after warming it up again and I successfully got a good hit. I used a lighter to get the cannabis oil to move and that worked great. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish vaping this good cannabis oil because the Brass Knuckles cart had come apart and the oil leaked out of it.

Great Dab Face applicator design makes it easy to use.

The design quality impressed me the most with how simple it was to use. The dab applicator is very effective at dispensing cannabis oil onto joints or backwoods. I was able to squeeze out some of the last of it onto a backwood which made it much more potent. We now understand why its recommended on the packaging not to use this product to refill cartridges. We want to advise our readers not to try and refill their cartridges with this product. Put it on a blunt or a joint, much better use.

Strength is good on The Dab Face App but doesnt feel 80%.

Cannabis oil tested at 80% THC. It did not feel as strong as other oil in that range. I recently vaped a Brass Knuckles cartridge with lab results of 84% THC and it was significantly stronger than vaping Dab Face cannabis oil. It felt more like carts that ranked at 70% than anywhere near 80%. At the time of this writing I am vaping a 74% THC Cookies shatter on a this wax pen and it hits stronger than this Dab Face cannabis oil out of the Brass Knuckles cartridge, which despite its eventual failure, is a good cart.

Not impressed with the taste of the vape flavor.

Dab Face concentrates are thick cannabis oil which. It shows it’s not cut with any fillers, which is a good thing, but some added terpenes would be welcomed in this case. It’s not that the vaping flavor was bitter. It just wasn’t as enjoyable as many others I tried from different companies. It tastes like a budget cannabis oil with some decent THC strength. Another reason to throw it on a blunt, some flavorful flower will make up for the lack of flavor from the Dab Face syringe.

Price is the best part of the Dab Face syringe review and explains its shortcomings.

I purchased the Dab Face cannabis oil syringe from a dispensary in the Bay Area. They charged $20.00 plus a 30% tax for a total of $26.00. If you have a cartridge that is strong enough to vape thick cannabis oil this can save you money. A little dab of this can go a long way too. You don’t need to add too much to a blunt to make it stronger. Its a good add on at this price and makes sense why it is not as strong or flavorful as other more expensive items, it is cheaper to make.

Efficiency at dispensing cannabis oil is great!

The Dab face syringe applicator provides great control dispensing co2 oil. I added some to a Backwood I rolled and it was very efficient and easy to use. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to turn their joints stronger or take dabs without a mess. The syringe is very practical for applying to rolled up blunts and adding to your vape pen or dab rig.

Solvent free distillate process produces clean cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil extracted by Dab face concentrates look beautiful and taste great. I ate some to try it out in the morning before eating anything else and it has a pleasant flavor. I can definitely say this stuff is powerful enough to have you feeling its effect with only a little bit of it ingested.

Number of Hits is great in a cartridge.

I got a lot of hits using this cannabis oil to refill my Brass Knuckles cartridge. My Brass knuckles cartridge started to leak with this cannabis oil. It might have been because I kept using a lighter to warm the oil up. There are other refill cartridges available which may be able to vape this oil efficiently such as the new FlavRX cartridge.

In conclusion, I would buy this again if I was on a budget and needed to save money because its good enough for the price. I wouldn’t use it to refill a cartridge again after this Dab Face syringe review proved its much better for other applications. I would, however, recommend it as a dab applicator for your dab pen or to apply to a blunt. You can learn more about Dab Face here.

The Dab Face applicator from Dab Face is a good budget option for cannabis oil In this Dab Face Syringe review we try it as a cart refill and on a blunt.