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The Bomb Head Shop

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The Bomb Head Shop is a head shop in Denver, Colorado.

Multiple Locations

4815 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80220

4815 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220



There are 2 locations in The Bomb Head Shop.

Phone Number

There are multiple 2 phone numbers in The Bomb Head Shop.

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The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E. Colfax Ave.

Elias and Unique were amazing. This my new favorite glass shop! Got an amazing piece at a dirt cheap price! Thank you guys so much for helping me! I could not be happier. I wish I could give you guys 10 stars!

Review by Allison G

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E. Colfax Ave.

This is now one of my favorite head shops! I love great customer service, Mike and Eli were working when I had went in, I had bought some pieces and had a problem with one and they so kindly fixed the problem for me, which I really appreciate! They were not only super friendly but they also were knowledgable about their products they were selling. The shop itself has a great selection of pieces to choose from and had really good deals on their glass!

Review by Shayla Espinoza

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E. Colfax Ave.

This is hands down the best head shop in Denver. The guy who helped us out was chris and this guy made my year. I was available to get two ridiculously nice bongs, 2 custom bowls, cleaning supplies and a grinder for under $400. I went to plenty of different head shops before I went here and I can say confidently that you will get no better deal in Denver then The Bomb.

Review by Connor Maher

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E. Colfax Ave.

Chris and Unique were very helpful last tuesday night (5/8) when my boyfriend and I visited. We didn’t arrive until about 45 minutes before close but we’re still warmly greeted and efficiently helped. Thanks for all your help Chris and Unique! We will definitely be returning customers. Also outrageous deals on glass prices, check this place out.

Review by Nakaila Steen

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E. Colfax Ave.

Very neat little head shop! Chris really took care of me when I went in looking for a few items. Lots of cool products for great prices. Look here if you need to find something you’re having trouble finding at other head shops

Review by cody evans

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E Colfax Ave

Devin is da man. Very professional and great merch.

Review by Devon Kray

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E Colfax Ave

It is what it is. All imported glass and negotiable on prices. If you are looking for something quick, traveling, or an emergency this is your place. Prices can very inexpensive. Just know the quality isn’t going to be American boro. Mass produced import glass. I always say do your research.

Review by Spencer

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E Colfax Ave

Oh my goodness. what a way to do customer service! 10/10 recomend. Would recomend to friends and family (I actually brought a friend with me for his first time). Where do I begin Unique immediately gave me a huge smile BEFORE I EVEN ENTERED immediately warming interaction, some shops make you feel like an imposition, don’t get that. So I get in and she is really good at finding you a nice piece within your price range and all your specs. Immediately I had 10 different options, all stunning, and all within budget! When I finally decided on one there were even a couple different options in size of the same piece I purchased! It felt like a truly customized set up! I have loved this shop since I moved to denver over 4 years ago. Almost exclusively buy my glass here and I will as long as they are open. Chris and Unique made this a memorable trip for me and my friend who just moved here and he wont be going anywhere either, lol! Pics of the Beautiful inception bong, (bong shaped percolator), two different pieces, and a carb cap that was soo cool! ALL FOR LESS THAN 70$ LIKE WHAT?? 🤯

Review by Jessie Hall

The Bomb Head Shop on 4815 E Colfax Ave

Both of the guys that were working We’re very professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely being going back

Reviews and store details of The Bomb Head Shop – a smoke shop in Denver, Colorado. Get head shop store hours, directions, more.

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