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No Burnt Taste From Dry Hits : A ceramic coil reduces the chance that you obtain the bad taste that comes with a dry hit. The nasty taste of singed wick material disappears with a ceramic coil. Reduced Spit-Backs : With a ceramic coil, there is less of a chance of a spit-back. This is because any e-liquid that spits out of the coil must travel through the ceramic before reaching your mouth. Small pores within the ceramics also prevent juice from pooling around your coil.

Temperature Regulation : Ceramic coils provide you with the opportunity to regulate the temperature of your vape pen . [vii] By contrast, other wicks (like cotton wicks) have no temperature controls and are far more likely to overheat . Better Vapor Integrity : Ceramic coils allow for more juice to be vaporized while simultaneously maintaining the delivery of the juice. Ultimately, you need less juice because of the ceramic coil’ s excellent heating ability . Resilience : Unlike cotton coils, dry hits will no t damage or destroy ceramic coils. The heat-resistant quality of ceramic coils offers maximum levels of protection , meaning that you can use these coils for much longer. Self-Cleaning Properties : As compared to other coils, ceramic coils are self-cleaning , meaning you are spending less time on maintenance and more time vaping. The Three Disadvantages of Ceramic Coils for Vaping.

As with anything, there are several disadvantages for choosing ceramic coils in your vape. Limited Choices for Tanks and Coils : Ceramic coils are still fairly rare . As compared to ordinary coils wicked with cotton, ceramic coils are more difficult to find. Ultimately, you may need to pick up another tank to try out ceramic coils. Faster Consumption of E-Liquid : While ceramic coils do provide improved flavor, the downside is that they consume juice faster than standard coils. It’s not the end of the world since higher juice consumption is correlated with performance benefits , but it is something you can’ t ignore. Health Risks : Some researchers and reviewers of ceramic coils initially expressed some concerns about potential health risks. That said, subsequent test of ceramic coils revealed no apparent concern about particulates from ceramic coils . Ultimately, the studies are inconclusive, but the worst-case scenario is that long-term vaping with ceramic coils may pose a severe health risk. One of the best ceramic coils on the market is from Vaporesso. Created in 2015 by its parent company Shenzen Smoore Technology, Vaporesso’s mission is to provide users a vaping life which is safe and of the highest quality. [viii] The company owns a portfolio of 800 patents and it is continuing to innovate in the vaping sector. While it was created in 2013, the company is backed by 13 years of manufacturing and research experience through its Shenzen Smoore Technology. As for ceramic coils, Vaporesso released CCELL Ceramic Vape Coils, which deliver the truest taste of your e-juice. [ix] The coils were developed to improve provide several important benefits, including a non-spit experience, no dry hits, a more durable coil with a longer life cycle, true taste, and availability in different metals to suit user preferences. Essentially, this design is a cylinder molded around a resistive wire. With this, the material used is Silicium and the ceramic is nothing less than glass. A typical example of this design is the Vaporesso CCELL coil and this design is generally preferred for better flavors. The second design is a wire embedded in ceramic design. Some of the products that leverage this design include the Vaporesso Target, Freemax Scylla, Freemax Stare, and Horizon Krixus. All Vaporesso products incorporate ceramic coil technology from Feelm, another company owned by Shenzen Smoore Technology.

Feelm’s ceramic coil technology (particularly, its innovative heating system for vapor products) has gained widespread recognition, including a Golden Leaf Award as the most exciting newcomer in the industry. [x] Ultimately, Vaporesso ceramic coils combined with Feelm’s innovative technology can provide the best experience for vape users. Ultimately, ceramic coils represent a major development in the vaping world. You will have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages and make the best choice for yourself. But if you do decide to use ceramic coils, we encourage you to use Vaporesso ceramic coils for the best experience. [ii] Totally Wicked, Vape Coils for Dummies , Vaping Website, June 11, 2018. Best Ceramic Coil Tank 2020 | Top 5 Ceramic Coil Vape Tanks on the Market Today. Ceramic coil tanks have been popular amongst vape enthusiasts ever since they were introduced to the vaping community. One of the most important reasons is that the ceramic coil tank comes with porous and non-toxic ceramic coils which can handle high temperatures, delivering purer tastes and more vapour and enjoying a longer lifespan compared to other vape coils.

However, with so many ceramic coil tanks out there, it is really difficult for many people, especially those who are new to the world of vaping, to find a quality ceramic coil tank to satisfy their craving for flavor and vapor. And that’s the reason why we’ve compiled this list of the best ceramic coil tank for vaping in 2020 . Before diving into our list, we would like to remind you that all the vape tanks listed on this page have already been carefully tested by the trained and experienced staff from Heaven Gifts , to make sure they are capable of providing extremely durable material, balanced heating, massive clouds, amazing flavor and can bring your vape experience to another level.


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