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The battery features an auto shut off timer and can be locked with five rapid clicks to prevent the device from accidentally heating. The K-Stick features a funnel style atomizer that reduces waste and prevents your precious wax concentrate from leaking. At first, I was a little skeptical because I hadn’t found this product anywhere else, not even on the Kandypens website.

But when I received the k-stick I was surprised by how small it is, it’s the same size as a pen. Took a few loads to build the well and get rid of the burning coil taste, but it’s okay now. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any instructions, just a tiny piece of cardboard with some basic tips. I still don’t know about replacing the coils, hopefully, I’ll have a solution when the time comes. The KandyPens K-Stick Supreme features a click-based system, just five clicks to power the unit on. Three click changes the voltage which are color-coded – Green for low, Red for Medium, and Blue for High. Loading the chamber is quite simple, although the chamber is a little deep. Charging is super easy too with the included USB charger. It connects to the battery via the 510-threaded connection. With something this cheap, just don’t expect something that gets the job done.

K-Stick has a single coil in it, so it’s not going to produce very big clouds. It also gets too hot for the flavor to be anything worth talking about. KandyPens K-Stick Supreme, ultra-sleek and elegant Concentrate Pen. Sleek budget-friendly 510 concentrate vape pen that delivers an awesome portable experience. Made by the well-known brand KandyPens that is always able to offer quality units for a great price! For Wax Compatible with all 510 Threaded Oil Tanks Temperature Control Auto shut off timer Titanium Coil wrapped around Quartz Rod Deep Chamber Elegant Colours One-button Control. The K-Stick is a portable vaporizer that is very easy to use and has been designed with the daily dabber in mind. Only 14 cm / 5.5 inches in height it truly feels like a pen when holding and fits easily into the pocket. Making it one of the best on-demand vape pens in the budget price range. Who doesn’t love user-friendly vapes that allow users to enjoy vaping everywhere. K-Stick Supreme features a click-based system, just five clicks to power the unit on. Three click changes the voltage which are color-coded – Green for low, Red for Medium, and Blue for High. Loading the chamber is simple with the loading tool and Charging is done via the included USB 510 charger. Heated by Titanium Coil wrapped around Quartz Rod, K-supreme is always able to offer the best quality of vapor. KandyPens always like impressing their users with the vape quality their units produced— no matter how small, their unit, the K-supreme is able to produce both quality and quantity. One of the main features that have allowed the K-supreme to become a favorite is its portability and discreteness. After all, in a fast-moving world, we want a unit that can work anywhere at any time. Comes in 3 sexy metallic looking colors, Gunmetal/Gold, Gold/Rose Gold and Rose Gold/ Gold. You can connect any 510 Threaded oil tanks to the battery! Now that you know more about all the amazing features the Rubi boasts, it’s time to dive deeper into the experience this unit is capable of offering. Like all units on the market, the Rubi is not perfect, and it has its flaws. Here is the good and bad about this unit… The Pros. This unit is affordable, small, compact, and designed to offer a stress-free portable vape experience. It’s easy to use and offers quality vapor quickly and efficiently. One of the only things that can be tricky with the K-Supreme is picking and choosing the right oils to a vaporizer. Also, it tends to get a little hot and does not give the biggest clouds compared to other dab pens.

Depending on the ‘consistency’ of oil you use, vapor can sometimes be thin or thick, and the amount of cloud you get can increase and decrease depending on the oil. K-Stick Supreme is a wonderful beginner vape pen and one of the most affordable oil vapes on the market. Simply a great option for dab lovers who are looking for a portable budget vape pen. Take a short flume ride that sends strong swimmers spinning into the Space Bowl where your world is turned upside down before you plunge into the deep blue water below. To ride the Space Bowl, you have to be 1.1m tall and a strong swimmer. Fun Facts: Gripping Galactica Warp Speed Wonderland Absorb the Orb. “My favourite ride was the Space Bowl because it went really fast and I dropped out into the water!” “My favourite slide was the Space Bowl. It made me spin round faster and faster.” “Space Bowl was so awesome, I went on it 7 times in a row!

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