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Guru congratulates them for breaking down the barrier and noticing they are pure of heart, he decides to ask them a favor which they agree to. He explains that one of his children had heard stories of the Demon King Piccolo and had begun to emulate King Piccolo's evil ways. Before Guru can finish however, Goku determined to prevent another evil Namekian like King Piccolo from causing trouble, races off causing Goten and Pan to chase off after him, before Guru can explain the situation further.

Tekka's team find the so-called Demon King is actually a young Namekian child named Moolin. Calling himself Demon King Moolin, the young Namekian taunts and insults Trunks and Pan, then forces Tekka's team to chase after him. Eventually, Tekka and his team discover that Moolin is just a misguided child who has only been pretending to be an evil Demon King, after Pan hits him in anger causing the young Namekian to cry. After realizing their mistake, Goten convinces Moolin to be nice and help people like Piccolo. After returning to Guru, Guru apologizes for not explaining the situation better, but Goku says he jumped to the wrong conclusions. Guru then asks Nail to join Tekka's Team as a way to repay them for their help. Nail will occasionally appear on the team's Spaceship after being recruited, though he also appears in Guru's House when they visit and will comment on various events that occurred in the story. If the 2nd Future Warrior is a Namekian then they will investigate a time rift anomaly that formed around Guru's House in the game's opening prologue.

Through a window they observe Grand Elder Guru tell Nail he senses a great evil power heading for Namek and Nail agrees as he senses it too. Guru states that the Dragon Balls are a symbol of hope and wisdom of Namek and must not be taken. Dende asks what they can do on their own, and Guru reveals that he foresees a powerful warrior with a pure heart will appear and tells Dende to have faith as it is time for the Namekians to reveal their strength and Nail prepares to defend Namek. The warrior is later called off their investigation by Elder Kai who reveals they have been selected by Chronoa for a critical mission, and they discover that Xeno Trunks and the Toki Toki City Hero are busy tracking down the Time Breakers that they asked Chronoa to find a Time Patroller to use the Time Scrolls to fix alterations in history caused by the Time Breakers cohorts the evil Saiyan Turles and the evil Super Namekian Lord Slug. After completing several missions, the warrior is asked to look into the large time rift anomalies when they have the time including Guru's House. There they find that Namek is under attack by the Frieza Force who seek the Namekian Dragon Balls as Guru foretold. Speaking to Nail, he will enlist the Warrior's aid in driving off the Frieza Force and protecting the Dragon Balls though if they are defeated the Warrior and Nail must infiltrate Frieza's Spaceship to take them back. If the Warrior is diligent in protecting Namek and its Dragon Balls, Nail grants them an audience with Grand Elder Guru who thanks them by Unleashing their potential which acts as a stat boost that allows them to allocate more attribute points. If the Warrior continues to protect Namek after this Nail will grant them another audience with Guru who will teach them how to increase the power of Conton City's set of Dragon Balls, unlocking more wish options and the Warrior can visit Guru afterwards anytime they want, which allows them to have Guru unlock their potential further to remove the level cap after certain updates, allowing them to level up further. Additionally, Guru will reveal that an evil Namekian with a scar asked them to look after a strange egg for him, though Guru and Nail sensed his evil nature they agreed to take the egg, which Guru decides to give to the Future Warrior for safe keeping knowing they will know how to deal with it. The egg is one of Towa's Distorted Time Eggs which are the cause of the large time rift anomalies and are Towa's failed attempts at artificially creating Tokitoki's Eggs which Chronoa reveals is impossible, though the eggs are powerful enough to causes distortions in timespace if left unchecked, though fortunately the anomalies they create are stable so Chronoa decides to allow them to remain allowing Time Patrollers to visit Namek within the anomaly giving Namekians who had never lived their a chance to see it as it was before its destruction. If the Warrior is Namekian, defending the Guru's House anomaly leads to a special event that will allow them to attain their Great Namek form. Eventually, Piccolo will appear after having sensed the Warrior's Ki and after thanking them for protecting Planet Namek. He tells them that they have strength hidden deep within and suggests speaking to Nail. Nail reveals he was aware of Piccolo's presence and the Warrior hidden power. He comments that with that power the warrior could easily conquer Namek, but has instead saved it from danger more than once. As a debt of gratitude, Nail decides that he will help them tap into this power and suggests the Warrior talk to Dende for advice on how to awaken their full potential. Dende reveals that in order to unlock their full potential they will need to take themself over the edge by fighting one of their own and suggests that the only Namekians who can help with that are Nail and Piccolo. They must then return to Piccolo which will unlock Guru's House Quest: "Namekian Awakening" where they face off against Piccolo and Nail in battle to unleash their full power and the Become Giant Awoken Skill will become available mid-battle. After defeating Piccolo and Nail using the form, Piccolo and Nail will revive and the Warrior must defeat 3 Piccolo clones and Nail using their Become Giant form complete the quest and unlock the Become Giant Awoken Skill permanently. In Age 762, Nail confronts Frieza who has been empowered by Towa with Villainous Mode turning him into Dark Frieza, though the warrior arrives and joins Nail in confronting Frieza. Elder Kai reveals that their job is to help Nail stalling Frieza while Dende rushes to join Gohan and Krillin to give them the password for the Namekian Dragon Balls. Nail comments on the warrior's before suggesting they flee as even together they cannot hope to beat Frieza. However the Warrior remains to help stall Dark Frieza, who eventually grows frustrated and demands Nail tell him how to use the Dragon Balls, but Nail reveals that it is too late as Dende has already made it to Gohan and Krillin.

However, despite their success at stalling Dark Frieza, Chronoa reveals that Turles and Slug are near the Dragon Balls which prevents Dende, Gohan, and Krillin from using them and Elder Kai states there is no time to stop them, but Chronoa orders them to return to the Time Nest anyways, knowing that they can simply travel back further in time to stop Turles and Slug.

As the warrior leaves, Nail collapses from his injuries and Dark Frieza rushes off leaving him for dead. After the warrior stops Turles and Slug, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende use the Dragon Ball to revive Piccolo who is transported to Namek allowing him to meet and fuse with Nail restoring the correct timeline. Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission In the Chapter 2, Side Story: " Kagyu's Adventure ", Kagyu of the DBH Team is sent to investigate an anomaly that appeared on Earth in the game world timeline shortly before the Tournament of Power.


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