custom cigarette papers

Custom Rolling Papers

Your own BRAND of rolling papers. Custom LOGO and full color artwork. Many rolling paper choices including 100% HEMP.

  • FREE custom counter-top display boxes 2,000 and more
  • Standard 1-1/4 size or King Slim size
  • Unbleached HEMP papers, 50% hemp 50% flax pulp, rice papers, or unrefined wood pulp

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Customized Rolling Paper Content Options

  • 100% Unbleached Hemp (Like RAW Organic)
  • Bleached Rice Paper (Like Elements)
  • Unbleached Wood Pulp (RAW Unrefined)
  • And our custom blend of 50/50 Unbleached Hemp/Flax

Technical Details For Custom Rolling Papers

  • Standard 1-¼”, 40 leaves per book, size 3” x 1.75”
  • King Slim, 32 leaves per book, size 4.3” x 1.75”
  • 100% All-natural Arabic gum
  • Pricing table:

Packaging Details – Create Quality Sleek Custom Enclosures

  • Full-color, custom Hi-Res digital print that covers all viewable sides
  • Templates available for your graphic/logo sizing
  • Digital Art Setup Charge: $40
  • Normal Production time is 4-5 weeks plus priority air freight shipping
    • Priority Air-freight 4day is included in Shipping
  • Rush service is available
    • 2 weeks of production time plus shipping
    • No custom countertop display boxes available for rush orders

Orders 2,000 and more receive FREE custom display boxes for your front counter!

Word of Mouth With Custom Rolling Papers

A group of friends sitting in a circle, chatting about their day….

From all walks of life, they come, but one thing unites them in this circle. They have all come together to enjoy the company of friends and possibly share their herb with each other.

This is their time for relaxing, getting rid of the worries of their day. Many will pull out their book of rolling papers and strike up a conversation about many different things. People with families talking about the latest vacation; A movie recently watched that was really enjoyed. Maybe even a story about their favorite shop, dispensary, or seed company.

Your company or business should be a topic of their conversation, with our help your custom designs can package your choice of rolling papers easily displayed on any counter. Free custom display boxes on orders over 1500 will show off your logo vibrantly.

Carrying different options in your store will show you are understanding of the different tastes your customers will have. We have both sizing options and also paper content options. Our very own blend was created for this reason. Our 50% Hemp and 50% flax pulp is organic and unbleached.

We believe that having your own custom-designed rolling papers will help you reach your target audience and create word-of-mouth for your business. Custom packaged books of rolling papers have become the business card for the Marijuana Industry. They are much easier to slide in a pocket. And while business cards that are forgotten places will get throw away, a custom printed book of rolling papers will get used and exposed to even more of your target audience that may not have even entered your storefront.

We use nothing but the highest quality papers at GanjaPrint. Many of our blends can resemble companies’ products that most venues use today. We even carry a proprietary blend that you will not frequently find in other businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about our custom rolling papers.

Available Colors / Paper Varieties for Custom Rolling Papers

  • Unbleached 100% pure Hemp pulp, like RAW Organic
  • Bleached Rice Paper, like Elements
  • Unbleached wood pulp, like RAW Unrefined
  • Unbleached 50% hemp 50% flax pulp, our own developement

Design Tips for Your Custom Product Packaging

Make your design simple and concise

  • Less is more. The most appealing designs are usually quite minimalist.
  • With multiple packaging sizes, you need to contemplate whether your design will look appealing with all sizes. (different rolling paper sizes, as well as the individual packaging, and the display box)
  • Come up with a list of brand benefits – how does your brand help to sell your potential buyer. Don’t confuse a benefit with a feature! A feature describes an attribute of your brand, where a benefit tells a buyer what it will do for them.
    • Benefit – “Only Place around that does [cite a unique value] !”
    • Feature – “Located Right Next to [unique value to your location]. Come Find Us!”
  • Short, concise points make for the most effective product presentation. Rework sentences and points until they flow well with very few words.
  • Make sure your graphics and pictures support your points.
    • 3rd Party accolades
  • Possibly add a barcode to ease scanning and create a professionally created look

Segregate information

  • Put contact information on the back or inside flap of the packaging. (We recommend the inside flap)
  • Use vibrant colors to make your logo pop more
  • Think about using a quip or one-liner on the back of the package that will stick in your customer’s mind
    • Don’t Panic, Always bring a Towel, etc.

Tips For Adding Visual Spice

Use Custom Patterns

  • Patterns will stick in customers minds more than a generic graphic and can also influence how your customers see your brand
  • Maintaining Symmetry throughout your design can register your design subconsciously .

Consider Color Scheme

  • In marketing, colors have long garnered different emotions. When you consider color schemes while designing your custom rolling papers, think about what you want your design to say.
  • Here are some believed attached emotions to specific colors
    • Red implies energy, danger, passion, aggression, warmth, or heat. It has also been found to stimulate appetite, which is why restaurants and fast food chains use it.
    • Orange implies youthfulness, innovation, and forward-thinking.
    • Yellow implies sunny, warm, and friendly. It has also been shown to stimulate appetite.
    • Green implies freshness and growth, while it is also used substantially by the financial industry.
    • Blue has become synonymous with professionalism, integrity, authority, and calm. For this reason, many corporate and government logos utilize this color.
    • Purple throughout history has been tied to luxury and royalty
    • Brown has a masculine connotation and has been used in many outdoor or rural life designs.
    • Pink, with its feminine connotations, can be flirty or fun. It is generally not used unless you are specifically targeting females.

Consider Multiple Designs

  • Don’t stick with only one design option
  • Some businesses have created an overall brand motif that utilizes different aspects of that design depending on the packaging.
    • Using the same font and colors across all custom rolling papers packaging while varying graphics, accolades, and other information on different packaging.
  • Ask as many people, that you trust, as you can about what they think of the packaging. Feedback is precious!
    • Remember what you think is good isn’t necessarily what your customers think is good.

Redesigns of Existing Brands Can Increase Sales

You only have about 3 seconds to capture a customer’s attention while they are browsing. Too often, a company’s brand can become diluted, or fade out and become white noise compared to a newer, different brand.

      • Make sure to review how your brand is being perceived every few years
        • Maybe new competitors have started since your last design and you have too many similarities with each other that customers don’t recognize you as being unique
        • Maybe industry standards have changed and you want to display them on your packaging
        • Whatever the case, you shouldn’t feel like your design ever needs to be consistent throughout the years your business is open.

Information You Need Before the Design Process

  • Pictures and Graphics need to be 300 dpi
    • Most Internet images are usually much lower
  • Colors
    • CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS)
  • Fonts and Specific usage information
    • Fonts that you own, weight, or kerning (adjustments of the space between letters)
  • Logo
    • Make sure you have the correct format. Or if you can have a vector file ready.

Customize Your Supplies – Add Flair To Your Rolling Paper Today!

Happy rolling, and be sure to check out our other products!

Get your custom rolling papers branded with our own logo today! GanjaPrint's unbleached 50% hemp papers are a promotional edge at an attractive price. Order now!

Custom Rolling Papers

Custom rolling papers are second-nature to our team of industry experts. We work directly with the biggest rolling paper companies and have factory direct relationships with the largest custom rolling paper and custom rolling paper booklet manufacturers around the world. We leverage our buying power of rolling paper and the shared volume of all our customers’ orders to deliver the highest quality and best priced custom rolling papers in the industry .

Custom Rolling Papers and Booklets

Custom Cones USA offers the best customer service, highest paper quality, widest variety, and sharpest prices when it comes to custom rolling papers and custom rolling paper booklets. Our team has worked with hundreds of brands, big and small, since the early years of the industry. We know which styles are trending in certain states, markets, or with certain demographics. We will walk you through the entire custom rolling paper process, even if you don’t have all your artwork finalized. We offer free design help and will ensure your custom rolling papers are perfect for your brand and strategy.

Free Custom Mock-Ups

Custom rolling papers are fun to design and we are here to help with free 3D mock-ups. Just send us your artwork or work with our team on your custom rolling paper booklets and we will send you as many 3D mockups of your custom rolling papers as you need! If you need help designing your custom rolling papers, we also offer design help from our team of experts !

Custom Printed Samples

Once you design your custom rolling papers and see the mock-up, sometimes you just need to see them in person. We offer free samples of example rolling paper booklets, so you can see our quality, but are also happy to work with you on custom samples of your own custom rolling paper booklets!

Free Design Help

Whether you only have a logo or just an example of a different package design, we can help work with you on your custom rolling papers. We have design experts who know everything about pre-rolls and will help design the perfect rolling paper booklets for your brand !

Custom Rolling Papers

We offer the widest variety of sizes and styles for custom rolling papers. The two main sizes are 1 1/4 and King Size – within each of those sizes there is standard width papers and wider width rolling papers. The most common rolling papers are the standard one and one-quarter and king size, both of which are the most popular for our custom rolling papers. Additionally, our premium option with tips or the tips + magnet combo are also extremely popular.

One and a Quarter Booklets

One and a quarter sized custom rolling paper booklets are the small sized booklets you commonly see. The one and a quarter rolling paper booklet is perfect for smaller joints or quick spliffs. The 1 ¼ sized rolling paper booklets can be made standard, with tips, and with tips + magnet .

One and a Quarter with Tips

One and a Quarter with Tips & Magnets

The One and a Quarter Inch Booklets with Tips & Magnets provide extra protection for the papers by adding a magnetic closure. The 1 ¼ sized rolling paper booklets can be made standard, with tips, and with tips + magnet.

King Size Slim Rolling Papers

King size slim custom rolling papers are the standard long rolling paper booklet size. King size rolling papers are typically for longer and bigger joints. The king size slim custom rolling papers can be made as standard booklets, with tips, or with tips + magnets!

King Size Slim Tips

King Size Slim with Tips provides sturdy papers for consumers to make their own filter tips with. The king size slim custom rolling papers can be made as standard booklets, with tips, or with tips + magnets!

King Size Wide Booklets

King Size Slim with Tips & Magnetic Closures are a more premium variation that protects the papers and allows the booklet to retain its shape. The king size slim custom rolling papers can be made as standard booklets, with tips, or with tips + magnets!

Custom Rolling Paper Booklet Options

Filter Tip Rolling Paper Booklets

Aside from the full color custom branding on every side of the custom rolling paper booklets, you can also add premium options like tips. The tips come in 2 stacks right in the booklet, making your custom rolling papers super convenient! The tips come as a white color standard, but can be upgraded to other colors or even fully custom printed .

Filter Tips + Magnet

If you want a top of the line custom rolling paper item, the custom booklet with tips and magnet is the best! Not only do your custom rolling papers have the tips included, but there is also a sleek little magnet, which ensures your custom rolling paper packs stay closed and safe .

Custom Printed Filter Tips

Custom rolling papers are great to represent your brand, but one way to keep your branding strong is by upgrading to custom branded tips in your custom rolling paper booklets! Once your customer gets your custom rolling papers and takes them home, now when they roll a joint up, your logo will be on the filter tip!

Custom Rolling Papers – Premium Print Options


If you are a premium pre-roll brand and gold or other colored foils are part of your branding, we can match that on your custom rolling papers by adding foil to your booklets. We can do foiling in all sorts of colors, not just gold! Contact us today for help on your custom rolling papers!

Spot UV

A nother way to add a pop to your custom rolling papers is by adding spot UV to your custom booklets. The spot UV makes that area of printing super shiny and reflective on your custom rolling paper booklets. Any shape, size, or color can be made shiny with the spot UV effect.


Embossing is a great way to add a luxury tactile feel to your custom rolling papers. All you need to do is tell us what part you want embossed and our team of expert designers will help you with the rest. If you need any help at all with your custom rolling papers, please just let us know !

Custom Display Boxes

We also offer custom display boxes to store your custom rolling paper booklets! The custom display boxes are perfect for storing the booklets on retail shelves or tradeshow booths, while also giving you extra real estate to push your branding. The boxes can also help keep all of your promotional items separated!

King Size Wide Booklets

King size wide rolling papers are the same length as the other king size, but wider, which makes these easier to roll. King size wide papers are good for really huge joints or for older demographics, that have a hard time rolling joints!

Custom Printed Papers

Custom printed rolling papers are another premium option that can take your booklets to the next level. The custom rolling papers help allow for you to expose your brand through grassroots marketing, while also helping your papers stand out from the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What customization options are there for custom rolling papers?

Our custom rolling papers come with full color printing standard, so you can totally customize the entire outside of your custom rolling paper booklet. Additionally, you can upgrade to 2-sided printing and that means you can print on the inside flap of your custom rolling papers as well. You have three different rolling paper types to choose from, as well as the options to add filter tips or tips +magnet closure. Lastly, you can also customize the color of the filter tips or even do custom branding on the filter tips!

+ What is the lead time for custom rolling papers?

Our lead time for custom rolling papers is about 2-3 weeks, which includes shipping time as well. If you need a 3D mockup or physical samples of your custom rolling papers, we can help you here as well! Custom samples oh your rolling papers would take a couple of weeks, but we can get you a 3D render within a day.

+ What sizes are available for custom rolling papers?

We offer three paper sizes when it comes to custom rolling papers – 1 1/4 sized rolling paper, king size slim rolling paper, and king size wide rolling paper. When it comes to booklet sizes, both the 1 1/4 and king size slim are available as standard custom rolling paper booklets, as well as booklet with tips or booklet with tips + magnet. The king size wide is only available as a standard custom rolling paper booklet.

+ Can I add tips to my custom rolling paper booklets?

Yes, you can add filter tips to your custom rolling paper booklets. The filter tips are white by default, but can be upgraded to kraft brown, any other color, or even custom printing with your artwork.

+ Where is your rolling paper from?

The rolling paper used in our custom rolling paper booklets is the same Ultra-Fine French paper used in our pre-rolled cones! The rolling paper factory we have partnered with is over 200 years old and makes the thinnest rolling papers in the world. We have three options to choose from – 100% organic hemp rolling papers, unrefined brown rolling papers, and refined white rolling papers.

+ Can you help me design the custom rolling papers?

Yes, we offer free and premium design services for custom rolling papers.

+ Do you offer volume discounts on custom rolling papers?

Yes, we are factory direct, so we offer bulk and wholesale pricing on custom rolling papers. Wholesale price tiers are listed directly on the product pages, but if you are looking for even lower pricing on custom rolling papers, you can ship them via ocean freight or contact us for even higher quantity tiers.

+ What are the tips on the custom rolling papers?

Not all of the custom rolling papers come with tips, but you can upgrade to have filter tips included into the custom booklets. The filter tips are attached in two stacks, which making rolling up super easier and convenient. The filter tips ensure no bits of flower gets in your mouth and is great for custom rolling papers.

+ What printing options are available for custom rolling papers?

All of our custom rolling papers come with full color printing standard, but you can upgrade your custom rolling paper booklets with foiling, embossing, and spot UV. You can also upgrade to kraft brown paper, for natural and organic look. If you have filter tips in your custom rolling paper booklets, you can even custom print on the filter tips!

+ Do the custom rolling paper booklets come in display boxes?

No, custom rolling paper booklets do not come with the custom display boxes for free, but there is just a small charge for the custom display boxes. Just like the custom rolling paper booklets, your custom display boxes come with full color printing and you can add foiling, embossing, and spot UV to these as well! The rolling paper booklet display boxes are great if you are ordering custom rolling papers for trade shows and other events – this way you have a nice custom box to hold and display your custom rolling paper booklets. Additionally, if you are starting a consumer brand and plan on selling your custom rolling papers to retail stores, you are definitely going to want the custom display boxes.

We offer rolling paper booklets made from the same fine french rolling paper used to make our cones. Your customers will notice the difference! ]]>