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Halogen lighting used to be the norm but newer LEDs are making inroads. Thanks to their cooler operating temperatures and more efficient power consumption, LED lighting is the smart choice for retailers everywhere. Lights come in strip, spotlight, and recessed styles, depending on cabinet make. Illuminated merchandise has the power to attract shoppers and make expensive items appear more desirable.

We offer a huge collection of in-stock & ready to ship display cabinets. Use them to store and highlight products, school trophies, or collectibles while keeping them free from dust, dirt, and fingerprints. We are confident you will find a perfect fit for your business or establishment. If at any time you wish to contact us with a question or offer help with a purchase, our contact center is here to help. Display cases are used to store and showcase products in retail environments. They may include components such as display risers or cubes, which can elevate items for better viewing.

Glass and acrylic display cases are the most common material types available. Glass offers durability, while acrylic can be a more economical alternative where shatter resistance is needed. A glass or plastic display case may have metal, wood, or plastic framing to support the structure, and it may be manufactured in a variety of shapes. U, L, and rectangular shapes are common, although other special forms are available to meet most retail needs. Known as an infinity display case, those without a frame provide the illusion of being virtually transparent. Wall unit display cases provide a lower profile than free-standing styles, which makes them ideal for areas where space is limited. Common dimensions for a display cube include height, width, length, and depth. Shelf and cabinet storage capacity may also be listed, along with holding capacity. Community of editors, researchers, and specialists. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 33 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 23 testimonials and 89% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. After multiple uses, your glass pipe will get clogged up with soot and grime, making it difficult and unpleasant to use. Thankfully, with a little patience and some standard household materials, you can clean your pipe up so it looks good as new. These methods and more can also be used to clean traditional pipes. The Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Your Pipes, Bubblers, and Bongs. The more frequently you consume cannabis, the more important it becomes to clean your pipes, bubblers and bongs. The big question: how to get your glass pieces clean? Not only can resin look and smell unpleasant, its tar compounds include carbon and carcinogens, and continuing to burn them can have an array of negative health effects. Through a pair of informal Facebook polls, we asked the Leafly community how and how often they cleaned their glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs. “Ummm, you are supposed to clean it?” –Andrew Frost. “I don’t, just toss it and buy a new one.” –Robert Weaver. “Dawn power clean dish soap, hot water and pipe cleaners.” –Amanda Skelton. “Nail polish remover that contains 100% acetone…And for more home convenience, run it through the dishwasher.” –Aris Butler.

“91% isopropyl alcohol and sea salt…any course salt will work…even sugar works in a pinch.” –Rich Schmitz. “The only thing to use is grain alcohol, it evaporates 100%.” –Gerald Schoolnick. “Fill a plastic bag with a tablespoon of sodium and enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge your piece completely. Place your piece in the substance and make sure the inside gets filled with liquid. Let it sit for 15+ min, shake the bag and move the mixture through the pipe. Remove, boil, and scrape the remainder with a paper clip. It’s important to remove resin as it will be toxic.” –Ben Craighton. “Iso & sea salt, final rinse with a bit of lemon juice for sparkle.” –Chaz French. “Rubbing alcohol & salt, but then polishing toothpaste.” –Courtney Kruk.

Most of the glass cleaning methods above are a lot of work, and require soaking, shaking, or hazardous chemicals. Jim Berry, founder of Lakewood, Colo.’s Mile HIGH Cleaner, set about finding an easier solution for the resin that was building up on his own bong. “I recently started smoking again and realized there hadn’t been any real innovation in cleaning in decades. I started research into this and figured out a better way of cleaning,” says Berry.


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