corn pipe weed

\n \n Smoking weed out of corn cob pipe??

\n Official drug thread.

Avatar stealer! I knew it was coming sooner or later!

\n yeah, but those things clogged up really fast and when that happens you got a pipe that makes your Bud taste like ****. make sure its always clean.

Put that in yo pipe and smoke it!!

\n \n\n \n *Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin’ \n \n \n

\n What the hell is a corn cob pipe?

More importantly, what the hell is a weed?!

Corn cob pipes can be bought at most smoke shops for 3.99. A glass piece can range from 15 to well over 200.

Yes, they work find, it does not matter how deep it is. How would that make a difference? At a max its 2 1/2 inces deep, I’m quite sure the flame will reach. Just dont go taking beat hits as you’ll be burning up the wood or corn cob or whatever and that taste nasty. You’ll run out more often cause eventually you’ll be stuffing it full lol you can get half an i/8 in one easily.

\n \n\n \n *Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin’ \n \n \n

one time i made a pipe out of a strawberry, it was awesome

\n of course duh? do it all the time

but mind you if there is tin foil involved you could get alzeimhers when your 40

\n tin foil = my savior

i used to have a corn cob pipe but that shi t broke after i used it for about 8 months.

Can you do it?