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Just drop a small amount of your preferred oil or concentrate on the bottom of the bowl, then gently light it up and inhale! The Glass Ridged Oil Pipe is a handy and easy to use pipe that has been designed specifically designed for use with oils and concentrates. This Glass Oil Burner is a great gadget that has been specifically designed for use with oils and concentrates! The Glass Ridged Oil Pipe is a handy and easy to use pipe that has been designed specifically designed for use with oils and concentrates. The Tapered Oil Pipe is one of the most essential pieces of glassware for anyone who loves smoking!

The Oil Bulb Bong Attachment is a fantastic piece of glassware that will allow you to smoke your oils and concentrates from the convenience of your bong! We want to bring you the best quality of glass to get the most out of your material. In this category, we have a selection of different types of glass pipes, so make sure you’re getting the right one for your need! In principle, these oil pipes are very similar, but they all have subtle differences. The longer the tube, the more time the material has to cool down. It means you can take a bigger hit, but you might lose some oil on the way because it collects up in the stem. We offer a range of lengths from 10cm to 14cm to give you a choice. The angle of these means the flame will be further away from you. The Ridged and Tapered Oil Pipes are more comfortable to hold and are made from slightly thicker glass.

Oil bulb bong stems and attachments allow you to easily attach the oil bulb to a bong or water pipe via either an 18.8mm joint or a 14.5mm joint. It allows you to filter the oil-producing a cleaner, cooler smoking experience. Fit the attachment into the existing downpipe of your bong, add a small amount of oil and gently heat the bulb while inhaling. Once your nail is at your desired temperature, you put the bulb over and carb when you need. Many of the products we sell at Shiva are of an adult nature and as such can only be sold to customers who are 18 years old and over. Any customers who are found to be under this age will have breached our Terms & Conditions and will have their order cancelled and refunded. All payments are taken on a secure connection and no card details are ever stored. We accept the following payments: We also offer the same high level of service and a wide range of other products and services at on our other websites: Smoking kills - Protect children: don't make them breathe your smoke. Even if you're a daily stoner, the first time you dab can be a terrifying, coughing-fit filled experience if you're not properly prepared. Though shatter may not be as "toxic and highly addictive" as some reports may lead you to believe, it can still really fuck you up. If you've been getting high in 2016 but still haven't heard of dabs, it refers to smoking super-pure THC concentrates that have been extracted from weed. Extraction is not the most simple process—it can actually be quite dangerous since it involves flammable chemicals—so it's best left to the pros. The resulting product can vary, but most commonly it looks like a hard taffy. Doing a dab is an experience that's landed me immobilized in a vintage dentist chair at a cannabis industry party, and on another occasion, taught me that hallucinogens aren't the only class of drugs that can make you trip. I reached out to stoners with varying degrees of experience with cannabis to find out what happened to them the fateful day they decided to dab for the first time. I went to an outdoor wedding last summer, and after getting wasted off the open bar, I was looking around for something a bit stronger as the night went on. No one really had any drugs except for this one dude who looked fucking trashed and was hitting on all the bridesmaids. When I approached him, he immediately offered to give me a dab, so we went behind his car that was parked on the grass and he set up the rig on the hood. It was really dark, so I couldn't see shit, and we were using our phones as flashlights. Of course when I went to hit it, I burned myself on the hot red metal part. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to seem like an idiot; I got a huge blister on my hand that lasted for a couple weeks. On top of that, even though I have been smoking weed for years, I coughed my brains out to the point where I had tears streaming down my face and was nauseous. Luckily it was dark out so no one could really tell. After, I was so fucking sweaty and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep.

Not only does this stuff get you really high, but it is also strangely beautiful. My first time I really dabbed was before the word dab existed, which was in 2005. Around two years ago, dabbing became a thing in Denver, Colorado. (I have been smoking weed for 14 years.) Before legalization, I tried an original, craft-cannabis strain of "budder." Back then, we didn't know how to dab because dabbing wasn't a thing. We took a tiny drop on a little paperclip, used a lighter, and a pen cap. But when dabbing became a big thing around 2014, I remember being at Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit. My friend from Dancesafe was there, and she was like, "Want to do a dab?" And we were like, "What's that? Sure!" So we went with her, and she was like, "Let me pull out my rig." We thought she was talking about needles, so we were really freaked out. She pulled out the rig and a blowtorch, which was also really freaky.

We did the first dab, and we didn't have any weed, so when she offered another dab, we were like, "sure, yeah," because when you smoke weed you smoke so much, right? I don't think I did any other drugs at that festival.


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