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If you have to cram the stuff in there forcefully, the joint will be too tight to smoke. Give the roller a couple of rolls without the paper to get the bud settled into place. Next, grab a paper, making sure the adhesive is facing you, place the joint paper in the opening of the roller. It’s important to roll down, or the adhesive will be on the wrong side . Rolling machines can easily roll joints way too tight, ruining the entire experience.

Roll it until just the adhesive is sticking out of the top and lick the glue before giving the roller a final roll finishing the joint. Instead, you’re using the dollar bill as a makeshift joint roller to roll perfect joints quickly and effortlessly every time. Usually, when I’m asked to teach a beginner how to roll a joint, using a dollar bill is the first method I go to. It’s like joint rolling with training wheels, and it helps you perfect the motions. Here’s how to do it: First, you need a paper, some weed and a dollar bill. Fold the dollar in half and place some ground up bud in the middle of the dollar. Fold the dollar bill back in half keeping the cannabis at the crease in the bill.

Using your thumbs, work the bud towards the bottom of the crease by slowly rolling the dollar back and forth. Roll the dollar bill down to where the end of the dollar is just covering the weed . Holding the dollar in place with one hand, place the joint paper in the opening with the adhesive facing you (just like a joint roller) and lick the adhesive. Make sure not to roll it too tight, or the joint will not be smokeable. Roll the dollar up until you can’t anymore, and the doobie will be done. Rolling a joint with hash isn’t any different than rolling a normal joint. You can use any of the joint rolling techniques mentioned above to do it. The whole idea behind it is just putting hash in your joint. There are right and wrong ways to put hash in your joints, though. Be sure to check out this new article, it’s just a few simple steps! If your hash is very dry, like compacted kief hash is, use a knife to scrape off some of it into the cannabis you have prepped for your joint. If the hash has a more play-dough consistency, then take a little bit of it and roll the hash until it’s a long and very skinny line of hash. From my experience, if you just tear off pieces of hash and throw them in the joint it smokes unevenly and causes the joint to run once you get to a chunk of hash. These methods distribute the hash evenly creating a better smoke. If you’ve managed to make it through this extensive rolling guide, I think it’s safe to say you can roll a joint now. Perfection is only achieved through repetition, and it’s only natural to struggle at first. Don’t worry, though, it’s a ride of passage, and once you master it, it will be a skill that never leaves you. Anything you would like me to add to this guide on how to roll a joint for beginners? Did it help you get over the hump and start rolling some masterpieces? PROTIP: Press 'i' to view the image gallery, 'v' to view the video gallery, or 'r' to view a random entry. This submission is currently being researched & evaluated! You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. "Dab On Them Haters" is an expression advising people to perform a Dab dance move to silence enemies and critics. The phrase was popularized online after being adopted by YouTube celebrity Jake Paul. In November 2015, American football player Cam Newton spoke at a press conference, where he claimed fans had encouraged him to "Dab on them folks" during football games (shown below). In early 2017, YouTuber Jake Paul began using the phrase "Dab on them haters" when addressing fans in his videos, urging them to ignore criticism in life pursuits (shown below).

On July 27th, Urban Dictionary [3] user kipper481 submitted an entry for "dab on them haters," which cited Jake Paul's vlog introductions in the description. On August 8th, YouTuber Jacksfilms posted a video in which he reads various Twitter responses to the question "What if haters Dab back?" (shown below).

Within 72 hours, the video gained over 1.6 million views and 52,300 comments. On August 10th, YouTuber Hot Dad posted a music video titled "I'm Just Gonna Dab on the Haters," featuring YouTubers FrankJavCee and Salvia Erik (shown below). Meaning, origin and videos of celebrities performing the dance move. The craze has spread across the globe over the past year, with celebrities, politicians and even royals doing it in public.


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