click a toke pipe

5″ Click-a-Toke Metal Lighter Pipe

Only available in assorted colors

5″ Click-a-Toke Metal Lighter Hand Pipe

Only available in assorted colors

Only available in assorted colors

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We Are Smoke Tokes!

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Smoke Tokes is an international distributor and wholesaler of smoking and vaping products. We sell wholesale smoke shop and dispensary supplies.

Since 2009 we have been providing the best deals while aiming for great customer service and satisfaction along with fast shipping!

A metal pipe with a built-in lighter. Toke away with just one click. The best prices in the industry. Get all your hand pipe needs here at Smoke Tokes!

Click-A-Toke Portable Pipe with Lighter

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No longer will you have to fumble around finding a lighter for your pipe. The Click-A-Toke Pipe is becoming the best self-contained pipe on the market today. Combining a pipe and a lighter together in one discreet package that looks like a conventional vaporizer, the Click-A-Toke is equipped with a built-in butane lighter to combust your herbs for easy toking. Enjoy simple one-hand operation. All you have to do is load your dry herb into the top chamber, screw the cap back on, and simply click the switch to light it up! Perfect for portable, convenient and discreet use.

Never search for a lighter or matches again. You can take your pick of 4 great colors. Start enjoying the convenience of “Click-A-Toke”!

Click-A-Toke does not include butane. Be sure to get some butane to fill your new Click-A-Toke!

Available in 4 Colors

Choose between 4 stylish anodized colors for your Click-A-Toke pipe, including Black, Blue, Red, and Silver. Pick the perfect one for your style from the “Preferred Color” option* above. If you can’t decide, just pick “Randomly Awesome” and we will pick one at random for you.

  • *We cannot guarantee your requested style will be in stock. Un-check the “Allow Color/Style Substitution” box and we will help you get what you want; otherwise we will substitute an available style.
  • *Available styles are subject to change without notice, because we manually check our quantities and these items are available in an assortment.

Compatible Parts


How to Pack the Click-A-Toke

The Click-A-Toke portable pipe is easy to load, easy to clean, and easy to enjoy.

  1. Remove the top mouthpiece.
  2. Unscrew the top chamber.
  3. Fill the chamber with your favorite herbal blend.
  4. Screw the chamber back on to the rest of the pipe, and replace the mouthpiece.
  5. Now simply click, toke, and enjoy!

Combining a filtered metal pipe with a torch lighter, the Click-A-Toke is the ultimate portable smoking pipe. Refillable, easy to clean, and Made in America! ]]>