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Healthiest Rolling Papers

Thanks to an increase in health conscious smokers, the demand for adding tobacco into the rolling papers has dimmed out rapidly over the last few years In today’s smoking industry, event blunt wraps that contain tobacco are being overlooked for a healthier, more natural choice. Due to the heavy increase of health conscious smokers, there has been more market for these types of papers. If you’re one of the many smokers looking for a better way to roll, here are the healthiest rolling paper brands in today’s market.

OCB Paper

Since 1822, OCB premium rolling paper has a long and proud history. Starting in the beautiful River Odet in France, they have specialized in the manufacturing quality smoking rolling papers, improving their product in every way possible. Starting with rolling papers in the 1930s, OCB sold 86 million packets of OCB were being sold with the USA, being the major consumer. Since then the brand has developed and introduced many new rolling papers. OCB rolling papers come in recycled packaging, complete with vegetable-based inks, making even the wrapper it comes in fully recyclable. The rolling papers are hemp-based and composed of GMO-free hemp grown on the company’s very own organic farms. This makes a vegetarian-friendly thin hemp rolling paper with a smooth, slow burn. To top it all off, the all-natural Arabic gum sealant fully encloses the flower and keeps it nice and sealed.OCB papers are now sold worldwide, being one of the largest suppliers of rolling papers with an excellent reputation of high quality rolling papers.

Zen Effen

Zen Effen a top choice for natural rolling papers due to the extremely thin paper, meant for the most professional rollers. Although they are the thinnest paper on this list, that does not mean they are the no less durable, even rewarding you with a smooth, even burn. Zen Effen are made from pure hemp and a 100% natural Arabic gum for a strong seal with no hazardous chemicals. Zen shocks and amazes smokers with its perfect burn time, smooth flavor, and resilient paper.

High Hemp

High Hemp just shows why choosing all-natural hemp rolling papers and wraps are favorites when it comes to joint rolling. Not only is it an untainted flavor, they’re cutting out additives that mess with the flavors not to mention, unwanted toxins in your body. If you’re in the mood for something a bit exotic, High Hemp is great at complimenting the taste of your herb with its own unique flavor. High Hemp is also vegan with a low environmental impact.


If hemp-based rolling papers don’t call out to you, use Elements. Unlike most of the papers on this list, Elements are rice-based rolling papers. Whats really great about this rolling paper is not only the quality, but the packaging. Most Elements packaging includes tips and a magnetic closure to protect your papers from ll of the outside elements. Completed with and all-natural Acacia gum for a clean burn with minimal ash, these papers are quickly gaining popularity.

Perhaps the most popular brand on this list, Raw has long been a favorite to rookies and veteran smokers alike, due to the fact you can pretty much find it in any local smoke shop. Raw Organic rolling paper is made from organically grown, chlorine-free hemp, bringing out the real flavor of the flower. They are also watermarked for a slow burn, thin build, and little ash produced. Even their packaging takes it to the next level, being made from eco-friendly craft paper and held shut with a natural rubber band.

If your an avid smoker but you fear the using tobacco to roll your joints, there are plenty of options for you. Due to an increase in health conscious smokers, most rolling paper companies are making paper tobacco free and 100% chemical free to ensure a better way to smoke.

The Best Materials for Rolling Papers

When you think of rolling papers, you probably imagine those classic blindingly white paper around cigarettes made from some kind of wood pulp. While some follow that old school mold, there is a huge variety of materials to choose from. What you choose to smoke just depends on what kind of smoker you are. The rolling paper materials can change major aspects of your smoking sessions, from how long it takes to roll your cigarette, to how slow the burn is once you start puffing away. With this guide on rolling papers, you’ll be qualified to choose the perfect papers from the wide array of rolling paper brands out there. Once you have the right type in hand, you’ll no longer need to keep relying on pre-rolled cigs. Take a peek at some of the types of rolling papers we have available for you, and pick out your new signature style.

What Is Your Favorite Type of Rolling Material to Smoke?

What Are Rolling Papers Made Out Of?

Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

If you’ve ever used rolling papers, the odds are good that you were looking at ones made from wood pulp paper. This is the classic vehicle for legal smoking herbs, as it’s accessible, inexpensive, easy to use, and already well-popularized since it’s the same as cigarette paper. Remember, though, that wood pulp papers tend to burn faster than other materials out there, and that pure white papers means they’ve been bleached, which probably isn’t a chemical you’d like in your cigarettes.

That said, the Zig Zag Orange 1 ¼ is the king of wood pulp rolling papers by being easy to roll and slow to burn. There’s a good reason this rolling paper is a household name in the smoking world. Check your friend’s pocket right now, she probably has some Zig Zags on her!

Organic Rolling Papers

When papers market themselves as organic, you can be sure that they are free of bleach and other unnecessary chemical additives. Organic products are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason. Nobody wants to worry about what’s in their rolling papers…beyond what herbs are packed in there!

Enter RAW Organic, the natural rolling papers of your dreams, with unbleached fibers and a thin profile, making the paper almost transparent! These organic rolling papers are designed to burn slow and evenly, with its signature watermark system that includes cross-weave patterns and vertical hard-stop lines. RAW rolling papers are fully vegan, additive-free, and made from hemp with a natural sugar gumming. Simply put, these are some of the best organic rolling papers around.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp rolling papers are a great addition to your smoking arsenal, and Smoking has one of the best varieties out there, called Smoking #8 Hemp Single Wide. Smoking oversees the caretaking and growth of their own hemp supply, used exclusively for their hemp rolling papers. These wraps include chemical-free, natural Arabic gum from central Africa. With a mild taste that won’t detract from your herbs, as well as an easy to roll texture, these could be your new best friend in the smoking circle.

Rice Rolling Papers

Made by processing rice and stretching it into thin sheets, ROOR Rice Papers make some of the nicest, slowest-burning rolling papers available. Once you try one, you’ll be blown away by how deliciously clean and light they are, allowing you the freedom to focus on the taste of your herbs, not any hidden chemicals. From the all-natural rice paper to the long burn rate, especially compared to typical wood pulp rolling papers, this is a smoke you can feel great about.

For less experienced smokers, however, this may be a difficult material to roll well right off the bat, since its texture doesn’t grip easily, but your patience will be rewarded by the excellent smoke awaiting you.

Cellulose Rolling Papers

Transparent rolling papers are a super fun way to smoke, letting you (and everyone else) get a peek at the yummy herbs inside your cigarette. We offer Glass Cellulose Papers for your clear rolling papers dreams, which come in a king size and 1 ¼ for even the most prolific smoker.

Produced from Asiatic Cotton Mallow, these are totally natural and tree-free, with no gum necessary because the rolling paper will stick together with only a quick lick. With a smooth, clean burn, these won’t produce much ash either, and easily lend themselves to everyday smoking.

Gold Rolling Papers

On the flip side of the “everyday smoke” lifestyle lies gold rolling papers. Boy, you fancy, huh? Glam up (and light up) with these decadent rolling papers, called Shine 24k gold 1 ¼. Be prepared for heads to turn your way when you pull out these 24k gold papers that simply scream luxury.

Whether you’re treating yourself or you just live like this, gold rolling papers are the most extra way to have an unforgettable smoke sesh.

Rolling Paper Materials Faq

  • Q. Are rolling papers biodegradable?
    • A. Yes! Some may be quicker to decompose than others, but all rolling papers are biodegradable.
  • Q. What is rolling paper glue made of?
    • A. Although it can vary for different manufacturers, typically the glue is made from sugar gum, also called gum arabic. This gum is essentially hardened sap from different species of the acacia tree, and is used as an adhesive for all kinds of products, from our cigarette papers to food to the binding agent in watercolor paint. Its nontoxic and natural, making it the perfect glue for any kind of smoker.
  • Q. Are rolling papers eco-friendly?
    • A. The level of eco-friendliness is dependent on brand and materials, but generally speaking, rolling papers are very eco-friendly since they’re biodegradable and nontoxic. Tree-free materials such as hemp or rice paper are naturally more eco-friendly, as well as those brands that source their materials sustainably.


Now that you’ve learned the basics of rolling paper materials, it’s time to pick the right one for you. Are you a seasoned smoker who’s ready to master the art of rolling rice paper, or are you an herbal fan into the idea of a slow burning, easy to roll hemp paper? Whether you reach for gold or glass papers, the end result will be the same, a succulent smoke sesh with your favorite legal herbs. Now gather up some friends and your trusty rolling tray, and, whatever you do…just keep rolling!

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, please tell us which rolling paper material is your favorite to smoke, which brand of rolling paper you think is the best, or any questions you have about rolling paper materials that we didn’t cover here.

The rolling paper materials can change major aspects of your smoking sessions. What Materials Are Rolling Papers Made Out Of: Hemp Rolling Papers and others