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An important thing to remember is that sharing a joint with friends is a communal activity, where laughs, stories, and yes – germs are shared. So do your best to not to slobber all over the joint (the person to your left will thank you), and if you are sick, be respectful of the group and let them know (and maybe bring your own piece). And last but not least, don’t peer-pressure a friend if they choose not to participate.

It’s important to be respectful of both consumers and non-consumers. So, here are the rules of the road to help you smoke a joint like a pro: Tips for Smoking a Joint Properly: Whoever rolls it, sparks it Roast your joint Take slow, steady hits Puff, puff, pass Ash before you pass Don’t babysit the joint Don’t exhale in anybody’s face Try not to slobber on the joint Respect house rules. These tips work well for both novice and experienced consumers, so give them a try at your next sesh. Do you have any tips for how to smoke a joint properly? Erin Hiatt is a New York City-based writer who has been covering the cannabis industry for more than six years. Her work - which has appeared in Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, PotGuide, Civilized, Vice, Freedom Leaf, MERRY JANE, Alternet, and CannaInvestor - covers a broad range of topics, including cannabis policy and law, CBD, hemp law and applications, science and technology, beauty, and psychedelics. Take fat bong rips by following these easy guidelines, not only will the be smoother, larger and milkier.

The results will keep you wondering why you had not visited bongrips before 😉 Yes you CAN make your rips less harsh and more productive. Without further due, here we go stoners, (mind you this guideline takes into consideration that you already know how to operate a basic bong. ) We aren’t going to get all technical, instead we will give you good old fashioned tried and true O.G Advice. Step 1: Ensure your water pipe has a good ash catcher. An ash catcher is a small pipe which connects to the neck of the bong where your bowl male end would go into. The different pipes inside stir up the water consequently cooling down the smoke. Of course this opens up the cannabis and gives you superior taste, flavor, larger hits, more tolerable less harsh rips. Lowers the temperature of the smoke High temperature hits are way more harsh on your lungs. Catches ash from your bowl The ash stays in the ash catcher which keeps your bong water nice and clean. Ash makes your bong water taste horrible which in turn makes your bud taste nasty. It really is that simple but it really is that crucial. Let me reinforce this; having an ash catcher will take you to the next level. Interestingly enough your hit will be more productive with less acrid smoke and of course more tolerable smoke temperatures. In addition to this, you will be able to taste the terpenes. Kick your legs back, have your buddy bring over some ice. Good old fashioned ice works just fine don’t go around getting all weird and getting dry ice. * First of all , many bongs will have a hard time fitting ice cubes so don’t be scared of smashing up the ice cubes. Second , insert the ice into the neck of the bong and fill the neck of the bong about half way full of ice. Ok, don’t be going crazy right away, while ice hits are more smooth they also enable you to take bigger hits. It’s weird to me it’s almost as if the lower temperature helps your lungs tolerate the hits considerably better. (not medical advice just my personal experience) Remember bigger hits are not always better. What you want is clean hits with a maximum amount of decarbed thc in ’em. It will happen if you keep your bong clean, acquire quality bud and do ice hits.

Ok, not only does it look nasty, having a dirty bong will contribute to choking and nasty taste. Not only that there are commercial products which are really really good at such task. Personally, my favorite is formula 420, it really gets everything out it’z amazing.

The ONLY bad thing is you have to rinse your bong a few times to get the citrusy smell out which smells pretty nastay. Don’t despair it’s easily solved by rinsing your piece, it’s obviously alcohol and some other stuff in there so the smell doesn’t worry me too much. Obviously it depends on how much you smoke but daily smokers should clean their pipe daily if not every other day. Hey, I’m not your mother do as you do but if you want to be rewarded with the ultimate taste. No different than when you buy a shoe a beaker bong needs to be sized according to your lung capacity.


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