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If the pipe is shared, even a speck of infected blood can transmit hepatitis C. People who smoke crack, like everyone else like to have sex. When you smoke crack it often decreases your inhibitions, and deceases condom negotiation skills, which can increase exposure to HIV, STIs and Hepatitis.

Thus if you are going to use, we recommend women, men who have sex with men and people of transgender experience pre-insert a female/ reality condom into their vagina or anus (or both) and that men carry condoms with them when they use. If a crack smoker gets HIV, it will cost NC $660,000 in long term medical costs and if they get hepatitis C it costs the state between $100,000 to $600,000 in long term medical costs. These costs are preventable by having crack users use more safely and teaching them to have safer sex. NCHRC promotes crack users smoke safer if they are going to smoke. They should use the following to prevent the acquisition of HIV and hepatitis. Mouthpiece: This is the most important thing in the kit. Using this prevents you from getting cut, burnt and infected lips and HCV exposures.

Rubber Bands: Wrap these around the end of the stem to prevent lip burns (be aware that with hear these occasionally melt and snap). Alcohol Wipes: Use these to clean mouthpieces and pipes, especially if you a are sharing equipment. Antiseptic Towelettes : Use these to clean off our hands (and your John if you are doing sex work). After repeated heating choy becomes hot and brittle and can be sucked into your throat. This provides an opportunity for you to be exposed to diseases, especially during unprotected oral sex. Screen: 1 inch screens are used as a filer in the stem. Vitamin C & E: Vitamin C helps lessen fatigue and crashing. Condoms (lubed and unlubed): Use lubed condoms for vaginal and anal sex, use unlubed for oral sex. Stay away from broken pipes & pipes with visable blood. If using a plastic bottle or pipe, remember to change the foil and use clean ashes. Let your pipe cool down before taking your next hit, this prevents cuts and burns. Use straight glass shooters, it will not cause burns as quickly. Wrap end of straight shooter with rubber bands, thick rubber, pieces of tape or paper (you can even use a rolled up matches) so you are less likely to hurt your lips. File edges of broken glass shooters until they are smooth. Touch flame shooter quickly instead of leaving it there, move fire along shooter to spread out the heat. Planning how much to use and setting limits can prevent some of the dangers associated with using or bingeing. Paying rent, buying groceries and paying other bills before buying drugs means budgets won't get out of control. After a binge, people are often very hungry and ready to crash, so encouraging people to have food on hand and a safe place to sleep will make the crash easier. Try and drink a lot of water and fluids (8-10 glasses a day) Crack smokers often get infections from not washing their hands. The best way to prevent infection and disease is hand washing. If a crack smoker gets HIV, it will cost NC $660,000 in long term medical costs and if they get hepatitis C it costs the state between $100,000 to $600,000 in long term medical costs. Anyone who’s up to date with the world of wax vaping knows that dabbing is by far the most popular method of consuming wax.

If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy the raw power of your favorite dabs, e-nails are the most modern and safest way to go.

Dabado is a Colorado-based company that has quickly established itself as one of the worldwide leaders in e-nails, with the original Bolt and the Bolt Pro both being amongst the most popular ERigs on the market today. The Bolt 2 is the latest entry in this line of high-end e-nail kits. If you have any experience with one of the other products in the Bolt family, then you’ll be able to use the Bolt 2 right away without any learning curve.


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